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Ferard 11

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gee and the gang

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Omfg today was strange.First gee and i tell our families about us and all hell breaks lose .the i colapse with stress and then gee asks me to marry him.Of course I was totally shocked,So when gee said will you marry me I looked at him and said "are you sure you wanna put up with me for the rest of your life "Gee laughed.I kissed him and said only if we can get marries naked on stage.He looked at me and asked if that was a yes.Of course it is you blond.We decided we wouldnt tell our parents.We would get married secretly and then maybe a month later we would then just announce our engagement and have a wedding on stage with all our fans.Later that evening Gee and I got dressed in suits and called up the womwn that did gees and lynzs wedding she said she was so happy for us and of course she wouldnt tell anyone.As ahe was doing her religious shit I looked at gee .He was all teary eyed .He then saw that i was looking at him and he said I love it when they go all god on us and I laughed.But he told me he was happy that he finally found the missing piece to his heart .That made me cry.As gee said his vows I started to shake .I really was marrying the man of my dreams.After gee said his sweet ass vows I said mine .I told him I would there for him through the hard times ,the smelly times and the times when your partner is never around ,I told him id be his stalker.Then we both said I do and kissed each other.After the service we went to tacobell and celebrated with a feast of tacos and skittles.After that we went home and lay on the couch not being able to move with all the food in our stomachs.I then looked up at gee into his eyes .I noticed something different.The heartache and lonelyness had gone there was a sparkle in his eye.
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