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Oh shit I shouldnt have said that what was I thinking.What was she thinking going on about the kisses.And then when she said "if you do that agin im leaving "really pissed me off .I shouldnt have said that she should pack her bags then.I should call her back and ask her to come home.But do I want her to come home??.Honestley no i dont.Ever since we met she always was trying to controll me and change me .Thats one of the things I love about Gee.He accepts me for me not who Jamia wants me to be.I have decided not to call her.Thats it its over between us .Frankie Iero is now a free agent again.Im not gonna go against I believe in just for her.Am i doing the right thing.I looked at my contacts on my phone .The first one that came up was gee .Should I call him.I need to talk to someone but should it be him.After drinking four beers and smoking some hidden cigeretts that i had stored away incase I had a really bad craving I plucked up the courage to call the sex god I know as gee.

Half an hour later the sex god was in my kitchen making me coffee trying to sober me up.You see after I rang him I decided id need more dutch courage for when he came around so I cleaned out my bar.When gee came in I was getting sick in the toilet .He came in and held back my tiny fringe .After detoxing I talked to gee about what Jamia said and how I was a free agent again.The wierd thing was gee looked kind of happy !!!!.I think it could have been the beer though .No way was he happy that Jamia left .Was he ????.
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