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no one can get me.

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short chapter.

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"Can I talk to you?" Ali asked.

But Gerard just stood there.

"Please?"Ali enforced.

"Come in then?"

They both walked into the house.

"Im sorry." Said Ali.

"No,Im sorry I completely over reacted." "I do that too much."
"Im like the most Sorry person here." "If that makes sense?"
"Which it doesn't,I know but nothing makes sense anymore...?



"Just stop."Smiled Ali.

"Im sorry,ok you know I was wrong."

Gerard sighed..."Yeah"

"Hey!" Laughed Ali.

They both sat down.

"erm,shouldn't you been in school?"

"Nah,I mean Yah but erm...I needed to see you?" "If that makes sense."

"It doesn't?"

"Why doesn't it?"

"you told Mikey we weren't together anymore...remember?"


"On the phone Ali?"

"Erm no Gerard."

"Yes you did Ali,What the hell your lying again."

"Well I dunno maybe i did but i seem to forget things ever since i got.....?" She stopped.

"Ever since you got what?"

She just looked at him. "Nothing." She Said.

"Oh so you have something and apprantly its nothing."


"Ali how about for once in your life will you tell the truth...?"

"What do you mean for once in my life!"

"Oh well lets see, the Self harm bull shit!"


"Yeah I know for a fucking fact you didn't do that to yourself!"

"What yes i did!" "You don't know anything!"

"Yes i do!"! "I know its was Lover boy who did it!" "And now he did something else in which your gonna blame yourself for!"

"Stop it!" She cried!

"No Ali!" "I fucking sick of it!"

"You know what just go!" "I don't need you anymore!"

"You know what fine i go!" "But Im taking your kid with me!"


"Oh didn't i tell you!" "Im pregnant Gerard,but not for long!" "I suppose your gonna blame James for that too!" She ran out.

"No Ali!" "Stop!" "Come back!"

"Fuck you Way!"

"Ah shit!" He shouted!

**Later that day**

Ali walked into her house.

"Where you been young lady!" "Your school called you weren't in school today!" "Care to explain yourself."

"Im just going through a rough patch."

"Oh so you think you can miss school for it!"

"No its just ever since mom die,everything has been going wrong for me!"

"What do you mean!" "Come sit down i'll make you coffee!"

He made coffee and they sat down to talk.

"Well dad,put it this way i thought i had something good in my life and now I've ruined it!"

"What?" "Ali what has bought this on!"

Ali smiled. "Doesn't matter i think i better call James to get the homework."

"No Ali really whats up?"

"No really dad you help me!"

she walked away.."And by the way it doesn't sound hip when you say whats up." Her dad laughed.

"That a girl!"
She smiled and went upstairs.She sat on her bed and thought about things.

"I'll just kill myself."
Her eyes brightened.

"How could i do this!"

She looked around her room for something to kill herself with.

"God i can't believe its come to this." "I need paper!" "Oh god i can't find paper!"

"Ali im gonna out!"

"Ok Dad I love you!"

"I love you too sweetie!" "See you later!"

"Yeah see you later!"

she struggled on the ground!
"What the fuck am i doing!" "Im giving up!" "This is all too easy!"
she sighed. She climbed on to her bed and hid under the covers.

"Im safe here!" "No one can get me!"
"No one!"

The phone was a private number.

"Hello!" she groaned.

"You would kill my baby Ali."
he sounded drunk.

"Your pissed aren't you!"

"Yep!" "Will you answer my Fucking question?"

"Go fuck yourself!"
she hung up!
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