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Chapter 7

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I awoke with pain throbbing through me.
Somebody had draped their arm over my back.
I held back a whimper, and silently cried, praying for the pain to go away.
After I got used to the pain, I slowly fell asleep once again.

I awoke early the next morning, before anybody else.
The bus was moving.
‘We must be driving to the next venue.’ I thought.
I climbed over Ryan, careful not to wake him, or hurt my back, and walked into the living area.
The clock told me it was 5:30 in the am.
Seeing as the boys played an awesome show last night, and factorising in their video game play, they probably got into bed at 2am, so I was pretty sure none of them would be up for quite a while.
I grabbed a juice box out of the fridge, I realised there were more than yesterday.
‘Awwe, they bought more!’ I thought happily while taking the wrapper off of the straw.
Trying to steady myself as the bus rounded a corner, I sat on the kitchen chair, side on so I wouldn’t hurt my back.
As always, I chewed on my straw, and looked out of the windows.
I must’ve sat there for hours, because the sun had now come up.
My thoughts were interrupted by my phone vibrating next to me.
“Hello?” I asked.
“Hey princess, how are you?” Gabe asked.
“I’m ok Gabanti. What about you?”
“Good. How’s the uhh… thing?” he asked.
“Painful.” I replied honestly.
“Maybe you should go to a doctor and get them to look at it. It might get infected.” Gabe said.
“No, I’m not going to a doctor. It’ll be fine, it just needs to heal.” I told him.
“Alright, fine. How is it though?” he asked.
“It’s still inflamed, I can feel it. It canes like a bitch.” I said.
“I’m worried about you princess. What’s gonna happen when you go back home?” he asked.
Tears sprang to my eyes, “I-I don’t know Gabe. I’ll just have to deal with it.” I said.
“I don’t want to see you in hospital again.” He said sadly.
“I won’t end up in hospital again.” I said, trying to assure myself at the same time.
“Alright. Well, I’ll see you tonight. Call me if you need me.” He told me.
“I will. Bye Gabanti.” I said.
“Bye princess.” He said, and hung up.
I put my phone back on the table, and continued to look out the window.

[Ryan’s POV]
When I woke up, Stevie wasn’t next to me.
She was acting a bit weird yesterday afternoon.
I got out of my bunk, and heard Stevie talking.
‘She must be on the phone.’ I thought.
What I heard her say next confused me, “No, I’m not going to a doctor. It’ll be fine, it just needs to heal.” She said.
What needs to heal?
“It’s still inflamed, I can feel it. It canes like a bitch.” she said.
What’s inflamed?!
“I-I don’t know Gabe. I’ll just have to deal with it.” I said.
Deal with what?!
“I won’t end up in hospital again.”
Ok, now I’m officially confused.
“I will. Bye Gabanti.” She said, and hung up the phone.
She put her phone next to her, and stared out the window.
‘Should I talk to her about it? Or should I leave it?’ I asked myself.
“Morning.” I said, and walked over to her.
I heard her gasp, and look at me, “You scared me. How long have you been standing there?” she asked nervously.
“I just got up.” I lied.
“Oh, ok.” She said calmer.
“Good sleep?” I asked, sitting on the chair opposite her.
“Yeah, it was alright. How about you? What time did you fellas get back?” she asked.
“We got back around 12pm, then we played some video games, then we all went to bed around 2am.” I told her.
She smiled and nodded, “Coffee?” she asked me.
“Sure, thanks.” I said, as she got up to make my drink.
"So, what's happening today?" she asked me.
"Not much really, but we're going out for lunch today with Pete. Wanna come?" I asked.
"Are you sure? I don't want to interfere." She said.
"It's fine. It's just lunch." I told her.
"Ok then. Casual?" she asked.
"Yeah." I replied.
"Ok, groovy." She said and smiled, "what time is the bus gonna stop?" she asked.
"At 11. So an hour and a bit." I answered.
She nodded, "Well I'm gonna have a shower and get dressed." She said, and walked away.
'I hope she's ok.' I thought.
[End of Ryan's POV]

I pulled out my skinny jeans, light blue shirt, and black hoodie before walking into the bathroom.
After my shower, I felt clean, but my back was throbbing from where the water pulsed onto it.
I dried myself carefully, and slipped into my clothes.
When I walked out of the bathroom, I noticed the guys were all up.
"Morning." I said as I put my PJ's in my bag.
"Morning." They all replied.
"Who want coffee?" I asked.
Everybody’s hands shot up.
"Oh, so I'm guessing nobody wants any coffee. Alrighty then." I said.
"Noooo! Please can we have some coffee?" Brendon pouted.
"Alright. So 3 cups?" I asked.
They nodded.
I quickly made their drinks, and handed them out.
A chorus of thankyous were heard.
I smiled, and sat on a chair next to Ryan.
Again, I sat side on.
"Why are you sitting on the chair side on?" Brendon asked with a confused look.
"More comfy." I said.
Brendon nodded.
"So, are you coming to lunch with us?" Jon asked.
"If you guys don't mind." I replied.
"Why would we mind?! As Brendon has stated before, we're keeping you." Spencer said with a smile.
"Alrighty then." I said.
"I need juice." I said randomly, and I headed over to the fridge.
"And thankyou to whoever bought more juice boxes." I said happily.
"Ryannn!" Brendon sung.
Ryan blushed.
"Well, thank you Ryan, its muchly appreciated." I said and smiled.
Ryan smiled back.
"Well, I'm gonna go and get dressed." Ryan said.
"Same." Brendon said.
"Ditto!" Spencer and Jon said at the same time.
"Alright." I said to them as they walked off to get dressed.
I stared out of the window again.
After a while, the boys emerged from the bunk area dressed and ready.
Something about Brendon's outfit wasn't right, and then it clicked.
"Brendon, are you wearing my jeans?!" I asked.
"They fit really well." He said.
"Are you for real?" I said, and waked over to him.
"Damn, you fill them better then I can!" I said.
"I have my mother’s hips." He confessed.
"Cute, you can keep 'em. They look better on you than me anyways." I said.
"Really? Thanks!" he said, and hugged me.
I pulled away quickly, and fake smiled.
'Oww!' I cried in my head.
The bus came to a sudden stop, and I fell onto the couch, luckily I fell on my stomach.
I pushed myself up, and steadied myself.
There was a knock at the door.
I was the closest, so I answered it.
"Hey." I said.
"Beckett's accomplice." He nodded and walked in.
"I have a name you know." I said.
He shrugged.
"Ready to go guys?" Pete asked.
They all said 'yeah.'
We all walked off of the bus, and got into the rental car.

We arrived at a small cafe about 10 minutes later.
I sat in the middle of Ryan and Brendon.
A waitress walked over, "What drinks would ya'll like?" she asked.
Pete, Spencer and Jon all got coke, Brendon got a red bull, and Ryan got lemonade.
The waitress turned to me, I was about to ask her if they had tropical juice boxes when Ryan interrupted me.
"Do you have juice boxes?" he asked the waitress.
"We have orange, apple and tropical." She listed.
"Then we'll take a tropical one thanks." He said, and she walked away.
"Who's that for?" Pete asked puzzled.
"Stevie." Jon, Spencer, Brendon and Ryan answered together.
I blushed, and giggled.
"Thanks Ry." I said.
"No problem." He replied.
The waitress brought our drinks, and we ordered our food.
The food arrived and Pete and the guys started talking about business and things, so I zoned out and stared out the window, occasionally eating bits of my food.
"Stevie?" I was snapped back into reality.
"Hmm?" I asked.
"We're gonna head back now. Ready?" Ryan asked.
"Yeah." I stood up, and Ryan grabbed my hand and led me out of the cafe.
He laced his fingers with mine, and we all walked back to the car.

While we were driving, Hero/Heroine by Boys like Girls came on over the radio.
I sung along to every word, smiling as I did so.
Finally, we got back to the venue.
Pete phone went off.
"Hey guys, I have to meet some people inside. Wanna come? It'll only take a minute." Pete said.
"Sure." The guys agreed.
We started to walk back to the venue.
I took Ryan's hand in mine and smiled at him.
When we walked into the venue, I saw Gabe, and Vicky talking to Jack and William.
It was getting hot, so I took my hoodie off, and followed Pete who walked over to them.
“Hey Stevie.” Jack said.
I nodded, and kept my hand attached to Ryan’s.
“S-Stevie. There’s blood on your back.” Jon said.
My eyes widened, and I turned to Gabe immediately.
“Shit.” He said quietly.
“Why is there blood on your back?” Jack asked.
“Umm, I scratched it?” I said.
“Show me your back.” Jack said.
“No!” I said loudly, and backed away from him.
“What’s going on?!” he asked.
I felt like I was going to cry.
“You have to tell him.” Gabe mouthed.
I shook my head no, he couldn’t know.
“Stevie.” He said, with a pleading tone.
“Show me your back Stevie.” Jack said.
“Why do you even care?! You just left me!” I shouted.
“What are you talking about?” Jack asked confused.
“You. Left. Me.” I said slowly.
“I-I don’t understand.” Jack said.
At this point, I had started to cry.
Ryan wrapped his arm around my shoulder, and pulled me close to him.
“When you left, you’re parents thought it was Stevie’s fault. They would get drunk and hit her. When I went to pick her up from her house, your dad was beating the shit out of her. She was unconscious, so I called an ambulance and they took her to the hospital. She had 3 broken ribs, internal bleeding, and was in hospital for 2 days Jack. Stevie, come here.” Gabe said.
I parted from Ryan, and walked over to Gabe.
“Look at this.” Gabe said, he turned me around, and pulled the back of my top up.
They all gasped.
The cut had opened again, it was inflamed still, and the bruise was a purpley red.
“W-what happened?” Jack asked.
“Stevie.” Gabe said.
I sighed, and pulled my top back down, “When dad found out I was going to stay with you for a while, he lost it. The alcohol just made it worse. He was saying it was my fault you left in the first place, and that I shouldn’t even be around you. Dad threw me against the wall, and I cut my back on some broken glass from a photo frame that fell.” I said quietly.
“They wouldn’t.” Jack said.
“Well, they did Jack. I saw what happened with my own 2 eyes. Me & Vicky spent those 2 days in the hospital with her.” Gabe said.
Jack didn't speak, he just stared at me.
Everyone else (except Gabe) stared too.
I couldn't take it, so I ran into the bathroom, locked myself in a cubicle, and cried.
"Idiot!" I repeated to myself.
I heard the door creak open, "Stevie?" somebody asked.
"Y-yeah?" I asked back, while I wiped my tears with my hands.
"Where are you?" they asked.
I sighed and unlocked the cubicle door, and slowly pushed it open.
They walked towards the cubicle, I looked up and saw Ryan's beautiful eyes.
I knelt down to my level, "I'm not gonna ask you if you're ok, cause I know you're not." He said.
I partly smiled.
"I umm, have some cream that'll help your back heal." He said while scratching the back of his head.
"I don't want to trouble you. I think I'm just gonna leave." I said honestly.
Ryan laughed, "Even if you're dying you'd care more about other people’s feelings wouldn't you?"
I blushed and looked down, "I don't want to be a burden." I said.
Ryan put his finger under my chin, and pulled it up, "You're not a burden. Come on, let me help you." He said gently.
I nodded, and we both stood up.
He grabbed my hand, and led me out of the bathroom.
We successfully made it back to the bus without anyone stopping us.
Ryan walked over to his bunk, grabbed a toiletries bag, and told me to sit on the couch.
He then grabbed a cloth, wet it, and sat next to me.
"Can you uhh, lift you top up? So I can clean in, I mean." He said hurriedly.
I lifted the back of my top up, and turned away from him.
He carefully cleaned my back, I would tense up every now and again from it stinging.
"Sorry." Ryan said sincerely.
"You don't have to do this you know." I told him.
"I want to help though. I know what its like." He said.
I wasn't going to question what he meant, he'll tell me if he wants to.
He put some cream on my back, and rubbed it in carefully.
"Oww." I winced.
"Sorry." He said again.
After he had finished rubbing it in, he washed his hands.
"Thank you Ryan." I said.
"No problem. There's still blood on your top, maybe you should change it." He suggested.
I nodded, I had forgotten there was blood on it and ripped it off my body quickly, blushing at what I had just done.
I ran over to my bag, and pulled out a Cobra Starship t-shirt that said 'Princess' on the back, Gabe got it made up for me.
“You ok?” Ryan asked, as I walked out towards him.
I hugged him, “I am now. Thanks Ryan.” I said.
He hugged me back, being careful of the cut.
We parted when we heard the door open.
Brendon, Jon and Spencer walked in.
“Are you ok?” they ask collectively.
“I’ll be fine. I’m well taken care of.” I said, and smiled at Ryan.
“I’m glad you’re ok.” Brendon said.
“Yeah, me too.” Spencer said.
Jon smiled.
"But unfortunately, we have to head back." Brendon said.
"Ok, let’s go." Jon said, and we all walked off of the bus.
Ryan grabbed my hand, and laced his fingers with mine.
I rested me head on his shoulder as we walked back to the venue.
We walked through the back door, and walked into their dressing room.
Brendon, Spencer and Jon helped themselves to a red bull and sat on the couch.
While I watched Ryan practise on his guitar.
"You're really good Ry." I told him.
He smiled, "Thanks."
There was a knock at the door, "Sound check guys."
They all got up, and made their way out of the room.
Ryan looked back at me, grabbed my hand, and led me out of the room.
Ryan kissed my cheek before they went onstage for sound check.
"Stevie?" I turned around and saw William and Jack.
"Yeah?" I sighed.
"I'm sorry, I should never have left you." Jack said.
He looked like he was going to cry.
"It’s not your fault." I said.
"It is! They thought it was your fault I left." Jack retorted.
"Can we not? Please." I pleaded.
"How long?" William asked.
"Well, Jack left when I was 13, so 5 years." I replied.
"5 years?!" Jack asked stunned.
"Yeah. It got worse this last year though." I said.
"Why?" Jack and William asked.
"I don't know." I said.
Jack put his arms around my neck, and hugged me, so he wouldn't hurt my back.
"I'm so sorry Stevie." Jack said.
"I know." I said back.
Jack parted from the hug, and William hugged me the same way, before kissing my cheek.
"Call us if you need anything!" William said, before they walked away.
10 minutes later, Ryan, Brendon, Spencer and Jon walked off stage.
"So, when's the last show?" I asked.
"2 days." Brendon replied.
"Oh." I said, and looked down at the floor.
"What's wrong?" Jon asked.
"Nothing." I said quickly.
He raised his eyebrow at me, but walked off.
So did Spencer and Brendon.
"What was that about?" Ryan asked confused.
"No idea." I replied.
We walked into their dressing room, and Ryan sat down on the couch.
I lied on the couch, and rested my head in Ryan's lap.
"Do you mind if I lay like this?" I asked shyly.
"Not at all." He said with a smile, and began to stroke my hair.
I smiled, and looked up at Ryan who was smiling back.
"You're beautiful, you know that?" he asked.
I turned bright red, and looked away from him.
Ryan chuckled, and continued to stroke my hair.
Brendon, Spencer and Jon walked in and grabbed themselves each a red bull.
"Well, don't you 2 look adorable?" Jon said.
I smiled, and looked at them.
"Well duh!" I laughed.
"But what about us Stevie?!" Brendon cried dramatically.
"I'm sorry, it’s just... Not meant to be!" I cried just as dramatically and sitting up.
He reached his arm out to me, and fell to the floor.
"Holy crap!" I said, and rushed over to him.
My heart was beating out of my chest.
He smiled, and started laughing.
I slapped his arm, "That was not funny!" I said seriously.
"Sorry." Brendon said like a little kid.
I got up, and sat on the couch once again.
"Wooh, 2 hours till Showtime!" I said enthusiastically.
Ryan smiled, "Let's start getting ready!" he said.
They all had a shower, and got changed into their costumes.
I was singing along to Emergency by Paramore when Brendon walked out of the bathroom and began to sing with me.
I smiled, and continued to sing.
Ryan, Jon and Spencer came out, and were rather entertained when they saw me and Brendon dancing and singing together.
They laughed, and began their 'beautifying' rituals.

An hour and a bit later, they were all putting the finishing touches to their make up.
"10 minutes guys." A bodyguard said from the doorway.
They nodded, and quickly finished up.
"Hey guys, wait! I have an idea." I said, before grabbing the bright red lipstick.
"Nonononono!" Brendon said, putting his hands in a defensive position.
"Idiot!" I said, before applying a thick layer of lipstick to my own lips, and kissing them all on the cheek.
"Awesome." I said, admiring my work.
"Time guys." The bodyguard said.
"Let’s get rocking!" Brendon shouted, running towards the stage.
"Good luck hun." I said to Ryan, giving him a hug.
He smiled and walked on the stage with the others.
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