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Ferard 6

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Oh shit were ginna do it.Gee just told me he loves me onfg .Im soo happy but I dont know what is going on.Im drunk and confused .But i want this sooo bad .Gee is undressed in my bathroom getting prepared im nervous does this mean that im gay and that gee and I are together o shit.As I take some deep breaths I feel all my love for gee come together .I suddenly get this urge for him I want to feel is body I want to feel the heat of his firm body I want to be close to him.All my worries go away when he walks out of the bathroom.He was all flushed and red looking .I asked him if he was ok.He looked at me and said im just nervous Ive never you know with a dude before.I said that he wasnt the only one and I said that I was new to this.Gee then asked does this mean were gay.I sat on the bed,he came and sat beside me .I said "gee i have never felt like i do with you .He said that he always loved me but he didnt know how to show it.I looked at gee ,he leaned in and gently kissed me , I asked him are we together than ? and he said if we wanted to get together than we should.I couldnt help think about what other people would think .What about the fans?

I cant believe this me and Frank are together.Were gay wow I never really knew if I was gay or not but I know iam now.Im truely happy.I then asked Frank if we were you know gonna do it and he then said of course we are babe.I laughed .Then I stood up and he took my hand .He pulled me towards him and he started to rub my ass and back while he kissed me.The we proceeded .Frank started to moan and I began to get excited .After a hour i lay on the bed covered in sweat and we were both panting franticly.Frank then looked at me and smiled .The cheeky asshole then said I was ok .I then asked him if he was even trying.I then lit up a fag and he asked for one.I then replied no there bad for you and he then said then howcome your smoking and i then replied cause Im the man in this relationship.After ten minutes of foul play I finally gave him one .I asked him was spanking my ass and sitting on me worth the fag and he said "i wasnt doing that for the fag I just felt like doing it "!
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