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When both our cars collide

by lestiie 3 reviews

Concert has come and gone but now what will happen that will land Celeste in Hospital. Sorry its a short chapter but i just think it works better this way.

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It's now been about 2 weeks since the concert and it is still all we are talking about! His Eyes, His Face, His music.

Other then that the last 2 weeks have been boring. Today is monday so school starts again. I have been wondering if Gerard actually did read my letter. He said he would so i'll take his word for it.

I just got home from the paper round. Great now i have to go to school where the teachers all pick on me, but i do enjoy seeing my friends.

schools are like prissons.
Today is the most boring day ever.
DOuble Maths
Double Science (Prac)
& Double Geography
And to make it worse the georaphy teacher isnt even here today.

After school Sophie and I take the bus home. Of course all we do is reminice over the concert!

Its cold rainy day so i run home through the rain. As im running on the foot path im not paying any attention to the drive ways when all of the sudden SMACK! im out cold every thing is black, im asleep.
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