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The Black Parade

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Celeste, Georgia and Cara are going to The "Black Parade" concert. WIll they get to meet The band or will the lines keep them from it. I think not lol. I suck at writting summeries lol

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Its morning and i awake to Gerards face. BEAUTIFUL. Its a poster of course but its a great thing to wake up to.

I look over to my digital clock on my bed side table. Its 5:30am. I wake up early because i have to do the paper round so I can earn money.
I slide out of bed and grab my clothes. Its saturday i wish i could of slept in but tonight i will be seeing My Chemical Romance live and that is worth it.

After I get home I Have a shower and pack for tonight. I grab everthing and shove it into my back pack. Then I get my Favourite poster and carefully put it in my MCR bag. Then I grab All my Cds and place them in there too.

I slip on my MCR top over the top of my Pink dress. Then i slip my Purple converses on.

I Grab my My Chemical ROmance Hoodie and put it on coz its cold out.

"Im outiie" i say to sue who is glued to the TV.

"I'll be back At like 4pm tommorow ok Sue"

"Yeah, bye" she says not even looking over at me.
I get on my bike and head in the diarection of Sophies house. I have to make my own way around. SUe never takes me anywhere because shes iether watching TV, On the computer or driving around Brodie or James to whatever they have on.

It take me an hour and a half to get to Sophies and by the time I get there I only have 2 hours to wait before we leave to go to the concert. YAY!

Cara and Georgia are already at sophie's house and there eating a late lunch of hot chips. I run in smileing.

"HERES JOHNY" I say looking retarted. I do that alot. I would actually make a great retard. It comes naturally.

"hahaha" they laugh.

"You Crazy arss hole" Sophie says with an american accident.

We dig into the chips.

"Hmm I think its an early night tonight, you know nothing special" I joke sarcstically.

"yeah" cara agrees.

"What are you crazy? We are going to My Chemical romance arnt we?" Georgia obviously missed the sarcasium.

"She was being sarcastic, You goof" says sophie.

After we finished it seemed like we would never leave. All the excitment was to much.

Then finally it was time. We all piled into Sophie's Sister Pheobe's car and set off to the rod laver areana.

Even the drive was longer then usual. But then we finally got there.

The road Laver areana was packed with sweaty teenagers. Every one was screaming. Sophie, Georgia, Cara and I pushed our way towards the front of the mosh pit. Getting bumped and brusied along the way. Then finally we were at the front.

Then they started to Play. The music filled the whole areana. Every one sung along. Sophie, Cara, Georgia and I were getting pushed around. I coped an elbow to the head and it started to bleed alot. But i didnt care. I was getting shoved and i probally broke all my ribbs but i didnt care THIS WAS SOOOO WORTH IT!

Then they sung the last song. The hidden track on the album. "BLOOD" we all sang along.

It finished far to soon but the memories will always live on.

After the lights went on the lines for the signings began and WOA were they long. We were in line for atleast 4 hours when we finally got to see them. I walked straight up to them.
The first thing i said was thank you.

They were soo nice.

"Thank you soo much" i smiled.

"I love you guys!" I cried.

I handed Gerard a letter a wrote him and the band and he promised he'd read it.

We took photos and i even scored hugs from each one of them. IT WAS MY DREAM COME TRUE. I even cryed. It was amazing. But then at like 5 in the morning we had to leave.

"OH MY GOSH! that was the best night of my life ever!!!!!" I scream on the train on the way home.

"I know i cant believe Gerard hugged me, Im never washing these clothes...ever!" Sophie giggles.

"Same" i said as i pretend to pass out.

"Frank is toooo hot" Georgia burstsout. We all laughed.

"OOH GERARD!" we all say. Its funny how we always know what the others are going to say.

We talk the whole way home and get back at like 7:00am. Its light again and we walk in the door and plonk on the couches and fall asleep.
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