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Broken Rose

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Chapter 48

“What’s wrong darling?” Donna asked a sick-looking Gerard who had a large mugo f coffee in hand and a bagel hanging from his mouth.
“I’m not feeling too good...” He told her thruthfully, munching on his bagel as he went to the living room. Donna went after him and took the bagel off his mouth and placed it on the plate. She took the mug of coffee from his hand and placed it by the bagel on the small table next to the couch.
“Why’s that?” Her mother asked him.
“Bad feeling. So I couldn’t sleep at all...” He trailed off.
“About what?” Donna wasn’t the kind of mother that peered into her children’s affairs like this. She hated prying but thought it most necessary this time around.
Gerard shrugged, hoping his mother would leave him alone.
“About what?” Donna repeated without loosing her cool.
“Gabrielle...” Gerard muttered. Donna gasped and sat by his side, placing her hand on top of his.
“What happened?”
Gerard explained what had happened and then looked into his mother’s face: she was anxiously looking away and then looked straight into his eyes crossly.
“Gabrielle wouldn’t lie” His mother stated clearly, “And I don’t think she would’ve called you of all people just for the sake of it. God knows I had to do everything short of physical damage to bring her here in the first place”
“Maybe she was drunk” Gerard offered, trying to come up with an excuse.
“Did she sound drunk?”
Gerard was silent.
“I thought so. If I were you I wouldn’t have peace of mind until I called her” and with that Donna left her eldest son in a sea of confusion and slight regret.

I shuddered from my deep sleep and crawled my way out of the couch in which I had fallen asleep earlier. I walked zombie-like to the door and openened it, sure that if I didn’t do so Jess would kick it down. Sure enough, once I did open the poor I was almost kicked violently on the stomach by Jess’ foot.
“Are you /nuts/?!” I managed to say as I grumpily walked to the kitchen. I heard Jess close the door behind her.
“Lock it, will you?”
“Are you fucking /deaf/?” She retorted as she did what I asked.
“No, I was fucking asleep” I groaned back, pouring a cup of coffe into my favorite coffee mug wich had drunk aliens saying ‘Whoaa’ all over.
“Coffee?” I offered Jess.
“Only if you have cream. I can’t take that shit as strong as you” Jess replied, placing her purse on the counter.
“If you can find any...” I replied, pointing to the cupboard behind her as I took a sip of my coffee. Jess got up and started looking for the InstaCream.
“So, what’s up?” I asked casually. Jess busied herself looking for the cream.
“Jess...?” Consternation started taking over, Jess was never and I mean never quiet unless something was really wrong.
“Look, Gabe....The photographers and crew members of the shoots you’ve gone to lately have expressed” She said delicately. I violently placed the cup down, a look of anger taking over.
“/CONCERN/?! Are you fucking bullshitting me?!” I yelled at her.
Jess’ face showed just how much she disliked having this conversation, “Yes. You see, they said you’ve been a bit paranoid...”
“Can I finish talking please? Repeating every word I say won’t take us anywhere.”
I groaned in response.
“and spazzed out. They think it’s overwork. That you’re under stress. That maybe the new ,ah, recognition you’ve been acquiring lately has been getting to your head” She expressed softly. I had to control myself not to jump over the counter and extort the names of the people that had called me that out of her with a very very sharp cow-killing knife.
She was right about something, though. I had been getting a lot of recognition lately. And by a lot I mean street recognition, autographs, hosting events, runways, music videos, you name it. I even had a prefessional manager. His name was Adam and he was currently dating Jess. So they were sort of co-managing me.I breathed in deeply,
“Do explain” I tried to use an amused tone but I was sure Jess could see right through me.
“They say you’ve been talking about a stalker...”
“I fucking told you about this already Jess. There is a goddamn stalker! I’m not making it up!” I burst out, throwing my hands in the air in rage.
Jess pursed her lips. I knew she didn’t believe me. Most people thought I was fucking crazy to begin with and with my “new stalker story” they thought I had lost my marbles. The ones who knew me from back then used the lame excuse that I had started to acquire some of the shit my mom had. It made my blood boil with fury.
“Since you don’t believe shit of what I say what do you propose to fucking do Jessica?”
“I want you to take some time off-“
“Fine” I spat, “Now get the fuck away from my home. Call me when you’ve decided I’m fit to work again.”
“I haven’t finished Gabe” She said, looking down on the floor.
“Adam reckons... He and I, I mean, that you should go to a councelor to relieve your stress-“
“I’ll have a break if I must but I simply won’t get bull-analyzed, okay?! I’m not going insane. Just get the fuck out, Jess!”
Jess took her purse and walked to the door. She turned around before opening it.
“You still have to do the last scheduled events, okay? I’ll call you later to remind you...Calm down and don’t do anything stupid”
If Jess didn’t have cat-like reflexes at opening the door and closing it behind her she would’ve been knocked out by a flying flower base which I had grabbed and thrown in her direction in an excessive urge to hurt something, to release my anger.
I fell down on my knees and started sobbing,
“/I’m not crazy....I’m not crazy... He’s fucking real....He must beseeing me right now.../”

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