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another morning.

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woo he's back!

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My Heart was pounding.My thoughts were spining.Like 'What the hell'.Why didn't He wanna meet up with me again.'I ruin him'.'Im just a snotty nosed brat'.She sat down looking at the e-mail.
'Oh no I better reply before he thinks Im ignoring him .. wait what will I say.'She looked at it one more time before replying.'Will I say Yeah . .. Or no.'

She finally decided on. . . . . .. Sure.Its up to you..She felt a sigh of relief.

Then he replied again."Oh my god." She said aloud and ran over to the kitchen area.."What?" Jessica shouted.She panicked . ."Erm . . .we're out of . .. . .. . horse radish?"jessica appeared . ."Horse radish?". . "Yeah . .?" Ali said looking very confused."your allergy?"Jessica said. "Allergy?" "Your allergic to horse radish." "Oh. . ."Ali looked at the laptop. "Wait....what are you doing looking that at half one in the morning?" Jessica interupted. Ali walked over to the beeping laptop. "Erm Hello?" She said again. "What were you doing?" Jessica shouted."Will you drop the whole horse radish thing!" Ali shouted back. "Fine Im going back to bed I have got school tomorrow anyway." Jessica said. Alivia rolled her eyes abd sat back down.

She stared at her laptop and after about 5 mintues opened the e-mail. 'Why am I nervous?" She kept asking herself over and over.But all it said was I'll find you then. x.Ali giggled to herself.'wow Im weird.' She thought again.'Wait you don't know where I live'.She wrote back to him.He repied back seconds later. I'll find you..Ali smiled to herself.

Next day

"Ali woke up.She sighed."God another morning.another day at collage.".Jessica walked in with breakfast and stared at Alivia."want some cereal?" She finally said.ali nodded childish and smiled.Jessica handed Ali the cereal."Thank you!" She grinned."Well Im off to collage." I see you later Ali." Jessica said."So early?" Ali replied with a mouthful of cereal.Jessica stared at her and laughed."Yeah Im wanna get a early start." "Yeah I got a busy day today too." Ali sighed."I've got Work grrrr." "You better get up then."Jessica laughed.

Ali got up and got dressed and then grabbed a coffee and got in her car to get to class.When she finally got to class she noticed a note on her chair telling her to go to central park.She looked at the teacher."Erm. . . Sir Minster thingy person?" "Yeah . ." he said poorly back as he was to busy showing someone how to use oil paints properly."Yeah I gotta leave like now."She laughed and walked out of the room."Hey wait. . ." She could hear in the distance.

She smiled to herself and felt in control.She found another note on her car with nothing but a smiley face drew of it.She ran to The park in the middle of New york.When she got there she felt as if someone was following her.She looked behind her and confronted them. "What do you want?" She said angerily.
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