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Everything was running smoothly.Ali was really enjoying collage.She loved art so to do art all the long to her was fantastic.The days ran normally though.She'd go to school then come back again and go to bed.Ali was getting bored of this.She was only 18 she shouldn't have such a boring life. She lived with her roomate Jessica because she had only recently broke up with her boyfriend.Ali was doing her homework one day when she recieved an unexpected call.She didn't recongise the number.

"Hello you?"
"Erm....Hi?" "Who's this again?"
"It your old buddy. old pal...lala?"
"Erm excuse me?"
"Its james okay?"
Her eyes widened and she gasped.
"How you doing?"
"How you get this number?"
"I dunno but Im really drunk right now so..?"
"Oh piss off Im hanging up!"
"I swear to god if you hang up this phone."
"Pfffff goodbye loser!"
Then she hung up.

Ali sat back on her chair trying to think about what just happened.
She started getting paranoid so she grabbed her jacket and went out for a walk."I can't believe him!" she kept thinking.The phone call bought back horrible memories.He was the cause of everything from her falling out with her dad to her broken chance to be with her one true love.

Then she took out her phone to call Gerard."Oh god I haven't spoken to him in so long." she thought to herself.He answered the phone.

"Hello." He giggled.
She stood in the middle of new york silent.
"Hello..I know your there."
She laughed.
"Ali?" He asked.
Then she smiled and hung up.
To hear his voice was enough for her.Then she walked on home grinning to herself.

"Hey!" Jessica shouted when she came in. "Hello!" "Do you want dinner?"
"Erm...not if your cooking it."Jessica dropped the pot. "Ops." She laughed.

Jessica was a really nerdy 21 year old girl,whos hair was never washed and who always had her homework done on time.Your typical nerd.But Alivia loved her.

They both sat down on the beaten up sofa. "So where'd you go?" "Erm you know walk through new york."Jessica yawned."My day was boring." she sighed.Ali laughed. "Was it?" "Yup I did nothing but study in the library." Ali rolled her eyes."I got a lot of phone calls today." Alivia said."Really...from who?"Jessica replied. "Old friends."She said back.

"Hmm what time is it?"Jessica asked.
"Ten thrity." Ali grinned.
"Oh my god!" "I gotta get to bed." Alivia sighed ."Goodnight!" Jessica said quickly and ran to her bedroom.

Ali grabbed her laptop and start looking through her email.She found one from Gerard.she looked shocked but she was very excited opening it.


Did you call me today? Im coming back home tomorrow if you wanna meet up? we can if you want?

much loves Gee. xoxo
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