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Last call to NYC

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"But what about..?" sighed Ali."Why di you always think?" "Im sorry..I can't leave Alex."

Gerard laughed.."Your joking right."
Ali shook her head and pulled her hands loose."I can't leave Alex..he's my everything." smiled Ali."I thought I was." Said Gerard then he turned away.
"Im gonna go." "No can't leave me...I need you." Then he grabbed her back. "stop it!" "You don't need me!" Gerards eyes widened."I do need you and Im so sorry." sighed Gerard. "Your right We can't do this again." "Yeah..." Said Ali.She looked as if she was gonna cry."Come here at less let me drive you home..yeah?". "Ok then." Smiled Ali.

The drive home was in silence.
It felt like hours before they finally reached New York City.

"I'll see you then." Ali said and got out of the car and then Gerard pulled her back.."I love you." He said. Ali looked at him. "Goodbye Gerard." She laughed and walked away. Gerard watched her walk away and started grinning and then when she was out of sigh drove back home.

"Hello?" "Alex?" Ali called!
"Im in here..did you get your bag?"
"Oh...No I didn't..?"Ali looked confused,then Alex appeared.
"Hello." she grinned and gripped hold of him like she never wanted to let him go. "Woah Im gopnna fall."
He laughed.."What happened..where's your bag?"He asked. "Oh some weirdo stole it." She smiled.
"Aw I love you!" She smiled again!
"I love you too!" He laughed.

Yet all she could think about was Gerard.
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