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Her heart.

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short chapter.

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"That was a big big mistake."Ali Said to Gerard.

"No,it wasn't Al,you know it wasn't!"

Ali looked confused..."Did you like brain wash me or something..?"

Gerard laughed and sat down beside her and Ali moved away slightly.

"Huh...whats wrong..?"

"I really like Alex,Gerard!" "He the best thing thats ever hapened to me."

"I thought I was the best thing that ever happened to you."

"You were,then you left." "God I hated you for that!" "Your were so selfish."

"Excuse me..I was selfish..ha..if I was selfish what the fuck were you...?" "Huh.....your the one who gave up a childs life because..'you couldn't cope or whatever'.....

"Oh right Gerard did you forget the fact you left me on my own!"

"I couldn't change your mind could I.....!"

"Woah woah woah...hold on a sec..."
Mikey butted in..he had been easdropping.

"What the fuck is going on guys!"

"You were out here having sex like half an hour ago and now your fighting like an old married couple..and you've seen each other for the first time in how long..?"

Then Gerard looked at Ali.Ali stuck out her tongue at him.

"Holy Fuck!" "Alex." "Where is he?"

"Inside with your...wait is that your grandmother.." Laughed Gerard.

Ali then smacked him over the head with her hand.

"Loser!" and then she walked inside.

"Yeah Ali I love you too!"

"Alex,can we go home now..?"

"Okay then!" Alex looked keen.
"Hurry lets go.." whispered Alex.

Ali laughed..."Did you not have fun with my grandma..?"

Alex shifted his eyes. "I think she likes me its weird Ali."

"wooo,grannys boy.."Ali teased and laughed. then she stopped.

"Alex I need to tell you something..when we get home.."

"Is it important..?"Alex looked scared.

Ali nodded her head.

"Okay then come on lets go."and he wrapped his arms around her.

Ali looked back and Gerard was smiling at her.Not an evil smile but a nice one.

"I'll be there for her Mikey."
Gerard said to Mikey.

"How can you been so sure."

"Because she is my true love..she knows in her heart she is."
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