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everything and nothing.

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everyone but the on Ali wants.

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**Ali's POV**

"I woke up the next morning feeling like shit.What did i do?He is leaving today and Im pregnant with his kid.Oh and thats besides the fact my dad is gonna kill me and Im only 15.God what on Earth was i gonna do about school!I wanted to go to collage.I couldn't abort my baby.I wouldn't be able to live with myself.Oh many problems and not much time.I can't take his dream away from him,if i tell him Im pregnant he won't go on tour.Thats his dream.I can't take away his dream..I won't.There is no way out of this without hurting someone.

The phone rang.

"Hello?" Said Ali.


"Gerard?"Asked Ali in a surprised tone.

"No." "Its Mikey." "You still can't tell us apart."Laughed Mikey.

"Oh,what do you want?"Sighed Ali.

"Thats not nice.

"Sorry,Im just Pissed off."

"Yeah,I figured that out." "Listen Ali,He'll be back soon." "I know what going on between you to."

"He told you." Shouted Ali!

"Yeah,he tells me everything." "But i only found out last night."

"Jesus..." "Well we're not going out anymore." "i DON'T REALLY CARE ANYMORE."

"Your not?" "Ali,he is really upset."

"What do ya want me to do?"

"Well,talking to him would be nice."

"He walked away from me!" "Why should i talked to him." "The situation he has me in is fucking ridiculous."

"Hold on!" "what situation?"

"Never mind,Just go away."

Ali put the phone down.

"Why won't people leave me alone.i just wanna be alone.Don't they get it."

The doorbell rang.

"Oh my god." Ali screamed.

"Dad,Get the Goddamn door."

it wasn't long until she realised she was alone in the house.
she climbed down the stairs and reached the hall door.

"Who are you ad what do ya want?"
She asked.

The bell just continued to ring.

"Well fine then."

She opened the door.
It was James.

"oh, its you?"

"Well yeah,why who were you expecting Ali?"

Ali shook her head. "No one I swear."

"Well come here then."Grinned James.

"No." Ali tried to shut the door.but James stopped it with his foot.

"What are you doing?"

"I don't want to play your games right now James!"

"Huh,What games?"

Ali managed to close the door.

"Go away!"

"Ali,what the fuck are you doing?"

"Please James,i didn't do anything."
"Leave me alone today."

"Sorry,Im not going anywhere!" "Now open this door before i open it myself."


"Fine,you asked for it."

Ali ran upstairs and locked herself in her room.She grabbed the phone and called Gerard.

"Please pick up." "C'mon c'mon!"

"Hey!This is Gee....

It was his voice mail.

"i WANT you Gee!"Cried Ali.
"I need you!" "Please don't leave without me saying goodbye."She whispered.

"what if he went." She thought.

she quickly got dressed and went to climb out her window.

"God this can't be safe for a pregnant chick."She thought to herself.

She climbed down the side of her house on a rope.

"Oh god!" "Oh god!" She kept thinking to herself.

She managed to get to the bottom somehow.

"Wow,go me." She said to herself.

"Right now to go find Gerard!"
"Oh god." "Right he only lives a few
houses away!"

She ran to his front gate and then stopped.She walked up to the front door and thought...

"what am I doing? Wait am I gonna tell him? ah shit to late,there he is standing right in front of me."

"Oh boy." "Gerard...I..."
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