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Chapter 5

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"This is delicious! Wanna bite?" I asked Ryan.
"Sure." He said, and took a bite of my burger.
When he took a bite, bits of lettuce and tomato fell out.
"Arrgh! Grot!" I teased.
"You offered." He said with a mouthful of food.
I poked my tongue out, and had a sip of my lemonade.
"Thanks for taking me out Ry." I said with a smile.
"I like spending time with you. You're unlike anyone I've ever met before." He said sincerely.
I smiled, I couldn't think of what to say.
"Come on, let's go." Ryan said as he grabbed my hand.
I put my drink down, and followed after him.
We were eating at a diner, right next to a beautiful park, which luckily, nobody else was in.
We ran over to the park, hand in hand, and lied on the grass.
Ryan lied on his side, and looked at me.
"Having fun?" he asked.
"Oodles." I replied as I looked over at him.
"Oodles?" he asked with a smirk.
"Yes, I'm having oodles of fun." I said as I turned over and looked at him.
He smiled.
"What's up Ry?" I asked.
He stared at me, "Ry?" I asked again.
No response.
I rolled over, and straddled him.
"What the?!" he said, as I rolled him over.
"Ohhh, that got your attention, didn't it?" I asked with a smirk.
"Hmm, that it did." He replied with a smile.
Suddenly, the tables were turned, and Ryan was on top of me.
"Arrgh, curse you!" I said mock-angrily.
"You're just jealous that I now have the upper hand." He said smugly.
I rolled my eyes, "Of course hun." I said.
"I do have the upper hand." Ryan said defensively.
"Oh? Prove it!" I said daringly.
"Fine." He said, and he began to tickle me.
"Stop! Ahh!" I cried in between laughter.
"Fine, you're no fun." Ryan pouted.
"Awwe. Come on, let’s grab some drinks from star bucks and head back." I said.
Ryan smiled, quickly got off of me, and ran away.
"Ry!" I called after him.
He ran back to me, helped me up, and we ran to star bucks.
10 minutes later, and $23 poorer, we were driving back to the busses.
I carried the drinks inside, and was instantly mauled by the guys.
Jon, Brendon and Spencer all took their respective drinks.
"Thanks guys. You've been gone for ages!" Spencer complained.
"Isn't that a good thing?" I asked.
"For sure! But I missed Ryan!" Spencer said, and ran over to hug him.
"Wow. I can feel the love." I muttered.
"I'm only joking. We love you, really." Spencer assured me.
"Yeah, yeah." I said, and I sat down on the kitchenette chair thing.
As I was drinking my iced chocolate, (yum!) Brendon came and sat in front of me.
I smiled at him.
"So, what happened earlier?" Brendon asked.
"Jack said some things that weren't true." I told him.
"Like what?" Brendon asked genuinely concerned.
"He accused me of screwing Ryan." I told him.
Brendon nearly choked on his drink, "Seriously?" he asked.
I nodded, "I can't believe he would think I'm like that. I've never even had a boyfriend before." I told him.
"Well, I don't think you're like that, none of us would. You're too sweet." Brendon said with a smile.
"That's what Ry said." I smiled.
"You really like him don't you?" he asked.
I looked up at him, "Yeah, I do." I told him.
"Good. He deserves a nice girl like you." Brendon said.
I blushed, "Uhh, thanks."
“It’s true. You’re a nice person, I’ve haven’t seen him this happy in, well ever!” Brendon said with a smile.
“We’re not going out.” I told him.
Brendon smiled, “Yet.” He said, and walked back to the guys.

A few hours passed, and the busses were all driving to the next venue.
They didn't have a show tonight, and they were scheduled to arrive at the venue around 2pm tomorrow.
I was playing on Brendon's laptop, when I remembered about the photos.
"Shit." I mumbled.
"What's up?" Brendon asked after he heard me swear.
"The photos. After this argument today, he's definitely gonna think I'm a slut now!" I cried exasperatedly.
"Awwe hun, I'll explain to him that it was my idea, and we had no idea what you would be wearing mkay?" Brendon asked.
I nodded my head, and he hugged my shoulders.
"Thanks Bren. I'm gonna go and hang out with Ry." I told him, before heading to the bunk area.
Ryan was in his bunk, notebook in hand, writing things down hurriedly.
I watched him intently, he had a look of sheer determination on his face, and his eyebrows were frowned as he scribbled something out, and started again.
A giggle escaped my lips, and Ryan's head darted up and looked at me.
I immediately stopped, "I'm so sorry! Go back to writing, I'll leave you to it." I said, before backing up towards the door.
"No, stay." Ryan said, as he jumped out of his bunk and grabbed a hold of my arm.
"Please." He said as he looked straight into my eyes.
"Ok." I agreed, and I sat at the end of his bunk, while he took back the position he was in before.
"How's the writing going?" I asked him.
"It’s going, I've written a handful of songs." He said proudly.
"Groovy." I said with a smile.
Ryan chuckled.
I was horrified, "Did I say something wrong?!" I asked nervously.
"No, no. You just use the cutest words." He told me.
My cheeks turned crimson, luckily it was kinda dark.
Ryan moved closer to me, I could see his eyes glistening.
"You're eyes are glistening with the light from above." I told him.
He immediately pulled back, and wrote something in his notebook.
After he was done, he sat closer and said, "Sorry."
"It's ok. Like I said before, I understand." I told him.
"I think you're the only one who actually does." Ryan laughed.
"It's a gift." I said with a smile.
"So, wanna watch a movie?" Ryan asked.
"Yeah, but the guys aren't gonna quit playing their video games." I said.
"Ah," Ryan said, before flipping a little screen from the rood of the bunk down, "that's why we have these." He finished with a smile.
"What movies you got?" I asked.
"Uhh... Dunno." He said, scratching his head.
"I've got Moulin Rouge in my bag." I suggested.
"I love that movie." Ryan said.
“Here.” I said and handed him the DVD.
He put it in the player, and it started.
I sat in between Ryan’s legs, and rested my head back on his chest.
“Do you mind if I sit like this Ry?” I asked him.
“Not at all.” He said, and wrapped his arms around my stomach.
I placed my hands over his, and we began to watch the movie.
We both sang along quietly to all the songs, my favourite being 'Come what May.'
After the movie finished, we stayed as we were for a while, before I leaned forward and turned to face him.
"I love that movie." Ryan said with a smile.
"Me too. You have a wonderful voice Ry." I told him.
"So do you, don't think I didn't hear you." He said playfully.
I smiled and got out of the bunk and knelt down next to my bag.
I grabbed my laptop, headphones and my memory stick, and sat in the bunk across from Ryan.
As I made myself comfortable Ryan asked me, "What are you doing?"
"Editing. I'll be quiet, don't worry I've got headphones. You can do some more writing." I said with a smile as I turned my laptop on.
"Ok." Ryan said, as he began to write something.
I smiled, and inserted my memory stick in, and began to edit the video I shot the other day.
It was so funny to watch it, even though it only went for 3 to 5 minutes.
After I had finished editing, (which took me a half hour or so) I emailed the finished version to Brendon and packed my laptop away.
Ryan was still writing, so I walked out into the lounge area.
"Stevie! Long time no see!" Jon said happily, and wrapped me in a hug.
"Good to see you to Jonny, even though I was only in the other room." I said and rolled my eyes.
My phone started to ring.
"Sorry." I mumbled to Jon as I reached into my pocket and fished it out.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Stevie! I'm bored!" somebody whined.
"Who is this?" I asked slightly confused.
"Arrgh! I'm borrred!" they whined again.
'Brendon.' I thought as I looked around for him.
"Ok, well I'm Stevie." I said playing along.
I walked into the bathroom and opened the door quickly.
Brendon was sitting on the toilet lid, with a look of shock on his face.
"And you're caught." I said into the phone, and to Brendon.
"Damn you vile woman!" Brendon said, impersonating Stewie.
“Guys, can I get a drink?” I asked as I walked back out near Spencer and Jon.
“Yeah sure. Help yourself.” Spencer said.
“Thanks hun.” I said, before making my way over to the fridge and squealing in delight when I saw juice boxes.
I grabbed one, and quickly put the straw in and drinking it.
I walked over to the couch happily before sitting down.
“Stevie, are you drinking a juice box?” Jon asked.
“And did you squeal when you found it?” Spencer added.
“What’s your point?” I asked.
“It’s a kiddie’s drink!” Brendon said loudly.
“Are you calling me a kid Urie?” I asked.
He looked smug, “Yes, yes I am.” He said.
“Meh. I don’t care. I love juice boxes.” I shrugged.
“Haha Bren!” Jon teased.
“Shut up.” Brendon mumbled before sitting down, and starting Guitar Hero with Jon and Spencer.
I happily drank my juice, and chewed on the straw.
Ryan walked out of the bunk area, and looked at me weirdly.
We'll, who wouldn't?
I was sitting cross legged on the couch, drinking a juice box!
He smiled, and sat next to me.
"How's the writing going?" I asked him before chewing on the straw again.
"Good. I'm done for a while though, I'm hungry." He laughed.
"Me too!" Spencer agreed.
"Yeah." Jon and Brendon said.
I got off the couch, and walked up to the bus driver.
"Hey, are there any eating joints around here?" I asked.
"Yeah darl, there's a take out joint ahead. I'll pull in if you'd like." He said kindly.
"Thanks. I'll buy you something, kay?"
He nodded, and I walked back out to the guys.
"We will be arriving momentarily at a take out joint. Give me your orders, and I'll go in and buy." I told them.
"Why can't we go?" Jon asked.
"Because you guys are gorgeous rock stars and you might get mauled." I said.
"Oh yeah!" Jon laughed.
I took all their orders, and got up.
"Wait! Don't you need money?" Ryan asked.
"Nah, it’s cool. Dinners on me." I said.
"You sure?" Ryan asked.
"Positive. I'll be back in around 10 minutes. Don't worry." I said, before giving him a kiss on the cheek, and walking off the bus.

[Ryan's POV]
She kissed my cheek, and left the bus.
I smiled, my cheek was tingling where she kissed it.
"Ask her out already!" Brendon said.
"I can't!" I replied.
"Why not?! You like her, she likes you. Hurry up man!" he said.
"She likes me?" I asked.
"Well duh! But you didn't hear it from me." Brendon said, and concentrated on his game.
[End of Ryan's POV]

I came back 7.43 minutes later (Jon was timing me) and $40 poorer with the food.
I gave the bus driver a burger meal, and gave the guys what they wanted.
I sat at the little table with my laptop and eating my chips.
My laptop beeped, and the message, 'Video Chat Request' came up.
'BeckettBoi, I wonder who that could be?' I thought sarcastically.
I clicked accept, and William's face appeared on screen.
I put my headset on.
"Hey." He said and waved.
"Hey BeckettBoi." I replied, and waved back.
"Are you alright?" he asked.
"Yeah, I'm ok." I replied.
"I'm really sorry about earlier, if I didn't say that, Jack wouldn't have been such a bitch to you." He said.
I shrugged, “Oh well. What’s done is done right.” I said.
“Still, I feel bad!” William pouted.
“Pouting is not a good look for you m’dear.” I smiled.
“Fine then. Be like that.” And William poked his tongue out at me.
“How’s Jack?” I asked.
“He’s upset because he’s hurt his little sister so bad.” William replied.
"Yeah... Anyways! Have you got any evil schemes brewing in that mind of yours?" I asked with a smile.
"I may have 1 or 2." He replied with a smirk.
"Awesome. This time, we should dress up or something." I said like a little kid.
William laughed, "That would be so cool!" William exclaimed.
I laughed.
"So, how's Ryan?" he asked with a smile.
"He's good. And so are Jon, Brendon and Spencer." I replied.
“Ok, cool.” William nodded.
Something caught William’s attention on his end, somebody was talking to him.
“Yeah, I’m talking to Stevie. No, Arrgh! Fine!” William said to the unknown person.
“Will? What’s going on?” I asked.
He took his headset off, and put it down, for it to be picked up by Jack.
“Stevie, listen…” he started.
“No Jack.” I said, and shut my laptop down.
I picked up my chips, and walked over to Ryan who was eating his burger.
“Hey.” He said, with food in his mouth.
“Hey.” I said.
He finished his burger, and looked at me.
“Do you guys mind if I stay with you? I mean, I’ll go back to TAI’s bus, but if I do, their camera man might end up in hospital with suspicious injuries.” I chuckled.
“We don’t mind! As I said, we’re keeping you.” Brendon said.
“Seriously? So you don’t mind?” I asked.
They all shook their heads no.
“Thanks guys.” I said with a smile.
I looked at the clock, and it was now 11pm, I yawned.
“Awwe, is our little Stevie tired?” Jon said.
“Yes actually I am. Imma go get changed now fellas.” I said before running over to my bag, pulling out my PJ shorts, shirt and running into the bathroom to get changed.
After 3 or so minutes, I emerged dressed, and ready for bed.
I put my old clothes back into my bag, and walked back over to the guys.
“Nice top Stevie.” Brendon smiled.
I looked down and saw I was wearing the Panic shirt I got from the shoot, I laughed.
“Uhh yeah.” I said with a smile.
I yawned again, and rested my head on Ryan's shoulder.
"You're comfy." I whispered with a smile.
He chuckled, "You wanna go to bed?" he asked.
I nodded, I was so tired.
He grabbed my hand, and led me to the bunk area.
"You can sleep in my bunk." He said.
"Where will you sleep?" I asked him.
"On the couch." He answered.
"I'm not taking your bed from you." I told him.
"We'll both sleep here then." He said.
"Good." I smiled, and crawled in.
Ryan took his jeans off so he was only in his shirt and boxers.
I blushed and faced the wall.
Ryan wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me closer to him.
"Comfy?" he asked kindly.
"Very." I replied, as I snuggled into the pillow.
"G'night Stevie." Ryan said, and kissed the top of my head.
"G'night Ry." I said, before drifting off to sleep.
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