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don't waste your time on me.

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"You wouldn't?" Said Gerard.

"They'll make me."

Gerard burst into tears.

"I can't believe you!"

"Its not my fault!"

"What so your just gonna give My kid up!" "I thought you loved me!"

"I did!" "I mean I do!" "Gerard please!" Ali was holding onto her stomach.


"Nothing." "Could you just go!" She cried.

"No your hurting!" "Im not going when your like this." Gerard hugged her.

"Its ok!" "shhhhhh..."

"It really hurts."

"I know!" "I know!"

"we're going to the hospital."

"No!" "I can't!"

"Ali,your in pain!"

"I'm fine honestly!" "I just need some pain killers!

"Ok what the fuck!" "Its no time to be funny!"

"Im not going to no hospital!"

"you are!" "No stand up!"

"No I can't!"

"Fine I'll carry you!"

"Oh god no!" "I'll hurt you!"

"Now come on Mikey still makes me carry him around on my back."

Ali laughed. "Ouch!"

"Okay come on!" "We'll flag down a taxi because I know I can't drive Im way too drunk for that."

"Im scared." "Honestly Gerard they just come on go!" "Look Im fine now!" "Im all better!"

"you means its happened before!"

"Ermm yes."

"Right now your really going to hospital!"

"Honestly Im fine!" "I'll go to the doctors tomorrow!"

"fine." "But Im coming with you!"

"Ok!" "wait....aren't you meant to be going on tour like in an hour!"

"Yeah I've changed it to next week."

"Why?" "I need to be with you!" "Ya know?"


"What?" He smiled.

"Nothing." "I love you."

"I love you more than anything."

"I wanna have your baby you know."
"Its just my dad and...."


"Yeah." "You got everything right by the way." "James does hit me...a lot."

"I know that." "I was waiting on you to tell me."

"I was going to I swear I was."

"Yahuh." He nodded his head.

"You don't believe me."

"I do!" "I swear I do!" Then he kissed her.

"your breath tastes like wine."

"Oh sorry." He frowned.

"Don't be I like wine." Then she kissed him and led him to her bedroom.
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