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Alivia's point of view.

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just about what exactly is happening in the story. its a very short chapter.

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**Ali's POV**

Ok its been two years now since that bitch left me.So I couldn't raise a kid by myself.So I just think of Gerard as being dead to me.Life is pretty good now though. Im a 17 year old girl in a steady relationship with the most amazing guy ever.I met him when my dad moved me to NYC.His name is Alex and he loves me.Its amazing.I sometimes worry that he is 'too' much like Gerard.But he is such a great guy.He is so not like James.God Im so glad that guy is gone.I moved to New York and he just gave up on me.I was so happy.I mean I wasn't that far away.But he still gave up on me.We never actually broke up but I think he got the point.

Im in collage and everything now.I study art.But I still regret having an abortion.but I was a 15 year old and I didn't have a furture with a kid.I still think of them.I wonder what they would have been like?Was it a boy or
girl? I ask myself these questions everyday.I was so navie and so stupid.If I could turn back time I swear to god I would But I can't can I.Its amazing what can happen in two years.Its such a short peroid of time.But I in collage and have the most amzing boyfriend.The past Is in the past.Its time for the future now.But what exactly will happen.
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