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I don't want to fall to pieces.

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"why do I need to talk to someone?" "Why did all my friends leave me?" "Why do I have an abusive boyfriend?" "Why am I pregnant?" "What did I do?" "Why can't I kill myself?" Ali asked herself all these questions.

"Why can't I kill myself?" she looked at the knife at the end of her bed.

"Is it because i want to have his child?" She quickly answered her question!
"Of course I do!" "I love him!"
"I'd love my baby!" But then she thought negative!

"I am only 15!" "He is never gonna be there!" "He is a Junkie!" "My dad would kill me!" "James would fucking murder me!"

Then she thought of something...

"I could tell him its his..?"

"But I'd be lying,Again!" "He'd make me have an abortion!" "Oh god so would my Dad!" "My life is fucked up!"

The door ranged.

"Oh god who is that?" She looked out the window it was Gerard!
"Ah shit.."She whispered.

The door kept ringing.

"Go away!" "Go away!" she kept thinking to herself.

she cried and looked at her arms.
"Oh god." "My poor arms."
"What have I done." "My poor baby."
"They don't deserve to die." "Its not they're fault."

She answered the door.

Gerard was so drunk he could barely stand.Ali just looked at him.

"What did i do?"he asked.

"Come in and I'll sober you up."
Ali carried Gerard inside.

"Come on Gee." She pushed Gerard on to the sofa.

"Coffee?" she asked.

He nodded.

They both sat down.

"Ali Im so sorry!" He sobbed.
"Im a fucking screw up!" "I know I am!" "Im completely worthless!"

"Shhhh darling stop!" "Your not!"
"I promise you your not!"

"No I am!" he cried on her shoulder and she patted his head.He wiped his nose.

"I love you so much!"He whispered.

"I love you more!" She smiled.
She kissed his forehead.

"Its gonna be ok." "I promise you it will!" "But Ali..."

"The baby?" She reply.

"What we gonna do?"

"I have no idea." "Have any suggestions?"

"Well we could keep it and become parents..or we could not keep it and not become parents."

"Im 15." "You have a dream."

"Ok you know what stop right there!"

"My band...your way more important than my band!"

He took her by the hand and smiled.

"Your drunk."she laughed.

"Do you not think I mean that?"

"Well I dunno."

"I mean every word of it!" "I swear I do!"

She looked at the floor.

"Listen Ali I know I can't be a full time dad,But I promise I'll try."
"Please I mean its not they're fault." "I just want to see them grow." "Please?"

She looked at him.
"Im 15."
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