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Chapter 15

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A surprise ending...

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I just saw 27 Dresses, which helped inspire part of this chapter. It also has a surprise ending, (as the summary says) I hope it's more of a surprise than the last surprise ending. I didn't hint at it at all.

“Baby, wake up.” Pete nudged Haley.
“No!” She pouted, ducking her head under the blankets.
“We’re going to go see your fashion line in the store.” He kissed her forehead while running his hand down her side to her ticklish spot.
“Stop.” She yawned, her head under the pillow, as she slapped his hand away. He didn’t let go.
“Come on, before you have to start work.”
“Fine. You’re hands are cold!” she huffed, squirming out of his grasp. Pete stuck his head out the bunk curtain, checking if anyone was around, and grabbed their clothes off the floor. He handed Haley hers, and effortlessly slid his jeans on as she completed several acrobatic maneuvers to finally wiggle into her clothes from yesterday.
“Having some trouble there?” Pete laughed.
“No…I just don’t have as much practice getting dressed in a 3 foot box as you obviously do.” She cocked an eyebrow.
“And what’s that supposed to mean?” he smirked, wrapping his arms around her waist to block her as she tried to climb out of the bunk.
“Just how many girls have you been naked with in a tour bus bunk?” she looked over her shoulder at him.
“I’m not at liberty to disclose that information.” He grinned.
“More than five?”
“I don’t know.” He shrugged.
“More than ten?” she raised her eyebrows.
“God, no! What kind of a person do you think I am?” he let go of her, shocked.
“Good to know I’m not unique.” She hopped out of the bunk, followed by Pete. She grabbed some clothes out of her bag in the extra bunk and stepped into the bathroom.
“Those girls didn’t mean anything! What are you doing?” she shut the door in his face. “Can I come in?”he leaned on the outside of the door.
“No.” she shouted through the door. The four Panic guys were sitting around eating cereal and watching TV, they all looked up at the scene questioningly.
“Did I do something?” he said, turning his back to them.
“I’m getting dressed.”
“But you ARE dressed.” Pete looked over at them confused, making them roll their eyes.
“These are my gross, dirty clothes from yesterday, I need a new outfit.” She called through the door.
“Then why did you put them back on in the first place?”
“So that I could make it to the bathroom without everyone seeing my bits.” She opened the door, changed into jeans a black tee shirt and purple hoodie.
“And we thank you for that.” Jon said, his mouth full of cereal.
“Your bits?” Pete wrinkled his eyebrows.
“My girl parts. Let’s go.” She grabbed his hand, heading towards the front of the bus. “Don’t lie, you would have liked it.” She rumpled Jon’s hair as she passed.
“Where are you guys going?” Ryan looked up from the TV.
“We’re going to watch people buy my clothes. Do you guys want to come?” she asked as they all gave her puppy dog faces. They all jumped up and followed them outside.
“So, where are they selling it?” Spencer asked, squinting in the sunlight.
“Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters.” Haley nodded.
“I think there was an Urban Outfitters near here.” Pete said.
“Awesome…does anyone have a car?” Haley scratched her head.

They all climbed out of the borrowed van and filed into the store. Brendon nudged Haley’s shoulder and pointed at a large sign in the window:

Featured on PANIC AT THE DISCO’s current headlining tour!

There was a big promo photo of Haley as well as a shot of the guys on stage. “I’m famous!” Haley threw her hands in the air, grinning.
“Dude, you were already famous.” Spencer pointed out.
“But my name’s on a sign. We should take a picture of it.” She pulled a digital camera out of her pocket, pointing it at the sign.
“Why don’t I take your picture in front of it?” Pete took the camera out of her hands.
“Come on guys, you’re on it too.” She skipped toward the window. “Strike a pose!” they all made funny faces as Pete snapped the picture, laughing. They entered the store and Haley skipped over to a large Rok N Roll display right in the center of the store. “It’s beautiful.” She hugged a rack of dresses, grinning. “Everyone has to buy one.” She said as the guys inspected the display. “You have to buy two.” She poked Pete in the chest. Everyone was wandering around the store, shopping after each picking one of Haley’s tee shirts. Pete was following her around the store, picking up everything she looked at. She weaved in between two racks, quickly changed directions and circled a pole, trying to mess with Pete. She snuck up behind him as he looked around confused, having lost her behind the pole. “Stop buying me stuff.” She whispered in his ear. He jumped and spun around.
“But I want to.” He smiled at her.
“I don’t even like some of these.” She picked through the stack in his arms as he pouted and took out a dress, two shirts and a scarf, putting them on a table behind them. “I do like this though.” She picked up a sweater. “Come on.” She pulled him by the arm, taking him upstairs to the guy’s floor. She picked out two tee shirts, a hoodie, a pair of jeans and a green striped sweater.
“No.” Pete scrunched up his nose. Haley held up the same sweater in blue and Pete smiled. “Are we done?” he started back towards the stairs. Haley made one last lap around the first floor as Pete waited to pay.

Ryan was wandering around the store. He bought Haley’s shirt, a belt and a pair of shoes, and was waiting for everyone else to be done. He let out a small yelp as someone grabbed him from behind and pulled him behind a rack of jackets. “What the hell?”
“Get down.” Haley whispered. He crouched down beside her.
“What are we doing?” he whispered back as she separated the jackets and peered through the space.
“Do you see that girl?” she pointed to a girl at the register.
“She’s kind of hot.” Ryan nodded.
“She’s not hot?”
“No, look. She’s buying one of my dresses.” She grinned, punching him in the arm.
“Ow. So now you’re stalking her?”
“Oo, are we spying?” Brendon ducked down behind them.
“We’re watching that girl.” Haley pointed.
“She’s cute.” Brendon raised his eyebrows.
“That’s what I said.” Ryan smiled.
“She’s buying my stuff.”
“You mean voluntarily?” Brendon laughed as Haley glared at him. Suddenly she gasped and crawled across him, landing half way in his lap. “Whoa now! I didn’t mean it like that.”
“I need these shoes.” She pulled a pair of purple suede cowboy boots off a shelf behind him. She jumped up and ran over to Pete at the register, putting them on top of his stack just in time for the checkout girl to scan them.

They finally rounded everyone up and were headed back to the van. “Can we go to the bookstore?” Haley asked, running across the street and into Barnes & Noble before anyone got a chance to answer. By the time the guys got there, she wasn’t anywhere to be found.
“Where did she go?” Spencer laughed.
“She is a slippery one…” Jon mumbled, scanning the front of the store, while Ryan and Brendon had already wandered off down an aisle. Pete approached an old woman stocking a shelf off to one side.
“Excuse me, did you see a girl come in here a second ago? Blonde, about this tall, really hyper…”
“Oh, yes. She asked where the wedding section was and ran off that way.” The woman smiled warmly, pointing towards the back corner of the store.
“Thanks.” He went off in the direction she pointed and spotted Haley holding up two books, examining them closely. He snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Are you mad at me?” he asked, resting his chin on her shoulder.
“About what?”
“What I said on the bus. About the other girls.”
“Why would I be mad? It’s reassuring to know that you’re a bigger slut than I am.” She turned her head and kissed his cheek.
“Then why wouldn’t you let me come in the bathroom with you?”
“Because I had to change, and we wouldn’t have both fit.” She giggled. “Stop worrying about it.”
“I worry every day that you’ll wake up and realize you’re too good for me and leave.” He whispered, staring at the carpet. She turned around, placing her arms around his neck.
“Oh, Baby. I would never think that, because it’s not true.” She smiled and kissed him passionately. “And even if it was true, Bill would never talk to me again. And that would make Thanksgiving very awkward.” She laughed, making Pete smile. “Now which one of these should I buy? This one has folders and pockets and is really organized, but this one has spots for pictures and you can make it a scrapbook when you’re done.” She held the two books up.
“What are they?” Pete squinted at the loopy script on the covers.
“They’re wedding planners. For my wedding, our wedding. I think I like this one.”
“Then I’ll get you that one.” Pete reached out for the book, but Haley snatched it away.
“No, I’m buying it. You already bought me too much stuff today.” She nodded at the three bags sitting next to him.
“All right.” Pete sighed. “We should probably be going soon, the guys will be late for sound check.”
“Ok, I’m just going to check the magazine section real quick. I’ll meet everyone outside.” She skipped off around a corner.

It was the next day, the tour was in New York and a car was coming to take Pete to the airport right after sound check. He was sitting by the side of the stage, watching the guys practice when Haley skipped over and plopped down on his lap. “You’re only here for another hour and you’d rather spend it with them than with me?” she pouted.
“You were on the phone. I didn’t want to interrupt you.”
“I don’t want you to leave.” She wrapped her arms around him. “We didn’t get to do anything.”
“We got to do plenty. This looks really hot on you.” He smirked, sliding his hand up under the dress she bought yesterday.
“Not like that.” She swatted his hand away. “I mean real stuff.”
“We have the rest of our lives to do real stuff.”
“Speaking of which, when I was on the phone before. I was on a conference call with your mom and my mom.”
“Why?” Pete raised his eyebrows skeptically.
“They wanted to talk about the wedding. And I just got my big fancy book, I had to break it in.” she held up her wedding planner, which had not left her side for the past 24 hours.
“So, what did they say?”
“Well, I thought we could have the wedding in Chicago, by the lake.” She looked at him expectantly.
“I like that.” He thought for a moment before nodding.
“But then we’d have to have the wedding in the summer, before it gets too cold. So we’d either have to do it before you start touring for the new album in June, which only gives us 4 months, or wait until next year.” She made a sad, pouty face.
“We could do it in June, right before the tour starts.” He shrugged.
“Really?!” she jumped up, excited.
“Yeah, the sooner the better.” He smiled as she shrieked and threw her arms around his neck, making the guys on stage stop and look over.
“I’m getting married!” she hopped around in a circle. “Come on, I want to show you something in the bus.”
“Why can’t you just show me here?”
“Because, I want to SHOW you in the BUS.” She raised her eyebrows, hooking her fingers in the waist of his jeans and pulling him to her.
“Oh, ok. I get it.” He grinned, following her.

“Hey guys, the car’s here for Pete.” Spencer knocked on the bus door. There wasn’t any answer and just as he was about to knock again, the door opened. Out stepped Haley, wiping her smeared lip-gloss, followed by Pete, buckling his belt.
“What?” Haley gave the guys a look as they all stared at her with raised eyebrows. Pete took her hand and led her towards the waiting car. “I wish you didn’t have to go.” She said sadly.
“I wish I didn’t either. But there’s only a couple more weeks left on tour, and you can come home with me. And you can plan the wedding.”
“In four months.” She smiled, instantly cheering up.
“Exactly. I love you.”
“I love you, too. You’re going to miss your plane.” He gave her a lingering kiss before climbing in the car. She watched him drive away before turning to come face to face with the four Panic guys. “What are you looking at? Do I have something in my teeth?” she laughed, brushing past them into the bus.

“Great show tonight, guys.” Haley grinned as they entered the dressing room after the show, holding out her arms for discarded wardrobe items.
“Bus call’s in an hour and a half, I’m going to run to CVS before we leave. Does anyone need anything?” she asked.
“Yeah, I’ll go with you. Just let me get changed first.” Ryan said, grabbing his clothes and heading into the bathroom.
“I’m going to wash everything in the morning, so just put your outfits in this bag. And make sure it gets onto the bus.” Haley dumped her armful of clothes in a garbage bag and set it in the middle of the floor, cringing at the smell.
“I’m ready.” Ryan proclaimed.
“That was disturbingly fast, Dude.” Spencer said, passing him on his way into the bathroom after Ryan, who just shrugged.

“Holy shit, it’s raining hard.” Ryan laughed as they stepped out the door.
“It’s like a freaking hurricane or something.” Haley said as one of the crew guys unhooked the trailer from one of the cargo vans for them to take.
“Do you want to drive, or should I?”
“You drive, I’m not good with big cars.” Haley climbed in the passenger seat. Ryan pulled out of the parking lot, the wheels sliding a little on the slippery road, before looking over at her.
“Do you want to tell me why you were crying?”
“What? I was not.” She glanced up at him.
“Then why are your eyes red and puffy?” she rubbed at her eyes and sighed.
“I just miss him already.” She sniffed.
“So you’re not having second thoughts?” he glanced over at her and back at the road.
“God, no. I want to marry him so bad because then maybe it’ll give us a reason to be in the same state for more than a couple days.” She sniffed. “I know he has to work, and I guess it’s just selfish, but I wish he didn’t have to leave so soon.”
“I wish I had someone who wanted to be with me that much.” Ryan smiled.
“You’re still young.”
“I’m only a year younger than you!”
“Year and a half. Hello.” She laughed as he gave her a sarcastic look as he stopped at a traffic light.
“Well then, you have a year and a half to have sex with someone inappropriate, video tape it, have it put on the Internet, run away across the globe, go to rehab and change careers three times. Then maybe someone will show up.”
“I can only hope, after all that effort.” He laughed. He accelerated as the light turned green, only to slam on the brakes as Haley heard a loud honk followed by tires screeching. She turned to look out her window and saw headlights speeding towards her as everything went black.

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