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Ferard 7

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sexy again

Category: Big O - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2008-02-11 - Updated: 2008-02-11 - 497 words

Omfg my ass is soo sore Gee and I really went for it last night but it was the best.I was soo happy when I woke up to find gee next to me.He was probley dreaming of giant cookies and vampires and slayers .That gives me a idea for our next "sleepover" .I decided to make gee coffee in bed .I snuck down to the kichen still naked and make a pot of coffee.I couldnt get last night out off my mind I couldnt stop giggling.I never felt this way before not even with Jamia.Then I snuck back up to the room sex god was asleep .I put on a old dickie bow I found in my closet and I woke gee up.He started to laugh and he then asked me why my dick didnt have one , I then said that i ran out of dickie bows.After the coffe we decided what we would do about us ,We decided we would both freshin up and call our friends and family and both tell them the news .Frank would tell Jamia and annouce that there relationship is over to the press but not tell them about us.We dont want the fans to know til things cool down.Gee was first for the shower.


Omfg this morning was great.I must admit my ass and you know what is sore but I dont care
I think Frank enjoyed it from the moans he gave out last night.We both have decided how we will break the news .Im gonna go for a shower now .As i stepped in the shower i was gushed with freezing cold water.All i could hear was Franks laughter .I yelled at him and he said he wanted to make sure I was awake.When the water heated up it felt soo good to wash my sweatty body .Then all of a sudden Frank came in and joined me .He started kissing me and We then did it in the shower.It was my first time doing it in a shower.But it was great.After that Frank began to wash my body I cwe messed around could see he liked it.After that i washed his firm body and we messed around for a bit.After our shower we both got dresses.I had to use some of Franks cloths .They were ok on me ,Frank said that I looked soo sexy but I dont know .Then the Family came around and we both held each others hands.The rest of the band knew straight away and Mikey said he knew what we were gonna say.The band had excepted it cause they knew that we liked each other they could tell by our behavour on the stage.My family understood but Franks didnt they left straight after we told them .Franks dad said that they would talk later.Then there was Jamia
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