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well well well we meet again.

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Ali had to go back to New jersey.She was needed by Her friends.Someone close to them was having a birthday party and they needed to help each other.She was very worried about what will happen and who she would meet again...

"God Im scared."She said to Alex.

"Come on Im right here with you,I promise you."Then he smiled and kissed her forhead.
She wished he wouldn't do that,it reminded her of Gerard.Ali then got hold Alexs hand and sqeezed it tight.

"Do you love me?" Smiled Ali.

"With all my little black heart my darling." Laughed Alex.


"Of course I do." "I love you more than the world." Smiled Alex.
"You know that."

"I love you."

"Come here." And he put his hand on her face and kissed her romanticly.

"Come on,lets go inside." Smiled Alex.

Inside the house the people were partying to their old friend.along the people were lots of her old friends and family.
They hardly recongize her.

"Ali!" someone tapped her shoulder.

"Hi gran."Laughed Ali slightly
nervous.Then she hugged her.

"I have't seen you in a while darling."

"Yeah I know...Im sorry."

"Its ok sweetie your here now." Then she hugged her again close.

"And who is this handsome young man..."Laughed her gran.

"This is my amazing boyfriend Alex."
Said Ali.

"A pleasure to meet you...."

"Maria.."She finished. Then they shook hands.

"Yup,Thats Grandma."

They next couple of hours were very exciting and fun.Ali loves things like these,they reminded her of her mom.She spent the next couple of hours Talking to her family members.She then looked across the room and saw a famliar was Gerard.Her face dropped,he was staring at her.

"The bleeding cheek."She thought to herself.She immediately got up and told Alex she wanted to leave.But he had all ready got up and hinted he wanted her to meet him outside.
"I'll be back in a sec sweetie."She said to Alex and then kissed him goodbye on the cheek.Then went out the back door and saw Gerard standing there smoking a cigarette.
He turned around to her....

"Wow." he said sharply.

"What..." She replied.

"your even more beauitful than you were two years ago and I didn't think that was possible." he smiled.

"Shut up."she said but secretly appreciated what he said.

He sat down,then she sat down beside him.

"So...whos the guy?"He asked.

"You didn't expect me to wait for you to come back did you..?"

"No,I didn't."Laughed Gerard.Then he started playing with her hair.She liked it.

"Stop it."She laughed.

"ok." but then he started to kiss her neck.She realy liked that but knew she couldn't let it go any further.

"Please stop."She smiled."We might be seen."He didn't.

"You know Im a push over."She whispered.He then put his hand up her skirt. "I've missed you so much."

"We're gonna be seen."Said Ali.
"No Gerard stop,my boyfirend is in there."

"Then why aren't you pushing me away."He whispered in her ear.
He then started to kiss her lips and forhead."Huh..?"

"Because I love you." Then she pulled him on top of her.
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