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really gud full of laughs

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All my life I have been Gerard Way ,sexy lead singer of Mcr .A private guy who never shows his flesh or goes topless.I have always dated women but the relationship always ends fast.I just don't love them as much as I want to.I have always been adamit about the bands messages about your sexuallity and to be proud of it but I can't because Im living a lie about mine.

It all started the first time I kissed Frank.Fans were hooked on the whole guy kissing and stuff and soon I became hooked on it too.When I kiss women I don't get the tingle,the excitement,the rush or the energy I get when i kiss Frank .It feels so right .When we kiss I feel happy I get the feeling that is missing when I kiss women.Frankie has always been there for me for examples when Eliza and I broke up and when I devorced Lynz .I devorced her because I could'nt string her along and make her think I was in love with her.I dont do this purposley I cant tell the world that I have feelings for Frank.He adores Jamia I see it when he see's her ,his beautiful eyes sparkle and his sneaky smile turns into a angel like smile .When his firm hands touch my body I go weak,when he gentely kisses me I cant breath.His smell,his eyes ,his voice ,his presence make things down south you Know my friend down there go wild and thats when the fans notice it the most.I have tried everything to stop this feeling and the boners and stuff,I have though of needles and humping cows but it does'nt work.

I dont know why my heart is telling me to ruin what Frank and I have .I need to stop listening to my greedy heart and tell it that Frank is not a cookie I cant take him when I want him .He is already taken .What am I to do just prentend I dont feel this way about him????
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