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Awww today was the best day ever.Jamia left Frank and he said he's a free agent !!!!! .I could'nt believe it .He called me and asked me to come over so I quickly got dreesed in a top and some really tight jeans .When I got over to Franks no one answered the door so I walked in to find my secret lover boy getting sick in the toilet.He looked really cute .I got to hold his tiny sexy little fringe back awww.I could smell the beer and cigeretts of him .The beer make my stomach churn because I had'nt really smelt it that stronge since me sobering up.I didnt mind.After Frank detoxing I made him some strong ass coffee and sat down to talk to him.He kept on going on about her.At that piont I had stopped listening and was staring at him.His perfect eyes ,his lush lips,his firm hands aww I wanted to bring him to bed sooo badley but I knew I couldnt .Then I blurted the unexpected out.I told Frank that I LOVED him.He stopped talking and looked at me .I just looked at him.He then leaned towards me and we started franticly kissing he then stopped and stood up .He put his hand out to me and winked at me.I couldnt believe my eyes .I then took his hand and he led me up to his bedroom were he threw me on the bed and took my top off .He smiled .My heart started to beat madley .Was I about to sleep with Frank .He then took of his top and I wolf whistled .He giggled and he then took of my pants and was surprised to see that I was wearing no underwear.He then said "God you were serious when you said to the crowd that you werent wearing underwear" .I giggled and said what im a honest guy.He then looked at me .I sat up and unzipped him zip .I then looked through his zip and said hello is anyone home.He burst into a fit of laughing.I than took of his pants to find the same surprise .He then said what im a honest guy to.
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