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Ferard 8

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gee and frank gettin it on

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I sat on the couch my hands were shaking i was staring at my phone I was about to call Jamia and tell her about gee and I .I really didnt want to do it but I knew I had to.Gee walked in and sta beside me.He saw how scared I was .He held me close to his chest .The warmth of his body comforted me for a while .He then dialed her number and gave me the phone.While the phone was ringing Gee held my hand.She answered the phone .I asked her to come over that I needed to tell her something important.Half an hour later the doorbell rang and she was standing at the door .After sitting her down I told her that I didnt love her anymore.She seemed shocked.I then told her that it was my fault that I have found out that Gerard and I are gay and we are in love with each other.She started to cry and yell at me.Gerad came in .Suddenly she got up and walked over to Gee and slapped him in the face.Gerard looked at her and told her to get out .

That crazy bitch hitting me but I supose I deserved it.Franks pretty confused and hurt its ok for me my family understand but his dont .His dad still hasnt come around.I have decided Im gonna take action here.I called Franks dad up and told him I was coming over alone and that Frank doesnt know.I told Frank I was going out to Elena's grave and that I wanted to be alone.As I drove to Franks house I was met by his mom in the driveway she looked at me and asked if I loved Frank.I looked at her straight in the face and said yes I do .As I walked in I shook Franks dad hand .I sat down and told them that both Frank ans I didnt mean to hurt people its just that we love each other .I talked about other things asd well.An hour later Franks dad said that he was sorry if he hurt us he was just shocked and confused.FRanks mom said as long as I loved him she didnt mind and with that I left with their blessing.Now I have to face the crazy face hitting bitch Jamia
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