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Chapter 6

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I woke up the next morning, with Ryan's arms still around me.
I moved, trying to not wake him so I could get up, but he pulled me even closer.
"Don't go." He said groggily.
I smiled, and snuggled in closer to him, he made me feel so safe.
He subconsciously started rubbing his thumb across the skin on my stomach, causing me to shiver.
He kissed my head like he did the night before, and nuzzled his face into my neck.
Another hour or so passed, before Ryan awoke fully.
"Good morning." He whispered into my ear.
I rolled over to face him, "Morning hun. How'd you sleep?" I asked him.
"Good, you?" he asked back.
"Good." I replied.
Ryan wrapped his arms around me once again, and I snuggled my head into his chest.
"You fit perfectly in my arms." Ryan said quietly.
I smiled, "You make me feel safe." I told him.
"I'm glad." He replied.
We lied there for a few more minutes, before getting out of the bunk, and quietly walking out of the bunk area.
Ryan got himself a cup of coffee, and I got myself a juice box.
Man I love these things!
I put the straw in and drank it happily.
Ryan looked at me and smiled.
I blushed, how can he make me do that?!
He drank his coffee, and placed the cup in the sink.
And me, having already finished my juice and being the lazy person that I am, I was quite content with just chewing on the straw.
Ryan chuckled, and grabbed his notebook and began to write.
After 15-20 minutes, I got tired of chewing the straw, so I threw my juice box in the bin.
Ryan was writing intently, so I left him be.
I grabbed some clothes, and walked into the bathroom.
After washing my hair, and drying off, I pulled on my tartan mini dress, with halter straps and low cut back and straightened my hair.
I walked out of the bathroom, put my PJ's back in my bag, and back out to Ryan.
Brendon was sitting on the couch next to Ryan drinking a Red Bull.
I went over, and sat next to him, "Wow, Red Bull already Bren?" I asked with a smile.
"Yep. I need all the energy I can get. We have a show tonight." He replied with a smile.
"True." I said.
Ryan finished writing, and put his notebook down.
"All done?" I asked with a smile.
"Yeah. You had a shower?" he asked confused.
"Uhh yeah." I smiled.
"How long have I been writing for?" he asked, slightly embarrassed.
"45 minutes roughly." I replied.
"What's the time?" Ryan asked.
"It is... 11:20am." Brendon replied.
I pointed at Brendon and said, "What he said."
"We should be arriving at the venue in a few hours." Brendon said.
"Ok. I'm gonna go and have a shower." Ryan said, and he walked off, grabbed some clothes, and walked into the bathroom.
"So... Where'd you sleep last night?" Brendon asked with a smile.
"In Ry's bunk." I answered.
"After showing you where you were gonna sleep last night, Ry didn't come back. Why is that?" Brendon asked.
He looked like he was trying not to laugh.
I blushed, "He slept there too." I mumbled.
"Aha!" Brendon shouted, and ran into the bunk room, "You owe me $10 Spence!" he said happily.
I walked back there, "What the hell Bren?" I asked.
"Me and Spence bet that you 2 would share a bunk last night. He didn't think you would, but I won!" Brendon said with a smile.
"Ok..." I said, before walking back to the living area.
My phone started to ring.
"A hoy hoy?" I asked.
"Princess!" Gabe said happily.
I sat down on the couch, "Gabanti! What up hun?" I asked him.
"Not much, Miss you." I could picture him pouting.
"Gabanti, are you pouting?" I asked him.
"Maybe." He said, and laughed.
I laughed, "I'll see you soon though. We're getting to the venue in like 2 or so hours." I said.
"Oh true! So, how's Jack?" he asked.
"I dunno, don't really care." I answered truthfully.
"What? What happened Princess?" he asked.
"Nothing, don't worry about it." I said.
"Stevie Kaye, tell me what's going on." Gabe said.
"Gabriel Saporta," I started, "I got nothing..."
He laughed, "See, only I can use somebody’s full name when I need to know something. You're too kind." He told me.
"Look, Jack said something that wasn't true, and I got mad, so I left the bus." I told him.
"What?! Where are you? Are you ok?!" he asked nervously.
"I'm with Panic, I'm fine. They’re looking after me." I told him.
"Ok..." Gabe said.
"Alright hun, I'll see you soon." I told him.
"Ok Princess, love you." He said.
"Love you too Gabanti." I said, and I hung up.
I walked over to my bag, and grabbed my black cardigan.
"Stevie, what's that on your back?" Jon asked from his bunk.
'Shit! My bruise!" I thought, and quickly put my cardigan on.
"Nothing." I said quickly.
"Stevie, what is it?" he asked again.
"Nothing Jon. It’s fine." I said, before walking back out to the couch.
Ryan was sitting there towel drying his hair.
I laughed, Ryan stopped drying his hair, and looked at me with a smile.
I giggled, and sat next to him, grabbing the towel and drying his hair a bit.
"You're too cute." I blushed after realising what I'd just said.
"So are you." He replied, I stopped drying his hair and looked into his eyes.
They were sparkling.
I noticed how close our faces were when suddenly, Brendon came running out.
I turned my head quickly towards him, "What's up Bren?" I asked.
"I got $10, I got $10, I got $10!" he chanted happily.
"Why does he have $10?" Ryan asked confused.
"Uhh, long story." I said.
Ryan shrugged, and picked the towel off of his head, and chucked it in the bathroom.
Jon walked out and looked at me, I averted my eyes and looked at the floor.
"Morning." Ryan said happily to Jon.
"Morning Ry." He said as he got himself a cup of coffee.
“How much longer until we reach the venue?” Spencer whined as he walked out of the bunk room.
“Umm, like 2 hours?” I said.
Spencer groaned, and sat on the ground to play a video game, Brendon and Jon joined him.
I walked back to the bunk area, and pulled out my iPod.
I laid back, put my headphones in and listened to Boys like Girls.
‘I can’t believe Jon saw my bruise, he’s going to wanna know what it is and how I got it. What do I do?!’ I thought frustratedly.
Only Gabe knew about this, he helped me out when I first met Cobra Starship.
A tear fell down my cheek as I relived the memories that I had tried so hard to push out of my mind.
I quickly wiped the tear away with the sleeve of my cardigan, and focused on the roof of the bunk.
My thoughts were interrupted when somebody pulled back the bunk curtain.
"Shit!" I said loudly.
"Sorry," it was Ryan, "we're at the venue. We're gonna get some food, wanna come?" he asked.
"Yeah." I replied, getting out of the bunk.
I pulled on my black flats, grabbed my phone, my iPod and walked off of the bus with the others.
We walked inside the venue, and the guys headed straight for the catering area, I on the other hand, snuck away to the bathroom.
I walked in, and checked if anybody else was inside, luckily I was alone.
I took off my cardigan, and examined my bruise.
It was a mixture of red, and purple, with a cut down through the middle.
I looked at the side of my thigh, there was a huge purple bruise adorning it.
Tears were stinging the corner of my eyes, thinking about everything was making my body ache even more.
I bent down to pick up my cardigan, when the door flew open.
"Oh, I'm sor-- Princess, what's on your back?" Gabe asked, walking over to me.
I quickly pulled on my cardigan, "N-nothing." I said as quickly as I could.
"Stevie, show me your back." He said.
I sighed, took my cardigan off, and showed him my back.
He gasped, "Princess, I thought you told me they stopped." He said quietly.
"They did. B-but then..." I started crying, Gabe pulled me into his arms, careful not to hurt my back.
"Stevie, you need to tell someone, otherwise you'll end up in hospital like last time." He warned.
"I c-can't Gabe." I said, wiping away my tears.
"Gabanti..." I looked up at him.
"Promise me you won't tell anyone." I said.
He didn't look at me.
"Promise me." I pleaded.
He sighed, "I promise."
"Thankyou," I said, "I'm gonna wash my face."
He nodded, "I'll see you later then." He kissed my forehead, and walked out of the bathroom.
I washed my face with cold water, and patted my face dry with a paper towel.
My face was now its normal colour, and my eyes weren't as swollen as before.
I put my cardigan back on, and made sure my bruises couldn't be seen before walking out of the bathroom.
"Stevie!" somebody called.
It was Brendon and Ryan.
"Hey." I said.
"Where were you? I-we were worried." Ryan said.
"I needed to wash my face." I told them.
I wasn't lying, it was partly truthful.
"Oh, ok. Well you hungry?" Brendon asked.
"No, I'm ok. I think I'm gonna go for a walk though. I'll see you guys later." I said, and walked out of the venue.
I put my headphones in and placed it on shuffle, 'I'm not Ok' by MCR came on.
I walked around aimlessly, just trying to get my mind off of things.
I had been walking around for an hour or 2 when I decided to walk back to the venue.
There was a security guard blocking the door.
He wouldn't let me pass.
"Excuse me, I need to get inside." I said shyly, he looked like he could kill.
"No pass no entry." He said gruffly.
I nodded and grabbed my phone.
After hitting call, I waited.
"Hello?" he asked.
"Ry, I'm kind of in a pickle." I told him.
"Are you ok?!" he asked nervously.
"Yeah, but I can't get in. This really scary looking guy is guarding the door." I explained.
He laughed.
"This isn't funny Ryan! He looks like he could kill me!" I said slightly hurt.
"Awwe, I'm sorry. I'll come and get you." He said.
"Thanks Ry." I said before I hung up my phone, and walked towards the door again.
"I told you. No pass no entry." The scary guard said once again.
"I know. I'm waiting for someone." I replied, looking at the ground.
A few seconds later, the doors opened, and Ryan walked out.
"Stevie!" he said happily wrapping his arms around my back tightly.
I winced in pain.
Tears stung at my eyes, I think Ryan noticed because he looked at me and asked, "Are you ok?"
I nodded.
"Ok, she's with me big guy." He said to the guard, before walking inside.
"Thankyou." I said quietly as we walked inside, hand-in-hand.
"No problem. Good walk?" he asked.
"Yeah, it was." I replied.
We walked over to the guys, and they each gave me a very tight hug.
I could feel the cut had opened, it was stinging like mad!
As the boys went to sound check, I crept off once again to the bathroom and examined my back.
The cut had opened, and it was bleeding.
I wet some paper towel and tried to clean the cut.
I winced in pain as I tried to get my arm around and clean it.
It just made it open further.
I threw the paper towel in the bin, put my cardigan back on (carefully) and headed out of the bathroom.
"Stevie!" William and Sisky said happily.
"Hey." I replied.
"How are you guys?" I asked.
"Good." They replied, "You?"
"I'm alright." I said.
"Ok, well we have to go and do some filming with Jack before the show. See you later!" Sisky said, before he and William walked away.
I grabbed myself a ham sandwich, and sat down on a chair, careful not to rest my back against it.
My back was throbbing, and it wouldn't stop.
"Princess!" Gabe said happily.
I put on my best smile, "Hey."
He looked worried, and sat down next to me, "Are you ok?" he asked.
"I'm fine!" I lied.
"No you're not!" Gabe said.
I sighed, "I need your help." I said quietly.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"Come with me." I said, and we walked into the bathroom.
I took off my cardigan, and he saw the cut was open.
"Holy shit Stevie!" he said.
"Is it really bad?" I asked with tears starting to fall.
"Yeah. Just let me clean it up ok?" he said kindly.
I nodded.
He wet some paper towel and started to clean it up a bit.
I whimpered.
"Sorry." He said as he threw the paper towel in the bin.
He helped me put my cardigan back on.
"Thanks Gabe. I'm sorry." I told him.
"Don't be sorry. Just maybe you shouldn't let anybody hug you for a while, the cut looks kinda inflamed." He said.
I wiped the tears from my eyes once again, "Ok." I said quietly.
Ryan, Brendon, Jon and Spencer were all walking off of the stage.
"Call me if you need me." Gabe whispered in my ear before kissing my forehead and leaving.
"Hey Stevie. Are you ok?" Spencer asked.
"Yeah, I'll be fine." I answered.
“What’s the time?” I asked.
“Around 5:30pm.” Brendon replied.
“What time does the show start?” I asked.
“6:30pm.” Jon said.
“Ok.” I said quietly.
Jeez this is awkward.
And it just got worse.
“Go away Jack.” I said angrily.
“Please Stevie. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.” He said sincerely.
“I don’t care. The fact is that you said it.” I told him.
“I’m sorry.” He said again.
“You’re supposed to be my big brother. One that cares about me, and doesn’t say those kinds of things. You were supposed to be there for me when…” I trailed off, I wasn’t about to admit what happened in front of everybody.
“I was supposed to be there for you when what?” asked Jack curiously.
“Just forget it.” I said, and I walked away.
"If I stop thinking about it, it'll all go away." I told myself.
"Stevie?" a soft voice asked.
I stopped, and turned around to see Ryan.
"Are you ok?" he asked.
I smiled, even though I felt like crying, "I'll be fine. But I'm really tired, I think I'm gonna head back to the bus and sleep. Sorry." I said.
"Do you want me to walk you?" Ryan asked.
"Only if you want to." I shrugged.
Ryan smiled, and grabbed my hand, "Let’s go then." He said, and we walked back to the bus.
We got to the bus, and I walked straight over to my bag, grabbed my PJ's from last night, and went into the bathroom to get changed.
Luckily in these PJ's, you couldn't see my back, or my thigh.
I pulled them on quickly, and walked back into the bunk area to put my old clothes back in my bag.
Ryan was sitting on the couch, and walked over to me.
"I'll tuck you in." He whispered in my ear.
I blushed, and nodded.
I got into his bunk, and lied on my stomach.
"G'night Stevie." He said, and kissed my cheek.
"G'night Ry." I replied, and he walked off of the bus.
I scooted closer to the wall, making sure to only lie on my stomach.
After lying there for a few hours, I drifted off to sleep.
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