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Forever I promise you.

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Ali Jumped.."Oh No." "I forgot My bag!"
"Oh no." Said Alex sacratisly.
"Hey,I need it....listen you go on home and I'll follow you in a few mintues."
Alex sighed...."I might not be at home....Im just gonna go out with my friends ok?"..."Ok to you later."and she kissed Alex goodbye and ran back towards the party."Bye then!" shouted Alex...."Yeah bye!"

Ali walked through the front door..."Oh your back."Smiled her grandmother..

.."erm yeah..but For my you know where it is..?"
"Oh let me think...ah yes that young gentlmen...what is his name...Gerry....John....Gerald....?"
"Gerard!" said Ali impatiently.
"Oh that his name."
"Yeah...where'd he put it?" "He
bought it with him...he said he was going to give it to you."
"Oh great." sighed Ali.
"Oh no..Ali was he a crook?"
"I wish." she laughed.
"Oh No...was he on the run..?"
"Nothing like that grandma!"

Then Alivia's Phone went off.It was a text message from Gerard saying to come to his parents house if she wanted her bag.

"That fucker!" Ali screamed and then realised everyone was looking at her...."A-ha...yeah I'll be leaving now." Then she tried to walk out the door.

"Oh no Alivia don't go." "I haven't seen you in years...come stay a while." "Your father will be here soon." said her grandmother.
"Oh my dad!" "Shit I'll see you!"
"Alivia..don't be doing this on me."
"Im old and wore out...I need you."
Ali sighed and grabbed hold off her grandmother's hands..."I'll be back I promise."..."Oh ok along....go find that Gerard fellow." Ali looked around..."now why would I be looking for him."
"Oh darling...your in love....everyone can see it."
Ali laughed..."I am not!" Then her grandma smiled....."Oh go on!"
Then Ali turned away and walked out the door and as soon as she reached the bottom of the garden she recieved another text message from Gerard telling her to hurry up. Ali frowned and then laughed at herself.

When she reached the door of his house..she was standing there again speechless..."what am I going to say?" "Oh shit too late he is standing right in front of me again."

Ali smiled and then Gerard smiled back and said..."Come on inside if you really want your bag."
"gerard stop playing dumb...and give me my schoolbag!" "No get it yourself..its in there." he said and pointed to the living room.
Gerard had a grin on his face. "Can you not just get it for me?" Gerard then shook his head.
"Fine get out of my way!" and Ali then nudged Gerard out of her way and made her way into the living room.She looked around the room but she couldn't find her bag.Then Gerard came in and locked the door.
Ali laughed..."Why did you just lock the door?" Gerard grinned...."I need something from you?"

"What?" asked Ali supsiously.
Gerard came closer...."You."
"Your eyes...?" said Ali.Ali felt lost in his eyes. "They're...they're...." Then she realised he had been kissing her lips.

"I love you." He said. Ali gripped on to him tight...."Don't ever let me go!" cried Ali..."Please don't!"

"I won't!" "I promise,I wanna be with you forever!"said Gerard. "Really?" "Forever?" Ali smiled.

Gerard gripped hold of her hands..."Forever,I promise you."
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