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Chapter 3

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I woke up with someone’s arm around my waist.
A little creepy, but nice all the same.
I looked over and saw Ryan sleeping peacefully.
I carefully detangled myself from him, got up, grabbed my stuff, and walked over to the bathrooms to have a shower.
I quickly washed my hair, and got dressed in my black tights, short purple dress, and black hoodie.
Then after straightening my hair, I walked back to TAI's bus.
Jack was the only one awake.
"Good morning brother dearest." I said in a sickly sweet voice.
"Blechh! Don't use that voice ever again! You sounded like Aunt Muriel!" Jack said with a disgusted face.
I laughed.
"So how was the sleepover?" Jack asked.
"It was good. We watched movies, ate crap, and played Chasy." I said happily.
"Just like when you were 5." Jack teased.
"Shut up." I said, and poked my tongue out at him.
He laughed.
"Jack, can I borrow a camera?" I asked.
"Sure. Want a microphone?" he asked.
"Yes please." I said.
He walked to the back of the bus, and grabbed the camera with microphone attached.
"Thanks Jack." I said happily.
"No problem, but please don't break it. I really like this one." He said pleadingly as he put a new tape in the camera.
"Ok, I'm gonna go. See you later!" I said, and ran off the bus with the camera.
I ran into the venue, going back to where we all slept last night and hit the record button.
"This is what happens after having a slumber party with a bunch of people who act like they're 5 years old." I said into the microphone quietly.
Facing the camera towards myself I said, "It's time for a wake up call."
I quietly walked over to the sound system, and turned it on maximum.
Some loud, random song blared through the speakers.
Everybody woke up with a start, and I filmed them all.
"Good morning sleepy heads!" I said cheerily camera still focused on them.
“Stevie! Turn that thing off! I look horrible!” Gabe exclaimed, throwing the covers over him.
“Come on Gabanti, you complain more than me and Vicky combined. And we’re girls!” I replied, and ran over to him, camera in hand for a close up.
I ripped the covers off, and zoomed in on his face.
“If you don’t remove this camera immediately Princess, you’ll regret it.” Gabe threatened.
Each time he pulls the phrase, “You’ll regret it” it means he’s gonna tickle you stupid.
And having been tickled by Gabe before, I decided to turn the camera off.
“Happy?” I asked him.
“Yes, thankyou. Now, I’m gonna have a shower, and get pretty-fied.” Gabe said.
“Honey, it’s not gonna work.” I mumbled.
Vicky heard me, and we both started laughing.
“What are you two laughing about?” Gabe asked.
“Nothing.” We said in unison.
He shrugged, and walked off towards the showers.
“Ok, well I’m gonna have a shower too. I probably smell like Gabe after sleeping next to him all night.” She said, she gathered her things, and ran off to the showers.
“I have to go to. Today TAI is doing some filming with Jack, and we have sound check soon. I’ll see you later Stevie.” William said, as he grabbed his stuff and left.
“Ok, this is so not fair. Now I’m bored.” I said as I huffed.
“Well, we’re not doing anything until later today, so why don’t you hang out with us?” Ryan offered.
“Really?” I asked.
They all nodded, “Awesome!” I said happily.
“Ok, so we’re gonna have showers, and get changed. Meet us at Panic’s bus in a half hor.” Brendon said.
“Ok, I’ll leave you guys to it.” I said, and skipped out of the room.

A half hour later, I walked over to Panic’s bus, I knocked on the bus door 3 times.
Spencer answered.
“Hey.” I said happily.
“Hey, come on in.” he said, and I hopped on the bus.
The guys were all sitting on the couch, and Ryan was drying his hair with a towel.
I smiled, he looked so cute!
“So, what’s going on today?” I asked.
“Well, I want to go shopping, so maybe we could go to the mall?” Brendon suggested.
“Incognito.” I said.
“What?!” Jon asked.
“You guys are famous, little girls will maul you if you go to the mall as you are now.” I explained.
“True.” Brendon said.
Suddenly, I got an idea, “Wait here one minute!” I said, and ran off the buss, and onto TAI’s.
“Jack?!” I yelled.
“What?!” He yelled back and walked over to me.
“I need the fake props and shit please.” I told him.
“Umm, ok. Here.” He said, and handed me the case of props.
“Thanks hun! I’m going out with Panic! I’ll be back later.” I said, and gave him a quick hug before running off the bus and back over to Panic.
“Ok guys, how do you feel about faux hair?” I asked with a laugh.
They looked at me oddly.
“Ryan, come here.” I said, he walked towards me, and I stuck a fake moustache on the top of his lip.
“If you wear sunnies with that, and maybe a hoodie, I don’t think anybody will recognise you.” I said.
He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled, “This could work.” He said with a smile.
“Brendon, here,” I said, and put a goatee on him, “Looks good.” I said with a smile.
“Spence, you’ve already got a beard and same with you Jon. I don’t know how to help.” I said.
“That’s ok. Hardly anybody recognises us anyways.” Spencer said with a smile.
“Ok. Let’s go and cause some havoc.” I said happily.
“I think we’ll keep you.” Brendon said with a smile.
“Good to know.” I said.
"Well then, let’s get going!" Jon said happily.
They all slid sunnies on, while I put my purple rimmed glasses on.
"Ooh, you look sexy with glasses." Brendon said.
"Why thankyou." I replied with a smile, “Let’s go.” I said, and we hopped off the bus, into the rental car, and drove to the nearest mall.

“Brendon! Hurry up!” I whined.
“I’ll be right there!” he replied.
We were waiting for Brendon to hurry up and buy all his damn clothes.
After another 10 minutes, Brendon had successfully bought almost one of everything in the store.
“Geez Brendon! Those clothes are gonna last you a lifetime.” I told him.
“Just cause you’re jealous.” He replied.
“What kind of a come back is that?!” I asked.
Brendon poked his tongue out at me, before going to put all of his things in the car.
“What do you want to do now?” Ryan asked.
“I don’t know. Let’s get something to drink though, I’m so thirsty!” I laughed.
Once Brendon got back, we made our way to Starbucks.
“What do you want Stevie?” Brendon asked.
“Umm, I’ll have an Iced Chocolate.” I said, and I handed him $5.
“Don’t worry about it.” Brendon said.
“Just take it Bren.” I said.
“Fine.” Brendon said, and took the $5.
We got our drinks, and walked around until we got to a small park which had a beautiful fountain.
I sat on the grass next to Ryan, and drank my Iced Chocolate happily.
“Wanna taste?” I asked him.
“Sure.” He replied, and tasted my drink.
“Yum.” He said.
I chucked, “You’re too cute.” I said to him.
“Really?” he asked with a smile.
I smiled back, and blushed slightly.
“I’m bored.” Brendon whined.
“I’m Stevie. It’s a pleasure to meet you Bored.” I said sarcastically.
“Oh Haha very funny. But seriously, I am bored!” he complained.
“Is he always like this?” I asked Ryan.
He nodded, “Sadly yes.” He replied.
“Come on then. Let’s head back to the bus.” Spencer said.
We walked over to the car, piled in, and drove back to the venue.

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked Brendon when we walked onto Panic’s bus.
“Video games!” he said happily.
“Me too!” Spencer cried.
“And me!” Jon said.
“Are you gonna play?” I asked Ryan.
“I’m not really in the video game mood.” He replied with a smile.
“Alrighty then, I’ll be right back.” I said, before running back to TAI’s bus, and picking up the camera.
I ran back to panic’s bus, walked in, and sat next to Ryan on the couch.
I turned the camera on, and pointed it at me and Ryan.
“This is Ryan Ross, lyricist and guitarist of the band Panic at the Disco.” I said.
“Hi.” Ryan waved at the camera.
“And this,” I pointed the camera towards the guys, “Is Brendon, Spencer, and Jon. The other ¾ of Panic.” I said.
“As you can see, I’m the best looking.” Brendon said cockily.
“Haha beat you!” Spencer yelled triumphantly.
“What?! No fair! I was talking to Stevie!” he pouted.
“You should’ve paid more attention then.” Jon said, as he high fived Spencer.
I pointed back the camera back to Ryan and me, “Are they always like that?” I asked.
“Pretty much. You don’t want to see them when they fight over Guitar Hero though.” He laughed.
“So Ryan, tell the camera about yourself.” I said, and pointed the camera at him.
“I’m a dark and disturbed person, and believe heavily in the occult.” He said while trying to keep a straight face.
“Ooh, the occult eh? Don’t curse me.” I said with a smile.
He looked shocked, “I’d never curse you. My charms have done that already.” He said with a wink, before we both cracked up laughing.
I sat next to him again, and turned the camera towards us.
“This has been my exclusive interview with Ryan Ross, lyricist and guitarist of Panic at the Disco.” I said, and turned the camera towards him.
He waved goodbye, and I turned the camera off.
“That was fun.” I said with a smile.
“Yeah, it was.” Ryan replied.
The guys were still playing their video game.
“Let’s go for a walk.” He said.
“Ok.” I said, and left the camera on the couch.
He grabbed my hand, and led me off the bus.
“So, what’s touring like?” I asked him.
“It’s got its good points and bad points.” He replied.
“Tell me the good points.” I told him.
“Well, it’s amazing to hear people sing along to songs you’ve written, and the adrenaline you get from performing in front of thousands of people is phenomenal!” he replied with a smile.
“Sounds like you have fun.” I said.
“I do. It just kinda sucks to be away from people you care about for long periods of time, and it doesn’t help when Brendon has caffeine rushes or gets sugar high.” He laughs.
“Nice.” I smiled.
We walked around for awhile, still holding hands when Ryan’s phone started to ring.

“What?! Now?”

“Fine, I’ll be right there.” Ryan said, and hung up the phone.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“Have to go do a photo shoot before the show. Wanna come?” he asked.
“Chyeah!” I said happily.
He laughed, and we walked back to the bus.
As soon as the door closed behind us, the bus lurched forwards causing Ryan to land on top of me.
His face grew red from embarrassment.
“I’m so sorry.” He said, as he got up.
“It’s alright.” I said, as I got up.
My back throbbed, but I did my best to ignore the pain.
We both walked over to the couch, and sat down.
I whipped my phone out and took a photo of Ryan.
"Arrgh!" he moaned when the flash went off.
I laughed, "Stop being such a baby!" I said.
He poked his tongue out and smiled.
I moved closer to him, and we took loads of photos.
In the last one, Ryan kissed my cheek as the camera flashed.
I blushed, and began to look through all the photos.
"Can you send that one to me?" he asked and pointed to the last one.
"Sure. What's your number?" I asked.
After he had given me his number, I sent him the picture.
The bus came to a stop.
"We're here!" the bus driver yelled.
The doors, opened, and we all walked off.
"Are you sure its ok for me to be here?" I asked as we walked inside.
"It's fine! Stop worrying." Ryan said.
We walked inside, and were greeted by a plastic looking woman.
She came over and shook the guys' hands before giving me a scowl, and leading the guys to where they were needed.
They were doing a spread for a magazine, and they were waiting for the model to arrive.
"Gentlemen, if you'll follow Evie to the dressing room, you can get changed and get your hair and makeup done." The photographer said.
The buys were ushered to the dressing room to get ready very quickly.
I sat on a chair, and crossed my legs, awaiting the guys return.
20 minutes passed when the photographer’s cell phone rang.
"Hello?" he asked, "What?! But they're here! You can't! Fine, but I'm never working with you again!" he yelled angrily.
"What wrong sir?" Evie asked him.
"The model isn't coming in!" he cried dramatically.
Just then, the guys walked out of the dressing room, and over to the photographer.
"What's wrong Maury?" Ryan asked.
"My model can't come in." He said sadly.
"I can fix this," Brendon said, "Stevie!" he called me over to him.
"What's up Bren?" I asked.
He grabbed me by the shoulders, and turned me to face the photographer.
"Maury, this is Stevie." He said.
His eyes widened as he looked me over.
"She's perfect!" he cried happily.
"Umm thankyou?" I said confusedly.
"Quick! Get her into the dressing room to get ready!" he said to Evie.
"What's going on?" I asked before being dragged away by Evie.
Nobody answered me.
I was met by a woman, who took in my size, and brought over an outfit... If you could call it that.
"You want me to wear this?" I asked her.
"Yes, now hurry up and get changed." She said and pushed me into a small cubicle.
She had given me a short black skirt, fishnet stockings, silver stilettos, and a rhinestone encrusted corset.
I walked out of the cubicle, and was then thrust into hair and makeup.
They curled my hair, and did my make up which was glittery eye shadow, eyeliner, and clear lip gloss.
I felt so exposed in this outfit.
After they were done, I tried to grab a jacket or something, but to no avail.
I was pushed out of the room, and back to the guys.
I saw Brendon staring at me, "What's Jack gonna think of this?!" I asked him angrily.
"Well, if it helps, you look fucking hot." He said.
I tried to hit him, but moving swiftly in these heels wasn't a good idea, and I fell.
Luckily, Ryan caught me.
"Thanks Ryan." I said as I blushed.
He helped me up to a standing position.
"No problem. You look nice." He said with a smile.
"I feel naked." I said.
"Here." He wrapped his arms around my stomach from behind.
"Better?" he whispered into my ear.
"Yeah, thanks." I replied.
"Ok people, on with the shoot!" Maury the photographer shouted.
Ryan let go of me, much to my disappointment, and we walked to where Maury was pointing us to.
"Ok, so I'm going to take individual shots of the guys with Stevie, then we'll take some group shots ok?" he said.
'Great, no getting out of this this.' I thought, and I rolled my eyes.
I looked at the guys, they were all wearing jeans, with a different kind of top, and Ryan was wearing a hat.
He looked gorgeous!
"Ok, Jon, Stevie! You first." He said.
After getting through Jon, Spencer and Brendon, it was now time for Ryan.
During the shots, Ryan took his hat off and put it on me, I smiled sweetly, and kissed him on the cheek 'popping' my leg behind me.
"Perfect!" Maury shouted.
Ryan dipped me, and I laughed.
That was the last photo.
Then it was time for the group shots.
After another hour, I was able to change back into my own clothes.
"You can keep all the clothes you wore." The lady said.
"Umm thankyou?" I said as she handed me the bag.
"I also put some other nice clothes in there." She said with a smile.
"Thanks. Bye." I said nicely, walking out of the dressing room.
"Stevie!" Maury called.
I turned around and faced him.
"This is for your work today. You were fantabulous!" he said happily, and walked away.
He had given me a zip locked bag with $500!
"Whoa!" I said as I looked at it.
I quickly put it in my bag, and waited for the guys.
Jon and Spencer were the first to get out of the dressing room.
"Hi." I said shyly.
"Hey, well that was eventful wasn't it?" Jon asked.
I blushed.
"Hey guys!" Ryan yelled, Brendon was beside him.
We all walked back to the bus, and now I couldn't help but feel shy around them.
I hate showing my skin!
Especially if there was going to be photographic evidence!
Brendon, Jon and Spencer were all drinking red bulls, and playing more video games.
I put the bag of clothes beside me, and grabbed my phone.
-1 new message-
'Hey Princess. How are you? Having fun? xx'
I smiled.
'Hey Gabanti, I'm good babe how are you? Having lotsa fun xx'
A few seconds later, my phone buzzed.
'I'm good Princess. I'm glad you're having fun, I'll see you later! :) xx'
I closed my phone, and looked over at Ryan, who was writing something intently.
10 or so minutes later, we were back at the venue.
I said goodbye to the guys, before walking back to TAI's bus to put my things away.
"Anybody here?" I asked.
Nobody answered so I walked over to my bunk, and took all of the clothes out of the bag to inspect them.
There was a gold, sequined Chanel slip dress, a nice pencil skirt, and a Panic band shirt, plus the outfit (if you can call it that) I wore earlier.
I put all the clothes in my suitcase and the money in my wallet.
As I was putting my stuff away, my phone started to ring.
"A hoy hoy?" I asked into the phone.
"Hello to you too." Ryan laughed.
"Hey. What's up?" I asked.
"Nothing much. You wanna come to sound check with us?" Ryan asked.
"Sure. I'll meet you at the venue." I told him.
"Ok, see you soon." Ryan said, and we both hung up.
I took off my purple dress, and slipped my new Chanel mini dress over my tights.
I put on a pair of black flats, grabbed my phone and made my way to the venue.
"Princess!" Gabe called as I entered the venue.
"Gabanti!" I said as I hugged him, "how's it going babe?" I asked.
"Good, you here for sound check?" he asked.
"Yeah, Ryan invited me." I said with a smile.
"Oooh, Stevie & Ryan." Gabe said, and made 'kissy' noises.
"Shut up Gabriel." I threatened.
"Alright fine. Follow me." He said, as he grabbed my hand and led me over to the stage.
"Here you go Princess." Gabe said.
"Fancy. Who's first?" I asked.
"Well TAI's already gone, now it's us, then Panic then FOB." Gabe told me.
"Ooh, I get to see you perform!" I said excitedly.
Gabe laughed, and Vicky walked around the corner.
"Vicky!" I said happily and hugged her.
"Hey gorgeous! Omigosh! You got the new Chanel slip dress!" she said excitedly.
"I got it today." I told her.
"It's beautiful." She said.
"You can borrow it if you want hun." I told her.
"Thanks!" she said with an excited squeal.
We laughed, and joined the rest of Cobra.
"Ok, we're off. Are you staying back here?" Gabe asked.
"I'll be singing my heart out from right here." I told him with a smile.
He nodded, and they went on stage.
My phone buzzed.
-1 new message-
'Hey, you at sound check? -RyRo'
I replied, 'Yep, watching Cobra as we speak. -Stevie'
My phone buzzed again, 'I'll be there in a soon. -RyRo.'
'I'll be waiting. -Stevie' I replied.
'Shit did I just send that?! Now he's gonna know for sure that I like him!' I thought angrily.
I was singing Guilty Pleasure, when somebody whispered in my ear, "You have a great voice."
I turned around and saw Ryan smiling at me.
"Hey." I said shyly.
"Hey. Rocking out to Cobra I see." He said.
"You know it!" I replied.
We both started singing along, and not long after, it was time for Panic's sound check.
Ryan kissed me on the cheek, before taking the stage with the others.
Gabe saw, and ran over to me.
"Are you and Ryan...?"
"No. Just friends." I finished.
"You like him Princess. I can tell." He said with a smile.
I blushed.
"See! You're totally blushing!" he said with a smile.
"Thanks for pointing that out Captain Obvious." I said sarcastically.
"Oh come here." Gabe said, as he hugged me.
I laughed, "I'm so glad you're here. I've missed you." I told him.
"I missed you too. But unfortunately, I need to go and get beautiful for the show." He said.
"Ok, I'll see you later." I said.
Gabe kissed my forehead, and ran off.
Panic started to play, so once again I sang along.
Ryan looked over and winked at me.
I smiled back.
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