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"Yeah, How could I not know?"

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Calm before the storm :)

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“Aaaannnd welcome our replacement guitarist! Jack Railey! He’ll be filling in for dear Frankie whilst he’s still ill.” Gerard announced to the crowd of thousands at the opening show of their tour. Jack was on stage tuning up and getting ready. In Frank’s position, playing Frank’s parts. Before the performance Ray gave Frank a thumbs up, Mikey had smiled sympathetically, Bob had patted him on the back. Yet Gerard didn’t even seem to have noticed him…
Frank gleamed with jealousy from the side of the stage. It had been confirmed that Jack was in fact a better guitarist than Frank, better than Frank ever had been. He sighed and continued to watch the set from the side. Suddenly a lurking shadow from behind him submerged and tapped him on the back. Frank turned and acknowledged the man before him, he was one of the light technicians for the band. His shaggy back hair covered the majority of his bearded face and the many piercings he had upon his body shone in the glowing stage light. He glanced around to check nobody was eavesdropping before beginning his conversation.
“Hey, mate. You look a bit down - pissed off, ya know?”
Frank nodded in agreement with the guy.
“Yea, I am to be honest,” He replied, gazing over to the stage where Jack was tearing up some great riffs. “That should be me out there….”
He could feel the other mans eyes on the back of his neck and he turned back around to continue talking to…. Erm.. what was his name?
“The names Brock.” Introduced the man, as if reading Franks thoughts.
“I’m Frank.”
“Yea, how could I not know??”
Frank laughed at his own stupidity and continued talking to Brock, unaware that the time was flying by and the show was steadily coming to a close. Two songs before the end, Brock bent over to whisper into Frank’s ear. Frank listened intently and his eyes widened in a mix of interest and shock. The man then straightened up to leave, but not before slipping something into Frank’s jacket pocket. Brock then walked back over to the shadows he had came from. Frank’s ears then suddenly attuned to what was going on in the show.
“I would like to welcome onto the stage right now for you all to see…. MISTER FRANK IERO!” The crowd erupted in cheers as Gerard jogged over to the side of the stage to retrieve his partner. He insisted that Frank sat in his wheelchair that night, just incase his legs got tired. Gerard then pushed Frank out to the place he had longed to be – on stage.
He could see the crowd in front of him like he had so many times before, cheering for him, here were some signs being held up with messaged such as.
His heart swelled with pride, the fans did want him after all!
One particular sign had caught Gerard’s eye….
“So..” He boomed into the Microphone, “You guys like some… Frerard.”
The crowd cheered in agreement. Gerard raised his eyebrows mockingly.
The fans screamed this time, echoing around the stadium, one fan could be heard over them all.
Gerard had a menacing look in his eyes, surely Frank was expecting what was next to come…
“You want Frerard? Well… HERE’S SOME FRERARD FOR YOU!”
He strode rapidly over to Frank, eyes wide with adrenaline, he gave Frank an encouraging wink. On his cue, Frank stood up face to face with Gerard, there was a small pause where they both took a deep breath in before Gerard made the first move.
Their lips crashed together, pressing firmly against each other, it wasn’t too simple, wasn’t to rough, it was full of passion between the two Males. They relished in the audiences reactions of screeches and whoops. They could have been caught in that kiss forever, but the show had to go on. Frank plopped back down into his wheelchair and began to wheel himself back to his original spot backstage when Gerard held him back.
“I want you to stay on stage for this song.”
Frank obliged awkwardly, sitting in his chair and gazing up at Gerard’s eyes.
The song began to play and immediately Frank recognized it, he gulped back tears of pure love and emotion – Demolition Lovers.
Gerard hit every note perfectly, with pure emotion, and he kept his eyes locked on his love, the person who fueled his every breath, that gave him meaning on the darkest days.
As the final song drew to a close, Gerard whispered a quick “I Love You” to Frank before thanking the crowd.
At the end of the show many autographs were written and photos were taken. Still in the back of Frank’s mind lingered a deep wondering as to what Brock had slipped into his pocket… he had been wary that what was in his pocket may not be pleasing to others, so he thought it best to wait till he was in privacy. He already had a faint idea what it was going to be…
When they got back to the tour bus, Frank slipped off to his bunk and pulled out what had been awaiting in his pocket all night…..

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