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Chapter 2

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I awoke later that night, around 6pm I think, and crawled out of my bunk.
I pulled on my purple hoodie, and walked out of the bunk area.
The guys were all sitting in the living area, eating and mucking around.
“Sleeping Beauty’s awake!” Sisky proclaimed.
I smiled, “Uhh yeah.” I said, and rubbed my eye.
“Nice pants.” Michael said.
“I know right?” I said in my best Regina George voice.
(Mean Girls people!)
I walked over to Will, “What’s happening hun?” I asked him.
“Not much doll.” He said with a smile.
“Let’s go for a walk!” I suggested.
“Cool, I’ll grab my jacket.” He said, and walked over to his bunk.
I slipped my purple Vans on, Will grabbed his jacket, and we walked off of the bus.
“So, tell me about your band.” I said.
“Ok, we’re called The Academy is… I sing, Michael and Mike play guitar, Sisky plays bass, and Butcher plays the drums. And Jack film us for these podcast things we do called TAI TV.” He explained.
“Oh, I’ve got your stuff on my iPod.” I said.
“Cool. What’s your favourite song?” he asked.
“Umm, I’ve got 3. Neighbours, Black Mamba, and Everything We Had.” I answered.
“Awesome.” He said.
There was silence for a while.
“You know what Stevie?” William asked.
“What?” I asked back.
“I think we should do something to Fall out Boy.” He said.
“I don’t even know them, what if they hate me?” I fake pouted.
“I don’t think anybody could hate that face.” He said with a smile.
“Haha.” I laughed, “What did you have in mind?” I asked.
“Well, I think I have some silly string in my pockets, oh yep!” he pulled out 4 cans, “Let’s go in there, and squirt ‘em!” he said happily.
“Hmm… Ok, but we have to be careful. This could be a dangerous mission!” I said dramatically.
“I know my love, but we must do it, dor the good of The Academy Is…!” he said as dramatically.
“Ok, I trust you.” I said with a smile.
We each grabbed 2 cans of silly string each, and ran over to Fall out Boy’s door.
“Ready?” William asked quietly.
I nodded, “Ok, on 3. 1, 2… 3!” he opened the door quickly, and we ran in and squirted everybody.
“What the fuck is going on?!?” One of them yelled.
Me and William laughed, and continued to spray the silly string until we ran out.
The bus was covered in blue, pink, orange and green silly string.
I couldn’t help but laugh, it looked like a 3 year old had come through the place.
“Run!” William cried, and we ran off of the bus, and back to our own laughing.
We threw the silly string cans on the ground before getting into the bus.
Both of us ran inside, and cracked up laughing, until there was a loud banging on the door.
I looked at William, “Shit!” I said, and we ran to our bunks.
“Who came onto our bus and attacked us with silly string?!” somebody asked angrily.
“What?” Sisky asked.
“Somebody just came onto our bus and attacked us with silly string!” another guy yelled.
“So much for good first impressions.” I mumbled.
“Right now, I can only make out Pete and Patrick’s voices. Maybe we didn’t get the entire cavalry.” He said.
Then we heard 2 more voices.
“Ah, that would be the entire cavalry now right?” I asked him from my bunk.
He nodded, and then there were footsteps heading towards the bunks.
“Crap!” I said quietly, and closed the curtain to my bunk.
I heard William pull his shut, I had to try not to laugh.
I heard a curtain wrenched open, because I was facing the wall, I didn't know if it was mine or not, but my question was answered when I heard the voice address Will.
"I know it was you Beckett. But somebody was helping you, who was it?" they asked.
"I'll never tell!" he said dramatically.
At this point, I couldn't help but laugh.
My curtain was pulled open, and a man with tattooed arms, black hair, and eyeliner stared at me.
"Aha! I've found your partner Beckett!" he said triumphantly.
"How do you know if I was his partner or not?" I asked seriously.
"Oh my dear, next time, get rid of the evidence." He told me, and gestured towards a bit of silly string in my hair.
"God Dammit!" I mumbled in frustration.
He smiled, and I got out of my bunk.
"Hang on, who the hell are you?" he asked.
"I'm a girl who got lucky with a certain someone." I said, and winked at William who smiled back.
The man looked shocked.
"Stevie? You in there?" Jack yelled.
"Yeah hun!" I yelled back.
"So you met Stevie then Pete." Jack said with a smile.
"Did Beckett actually score with her?" Pete asked.
Ooh Jack looked mad.
"What?!" he yelled.
William and I cracked up laughing.
"He's joking right?" Jack asked worriedly.
I couldn’t stop laughing.
"So, who are you then?" Pete asked again.
"This is my baby sister." Jack answered proudly.
"It's nothing to be proud of Jack." I said.
"Sure it is, as you said before, you're the Queen of Sheba." He said with a laugh before walking back into the lounge.
"So... You're telling me that this crazy, sarcastic, beautiful girl, is related to Jack the Camera Guy?" Pete asked.
"Don't make fun of my brother." I told him.
"I'm not, it’s just that you two don't seem alike at all." He replied.
I shrugged, "We have some things in common." I said.
"Like what?" Pete asked.
"You'll just have to find out." I winked at him and walked into the lounge area.
Jack, The Academy Is… and what I assumed was the rest of Fall out Boy was all congregated on this small bus.
I walked over to Jack, and sat beside him.
He was editing some video on his laptop.
I leaned my head on his shoulder, and watched the guys playing video games.
"Who are you?" somebody asked.
"I'm Stevie." I replied.
"She's Beckett's accomplice." Pete said as he walked out of the bunk area with William behind him.
I smiled.
"Accomplice in what?" Jack asked.
"Nothing brother dearest." I replied with a grin.
"She attacked me and my crew!" Pete cried.
"Your crew?! Dude, we're a band, we're equals!" one of his band mates yelled.
"Shut up Joe!" Pete said.
"So... Who are you guys?" I asked.
"I'm sexy! I mean, I'm Joe."
I laughed, "It's nice to meet you, officially and not through 4 streams of colours." I said.
They smiled.
"Well, we're gonna head off, publicity shit. See you all later!" Pete said, and Fall out Boy left the building... Well bus.
"So, what did you and William do to get Pete so worked up?" Mike asked.
"We successfully pulled off our mission." William answered proudly.
"You attacked them with silly string didn't you?" Sisky asked.
We both nodded.
"Ok, I'm hungry. Is there food in here?" I asked.
"Nah, but there is catering. Let's go!" William said.
"Coming Jack?" I asked.
"Nah, you go ahead. I need to finish this." He replied.
“Do you want me to bring you back anything?” I asked him.
“Nah. Go on, leave me be!” he cried.
“Alright, alright. Be back later!” I said, and followed the guys off of the bus.

We walked into the venue that the busses were parked next to.
Rather H-to the UGE!
When we arrived at catering, the guys ran straight over to the food, and began inhaling as much as they could.
“God you guys can put it away!” a guy said.
He was rather tall, brown hair, and a purple hoodie.
Then I recognised him, “Gabanti!” I shouted and jumped into a hug.
“Stevie! Long time no see Princess.” He spun me around, still hugging me.
“It’s so good to see you! I’ve missed you Gabanti!” I said.
“I’ve miss you too Princess.” He said.
“Wait if you’re here, does that mean Vicky…?” I started.
He nodded, and put his finger to his lips, asking me to be quiet.
“Vicky T! I got you a present!” Gabe called, I hid behind his back.
“What, what’d you get me?” Vicky asked excitedly.
“This!” Gabe pulled me from behind and pushed me into Vicky.
We both squealed, and jumped around like madwomen.
“I’ve missed you!” Vicky said.
“I’ve missed you too!” I said, and hugged her again.
“Group Hug!” Gabe said, and hugged both me and Vicky.
“So, what are you doing here Princess?” Gabe asked.
“I’m staying with my brother.” I told them.
“Who’s your brother?” Vicky asked.
“Jack.” I replied.
“Oh, so that’s where you get your talent from!” Gabe said.
I nodded.
“Stevie?” William called.
“Over here Will!” I shouted.
“Getting friendly with William are we?” Gabe asked with a smirk.
“No, I’m staying on their bus.” I playfully slapped his arm.
“There you are! Hey Gabe, hey Vicky.” William said.
“Hey, so, what are your intentions with my Princess?” Gabe asked seriously.
“Gabe?! What the hell?” I slapped his arm harder this time.
“What?” he asked.
“Your Princess?” William asked confused.
“Yes, my Princess.” Gabe answered.
“How do you guys know each other?” William asked.
“I recorded their music video Guilty Pleasure, and did some photo shoots with them.” I answered.
“Oh.” William said.
“Yeah, she’s awesome!” Vicky said, and hugged me again.
“Let’s have a massive sleepover!” Gabe said.
“Omigosh that’s an awesome idea!” I said excitedly.
“Where though?” Vicky asked.
“Here, in the venue. There’s this massive room out the back with a TV and a fridge. We could grab a sleeping back, or mattress, grab some DVD’s and just have fun!” Gabe replied.
“Yeah, that’s sounds like so much fun!” Vicky said.
“Just us or can we invite other people so it’s like BANG! And totally awesome.” I said.
“Uhh, we’ll invite William of course, Panic, umm, and Cobra! Fall out Boy’s doing some publicity shit.” Gabe said.
“Yeah, we know. I met them earlier. Just not on the best of terms.” I laughed.
William laughed too.
“Did you turn my Princess into a criminal Beckett?” Gabe asked.
“Pretty much.” He said proudly.
“Silly string?” Gabe asked.
“Silly string.” William replied with a smile.
“Ok, well me and Vicky are gonna steal some junk food and drinks. You go get ready, and invite Panic mkay?” Gabe asked.
I saluted, “I accept my mission!” I said, and William and I ran off.
I grabbed a sleeping bag out of my bag, and William grabbed his mattress, then we grabbed some clothes, and ran up to Panic’s door.
Brendon answered, “Hey Stevie, hey William.” He said.
“Hey, wanna come with us for a sleepover?” I asked him.
“Sure. What about…”
“Bring the rest of Panic with you. Meet us in the venue, bring your mattress or sleeping bag. You can bring whatever else you want. Oh! Bring DVD’s!” I told him, and William and I ran off towards the venue.

The room was covered in junk food wrappers, and we were all watching some random movie.
My phone started to vibrate.
“Sorry guys, one second.” I said, and walked out of the room.
“Hello?” I asked into the phone.
“Stevie! Where are you?” Jack asked worriedly.
“Calm down, I’m with Panic, William, Gabe and Vicky.” I answered.
“Ok. Why?” he asked slightly confused.
“We’re having a sleepover at the venue.” I replied.
“Ok. Sorry, I was just worried about you.” Jack said.
“It’s ok.” I told him.
“Alright, have fun. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said.
“G’night Jack.” I said.
“Nighty night Steeves.” He said, and I hung up.
I walked back into the room, and lied down next to William.
“Hey.” He said.
“Hey.” I replied.
“So you’re Gabe’s Princess?” he asked.
I smiled, “Yeah. I’m his Princess, and he’s my Gabanti.” I replied with a smile.
He smiled back, “Want some chocolate?”
“Thought you’d never ask!” I said happily, and took a piece.
Cadbury Marble, my favourite!
“Yum!” I mumbled, “Vicky, chocolate?” I asked.
She nodded, so I chucked her some chocolate.
“What about me?” Gabe asked.
I handed him some chocolate too, and he kissed my cheek.
“Thanks Princess.” He said.
“Anytime Gabanti.” I replied.
The movie finished, and everybody sat up.
“I’m bored!” Vicky and I said.
“Let’s play a game!” I said.
“What?” Panic and William asked in unison.
I looked at Gabe, and Vicky, “Chasy!” we yelled, and then we ran outside.
We ran all over the car park, away from Brendon, Ryan, Jon, Spencer and William.
“You are such a little kid!” Ryan yelled.
“You love it!” I teased.
He caught up with me, and grabbed me around the waist.
“Whoa.” I said.
“Sorry, but hey! I caught you.” He said proudly.
“Yeah, you did.” I replied with a smile.
God he was handsome, brown hair, stunning face, and a beautiful voice.
“Let’s go this way.” Ryan said, grabbing my hand, and pulling me away and closer to a small grassed area.
“So, what’s up?” I asked him as we sat down.
“Not much, just wanted to get to know you.” He said with a smile.
“Ok, what do you want to know?” I asked.
“Everything.” He answered simply.
“Ok, I’m 18. I’m staying on The Academy Is… bus with my brother Jack, I like filming and photography, I love music, yours is awesome by the way, and I like to draw. You?” I asked him.
“Thankyou for the music comment. Ok so I’m 21, I’m staying on the Panic at the Disco bus, I like writing lyrics, I also love music, and I like doing eye make up.” He said with a slight laugh.
"That's pretty rad." I said.
"Stevie? Ryan?" somebody called out.
"Shall we run back to the venue?" Ryan asked.
"We shall." He grabbed my hand, and we sprinted back.
We ran past everyone, hand in hand back to our sleeping bags, and climbed in.
"I think that's the fasted I've ever run." I said trying to catch my breath.
"Ditto." Ryan replied.
I got a juice box, and chewed on the straw while drinking it, habit!
The door flew open, "There you guys are!" Gabe exclaimed.
"Here we are." I sung and smiled.
"Let’s watch another movie!" Vicky said.
"What one?" Ryan asked.
"Hold up!" I said, and scrummaged through my bag.
"This one!" I said happily and handed Ryan a DVD.
"Fifth Element?" Ryan asked.
"I love that movie!" Gabe cried.
"Me too!" Brendon said.
"Yeah, its really good Ry, you'll like it." William said.
Ryan shrugged, and put the DVD in, and pressed play.
When he got back in his sleeping bag, he scooted closer to me.
So I in turn, moved closer to him, and we watched the movie.
About half way through, my eyelids began to droop, and I fell asleep.

[Ryan's POV]
She fell asleep near the end of the movie.
Her beautiful brown hair falling over her face, she looked like an angel.
By now, everyone else was sleeping except me.
I moved some of the hair out of Stevie's face, and kissed her forehead, "Goodnight Stevie." I whispered before wrapping my arm around her waist, and drifting off to sleep.
[End of Ryan's POV]
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