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Ferard 10

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Oww im so stressed I feel like shit.Ive hurt my family by falling in love with gee.The look on Jamias face when I told her.The life was just sucked out of her.I feel so depressed.Gee's gone to Elena's grave i think he needs to talk to someone who wont judge him or answer him back.Im angry at my parents they just dismissed us because were gay.I dont feel so good either aww wahts goig out why is the room spining.

Omfg Frank !.I ran over to him ,he wouldnt wake up .I checked for a pulse .I found one thank god.I rang 911 they will be here in three minutes.Two minutes later Frank comes around .He asks what happen .I kiss and hug him and tell him that a ambulance is on the way.When it arrives Franks taken into Hospital I ring his parents and the band.The doctor said Frank colasped dew to stress.I tell him that I talked to Jamia and his parents and they understand and they support us .Frank holds my hand and said that I should have told him tat I shouldnt have had to do that on my own.I kiss his head and tell him its ok and to rest. While he rests they guys come .I tell them he colasped dew to stress and he is fine now just resting.The doctor says Frank can go home when ever he wants so when he woke up I took him home .That evening we decided that I should move in .I go back to my appartment and pack my things .When i got back to my new home Frank was clearing out some stuff for my junk.We unpak my stuff.Frank then calls for a Chinees.We had a great dinner .I ate of Frank and he ate of me . .That night I looked at Frank in the bed and he looked at me.We both knew that this was right and we both smiled at each others.That nigth Frank slept in my arms .I started to get tearey eyed .I thought what happened if he didnt come around and I lost him.I realized that I wanted him to be in the rest of my life.I woke Frank up ,he asked what was wrong and I said "marry me " I need you in my life .He looked at me in shock and said......
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