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forgetting you.

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i can't forget.

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"Hey,get up!"Laughed Ali as she was slapping Gerards face.
"Your sitting on my leg..?"She said..very confused.
"I don't wanna." Frowned Gerard.
Ali smiled..."Fine don't." "But I have to go to school."
"I'll bring you!" Smiled Gerard Jumping up!
"You sure??" "Yeah!"Reply Gerard!
"OK!" Grinned Ali.

Then Gerard completely changed the subject.

"Come with me on tour." "Forget Everything.I can't handle not being with you!"

"I wish I could."Smiled Ali.

"Then come!"

"Be realistic!" Laughed Ali.

"Fine not on tour!" "I can postphone it!" "Just away from everything!"

Ali laughed. "Are you serious?"

"More than I've ever been in my whole life!" Gerard was very keen.

"But..?" "Stop thinking about things Ali!" "Just come with me!"

"What about my Dad......School...James!"

"Forget that boy!" "Ali come with me!" " doesn't matter we have no money but we've been living for this!"
"I love you!" "Ali I just wanna be with you forever!" "We could getaway to somewhere nobody would know!"

"But..its just a dream...Its...Your over reacting."

"Im not." sighed Gerard.

"Gerard.....Just go on tour and Have the time of your life."Smiled Ali..I'll be here when you get back." "I promise."

"Why do I have to say goodbye?"
"Why can't I be with the only person I have ever cared about." "I don't think I wanna go on tour now."

"'ve be living for it!"
Ali laughed.

"I want you." "I want our kid."

Ali sighed....

"What?!"Shouted Gerard.

"There isn't gonna be one Gerard!"
"Im Fifteen For fucks sake!"

"I know." "But......"

"Listen I have to go to school!"
"See yourself out!"

"Why are you so arkward!" Shouted Gerard!

"Because I don't live in dreams!" She shouted back and slammed the door.

Gerard then got a phone was Mikey telling him that they had to go on tour that day. Gerard quickly argee to leave that he wasn't there when Ali got home.
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