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Fuck im nervous, we have a show tonight .The wierd thing is that im never nervous its only because of Frank .Im afraid i'll say or do something that will you know mess everything up.Im afraid i will tell everyone that I love him and that Frank will storm of stage or something.I hope we dont kiss.Ok i'll be honest every single part of my body wants to f* Frank on that stage but I cant .

O god on stage Frank looks soo f** hot aww i wanna kiss him sooooo bad.Im gonna stay stronge .Dont kiss him, dont kiss him.Shit to late .We kissed and it was amazing his soft lips gentley coressed mine and he moved his sweaty firm hands down my torso awww it felt sooo good .Then he pushed himself away.The crowd went mad .After the kiss I was a little dazed. I just wanted to stop singing and kiss Frank.I came up with a plan.I then said to the crowd, "Do you want me to kiss Frank(HeeeeHee dirty me).The crowd went mad so I walked over to hiim and kissed him for ages .I could feel the heat of his sweaty body , his firm body pressing up against me ,his moans aww I nearly died.I then reluctently pulled myself away .I needed to get away.


Today was the best show ever Gerarad and I got it on right on stage .I kissed him first it felt amazing.His hot body against mine ,his lips made mine go all numd in a wierd way.The crowd loved it .After a couple of songs I started to get the longing again then suddenly Gee asked the crowd the best question ever.It was "Do you want me and Frank to kiss"? so we did and this time it was amazing aww man I felt soooo giddy and hot I could feel my friend down south begining to rise to I was afraid things would get out of hands .Thankfully gee pulled away and I cooled down.Only problem now is that Jamia is gonna kill me again
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