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The letter

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UPDATEED Celeste is just waking up after her accident. Today she will receive some of the worst news of her life. But also recieve something that will liften her spirit.

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"Celeste can you hear me?" I hear Sophie cry.

"Celeste its me georgia please open you'r eyes please" Georgia pleads.

I slowly open my eyes only to see an ocean of what looks like snakes going up my noes and in my mouth.

I tensen my grip on Sophie and Georgias hands.
"Celeste?" They both say.

"Hmm" i groggily moan.

Sophie reahes over and presses the nurse button and some one comes in and tells SOPhie and Georgia to leave.

After a few tests the nurses leaves to talk to Sue and the social worker.

I watch as There faces went from releived to worried and then even to tears. Im starting to worry. Whats wrong? Is it me am i broke? Crippled? Brain Damaged? I feel fine what could it be?

After an hour or so of waiting to hear what was wrong Sue and Mrs Jenkins (the social worker) walks in. There eyes are blood shot.

"Celeste" Mrs Jenkins pauses "im afraid we have some bad news for you"

"what?" i am really worrying now.

"After the accident they ran some tests to see if you were okay and they stumbled across something." Mrs Jenkins staturs.

My palms are sweaty and my eyes are prickley.

"Huni you have Lukemia."

My eyes welt up.

"Seriously? You'r joking right? Please tell me you'r joking!" im balling my eyes out.

My older brother had died from Lukemia a few years befor my and dad were torn from me. But now? What will i do?

My brain is full of Questions. None of wich i am willing to ask out loud.

"Celeste, This came in the mail yesterday" Sue says handing me something.
I hardley think this is the time anything. Sue hands me a letter. I slowley open it. IT READS :

Dear Celeste,
Thank you for you'r letter, It was so cute. Im glad you like our music.I am really sorry about you'r family. Heres some signed stuff from us all back here in MCR head quators.
Have a good one

Love Gerard way

P.S Write back to the return dress.
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