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Ferard 2

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Category: Big O - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2008-02-11 - Updated: 2008-02-11 - 380 words



Aww why does she always do this ,come on our messing around does'nt cause any trouble and I dont care if people say im gay .You can probley tell im talkin about gee and I kissing and doing that mad but enjoyable stuff on stage.Jamia is kicking up a fuss saying that its embarressing and that people are calling me gay and shit.She doesnt want people to think that she is going out with someone who is gay or bi.You know when she does this i dont feel madley in love with her like I use to .Im in love with someone else well I think im in love with this person ,its hard to tell.

When im on stage i feel at home and I love it .When gee and I kiss its different from my kisses with Jamia .She doesnt let me use tongue or feel her ass like gee does.He is way more layed back and he is a amazing kisser awww I love when we kiss.I go all tingley and giddy but it feels so right .Ever since the first time we kissed I knew that I liked it and that I wanted to do it again and again.I read the fan fiction and all the fans love when we kiss and they're obsessed with our kissing and very close relationship and after a while you get hooked on it too.Honestley when gee left lynz i was so happy.I could have him was my first thought but then I said to myself "what if he doesnt like me and is'nt that kind of guy"? and then there was the Jamia problem .How could i tell her that im bi .I know im bi cause everytime I see gee things down south as gee calls it , goes all you know hard and I cant help it.I never go stiff looking at Jamia .Do i really wanna risk my friendship with gee and break Jamia's heart .But by me staying with her it's gonna break her heart even more when I tell her and the band waht will they say? .Aww im all confused I need to think about this more before I go openng my big mouth
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