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Ferard 9

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gee and frank and the gang

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As I was driving over to Jamia alot of things were going throuh my head .How did this happen ?.How did I fall for Frank?.As I made my way to her house my phone rang.It was Frank ,what was I going to say to him.I answered the phone saying hey sexy.Frank laughed he seemed abit better.He asked were I was .I told him I was picking up some toys for our sleepovers and I will be a while.He put on this turned on vioce .When Ireached her house I got out of the car and took a deep breath.I knocked on the door and I was met by a tear faced Jamia .She asked me what I wanted .I told her I needed to explain about Frank and I.I told her that we fell in love and that we couldnt hide it.I told her Frank didnt want to string her along making her think that he was still in love with her.Dont get me wronge he did love you.She looked at me and said she understood and she wished us happiness.I made aarrangement that our realationship would stay private til we were ready to tell the world.I told her Frank would tell the press that they were over.She agreed and I left the house feeling so much happier.I left and went to a shop that sold sleepover toys and bought some handcuffs a whip and this wierd thing.As I drove home I was excited to tell frank but when I came in the door I didnt expect to see frank colapsed on the floor
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