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Chapter 1

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Panic/Cobra/TAI and some FOB Stevie goes to stay with her brother on tour, she falls for a certain guitarist, but will he find out what shes hiding?

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"Jack!" I cried happily, wrapping my arms around my big brother.
"Hey kiddo! Oh, it’s good to see you!" he said, returning the hug.
I let go, "Yeah! It’s so good to see you too! What have you been doing?" I asked as I grabbed my bag from the luggage conveyor belt thingy.
"I've been doing this filming thing for my friends." He replied.
"Would these happen to be the friends I'll be meeting?" I asked.
"Well yeah. We're going on tour with them." He mumbled.
"I'm sorry, what?" I asked.
"Remember how I said there was a surprise?" he asked.
I nodded my head.
"Well Surprise! We're going on tour with them." He said.
"Wait, tour? As in music tour?" I asked.
"Yeah. It’s them and a few other bands." He said.
"Awesome. Well let’s get going." I said, and began to pull my bag behind me.
"So, you're not mad for me not telling you?" he asked.
"Why bother? I'm living with you now." I said with a smile.
"It’s great to have you back Steeves!" he said, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"How much longer?" I whined.
"As I've already said, 5 minutes." Jack replied with a smile.
I groaned in frustration, but cracked up laughing.
"It’s good to have my baby sister back again." Jack replied.
"It’s good to be the baby sister again!" I said with a smile.
I pulled the elastic tie out of my brunette hair.
It fell past my shoulders, and curled at the ends slightly.
I ran my hands through it, and put the elastic on my wrist.
The passenger mirror showed me my striking blue eyes behind my glasses.
"So what are the guy’s names?" I asked Jack.
"There's Adam, but everyone calls him Sisky, there's Andy, but he's called The Butcher, then there's Mike, Michael, and William." He answered.
"Cool." I said.
"Ok, we're here!" he said happily.
We pulled into a huge car park looking area, which had 5 busses.
"Awesome." I said happily.
Jack killed the engine, took the keys out of the ignition, and we both stepped out of the car.
"Do I grab my bag or not?" I asked Jack.
"Just leave it for now. Let’s go see the guys." He said.
He was walking ahead of me, so I took a running start, and jumped on his back.
Luckily, he didn't fall.
"How did I know this was coming?" he asked rhetorically.
"Because it’s me we're talking about." I replied with a smile.
"True." He replied, and began running towards a bus.
I screamed, and laughed, it was like we were kids again.
The door opened, and 5 guys walked out, each of them looking slightly amused.
"Hey Jack!" one of them called in an Australian accent.
"Hey guys!" he replied and walked over to them.
When we got there, he put me down.
"You guys looked like you were having fun." One of them said.
"We were." I answered with a smile.
"Who are you?" the guy with shoulder length brown hair asked.
"I'm Stevie. Jack's little sister." I replied.
He nodded his head.
"And whose who?” I asked.
"I'm Mike."
"And I'm William." They all introduced themselves.
"Cool." I replied.
"Well, we were gonna grab something to eat. Wanna come?" William asked.
I looked over at Jack, he smiled, "Sure." He said.
"Awesome. Let’s take the car." William said gesturing to the car we got out of minutes before.
"Shotgun!" Mike yelled.
"I'll drive." Jack said.
"Bags not going in the middle!" I said.
"I second that!" William said.
"Me too!" Michael said.
“Me three!” Butcher called.
"Dammit!" Sisky yelled.
We laughed and headed towards the car.
It was a 7 seater, so, here's the chart.
Jack in the driver’s seat, Mike riding shotgun, Butcher on the left, Sisky in the middle, and Michael to the right, then at the back, William and me.
"So, where are we going?" I asked the people in the car.
"Umm, I dunno. Keep an eye out for something." Jack said.
"So, tell us about yourself Stevie." William said.
"Ok, I'm 18, I'm a Pisces, I can be crazy, I love music, and I like drawing and... Jack what else?" I asked him.
"Uhh... You have an awesome brother?" he suggested.
"Really? Where?!" I asked looking around the car.
There were a few laughs, "Only joking hun. You know I love you." I said with a smile.
"Look! Let’s go there!" Sisky yelled, and pointed to a burger shop.
Everyone agreed, so Jack pulled over, and everybody got out of the car.
I followed the guys inside, and we all ordered.
They each got a burger and chips, and I got a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, and tomato Sandwich).
After we finished, we hopped back into the car, and drove back to the busses.
The car was filled with music, all of us singing along, and having a good time.
I can't remember the last time I've had this much fun.
I got out of the car, and started walking back to the bus with Jack and William when all of a sudden, somebody picked me up bridal style and started running towards the bus.
It was Sisky!
"Sisky! Put me down!" I said in between laughs.
Everybody else was laughing too.
Finally, Sisky put me down when we reached the bus.
"You my friend are crazy." I said to Sisky.
"Only for you gorgeous." He said with a wink.
We both laughed, and got onto the bus.
"Ooh! Video games!" I said excitedly.
"Wanna play?" Sisky asked.
"Duh!" I said.
"Guitar Hero?"
"Omigosh! Yes!" I cried excitedly.
Sisky set it up, and we began.
William, Jack, Mike, Michael, and Butcher all walked in.
"Looks like Sisky's got a play mate." Butcher said mockingly.
We were both to into the game to care.
A few more minutes passed, and I won.
I cried out happily, “Yay!”
Sisky pouted, “Awwe no fair! You cheated!” he yelled.
“How?” I asked confusedly.
Sisky thought for a minute, before shrugging.
I laughed, and then yawned.
“Hey Jack? Where am I sleeping? In the car?” I asked.
Everyone laughed, “No, we’re sleeping here.” Jack said.
“Ok… Where?” I asked.
“Down the back are all these bunks, I’ll show you.” William said.
William led me to the back, and showed me the bunks, and the bathrooms.
“Cool, well I’m gonna go and grab my shit from the car.” I said, and ran off the bus.
I walked over to the car, grabbed my bag out of the boot, and began to walk back to the bus.
“Here, let me help you.” Somebody said.
“Uhh, thanks?” I said, the guy grabbed my bag, and began to carry it back to my bus.
He was quite tall, brown hair, and looked around my age.
“I’m Stevie.” I said.
“Brendon.” He replied, and walked onto the bus with my bag.
“Hey Brendon!” Mike yelled.
“Hey man!” Brendon replied.
“Look’s like you met my sister.” Jack said.
“You’re Jack the Camera guy’s sister?” he asked quite shocked.
“Yeah, problem?” I asked.
“No, but you guys don’t seem alike at all.” He said.
“Yeah, I got all the good genes.” Jack said cockily.
“Mhmm and I am the queen of Sheba.” I said sarcastically.
Jack stuck his tongue out at me.
“So very mature big brother dear. But I’m tired, can you show me where I can sleep?” I asked.
“Have a good sleep Stevie.” Brendon said.
I gave him a hug, “Thanks for bringing in my bag. See you later.” I said.
He nodded, and I dragged my bag to the back.
“You can sleep in the bunk across from mine.” William told me.
“Thanks Will.” I said.
“No problem. Have a good sleep.” He said.
I opened my bag, pulled out my Batman track pants, and black tank top, and got changed.
I crawled into my bunk, and snuggled into the covers, allowing sleep to wash over me.
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