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Dont you Forget about me

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"OMG i cant beleive the concert is tomorrow" I giggle to my best friends Sophie and Georgia on the phone.

"I know i just cant wait! Awwwww FRANKIE" Georgia moans.

"Gerard!" Sophie yells as if she was in bed with him.

"AWWW GERARD! just thinking of him makes me wanna oragasm. I say just mucking around.

I dont even know what that would feel like being only 13 and all.

Tommorow night Sophie, Georgia and i will be meeting our all time favourite band. Our Idols, Our Lives.

After I finish on the phone I climb up stairs to my room.

Its covered with posters of MCR and with chalk I wrote all lyrics and quotes they have made.

"Celeste have you cleaned you'r room" My foster mum yells.

"Yeah Sue, Its clean" i call back to her.

About a year ago my real family died.

It was a rainy day and we were on the fishing boat. Personally i hate fishing. I HATE the fact that ur killing them just to eat. I REFUSE to take anypart in doing that.

But yeah my dad enjoyed it so i tagged along. I was up at top of the boat looking out at the ocean while my Mum and dad were in the cabbin playing card when all of the sudden a freakwave tipped us over. I Grabbed ahold of the railings as we went under. We were dragged under and i let go of the railings. I frantically swam to the top. I gasped for air. Where are my parents? where is the boat?
I Ducked under the water. I couldnt see the boat or my family anywhere. I searched for ages and still no sign. But then i saw it. The boat was tipped upside down. Trapping my family in the cabin. I dived down it was soooooo deep it took me a few times to swim down that far.

When i did i saw them trough the little window. They were fractically banging on the door. I pushed the boat tring to knock it over so they could escape. But it made no difference. They were stuck. Trapped there until the oxygen runs out. I kept swiming down to them. They were crying. I could see them keep saying "I LOVE YOU" to me but i couldnt hear it. I would never hear it again. After awhile they slowly tried and peacefully fell asleep. Never to wake again. Gone from me.
I was spotted bye another fishing boat that night and i was taken to the hospital. I didnt have much of a family and the family i did have didnt want anything to do with me. I was alone.

Then some how i ended up here. In the suburbs of Melbourne. With a foster family who hate me. Well they just dont love me like mum and dad did. They gave me a room and let me paint it but they just dont love me. Brody the younger son is a spoilt little brat and James is up himself. They pick on me all the time. They make me do all the chores. So i just do them then go to my room and listen to Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob make music. I write songs and I even made a little demo cd. I know im not the best but its what i really enjoy. That and acting. I Have even started a band with Sophie Georgia and Cara. I know were a bit short of people but i know how to play guitar and piano so I tend to multi task.

We pretty much do covers of MCR songs. "You know what they do to guys like us in Prison" is one of my favourites. We know we cant do it as good as My chemical romance do it but its fun!

I lay down in bed and Drift off listening to "Three CHeers For sweet revenge".
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