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Chapter 8

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When the guys were nearly finished, I walked into their dressing room to wait for them.
I stretched, but stopped when my back stung.
After a minute of standing around, the door swung open, and Ryan, Brendon, Spencer, and Jon walked in.
They were all dripping with sweat so I chucked them each a fluffy towel, and bottled water.
"Lifesaver!" Spencer shouted, downing the water, and wiping the sweat off of his face.
"I think we're all gonna have showers. I know we all stink!" Brendon exclaimed.
"Hey!" Jon, Spencer, and Ryan said.
I giggled, but stopped when all the boys turned towards me.
"What?" I asked confusedly.
They al ran up, and engulfed me in a group hug.
"Eew! Oww!" I exclaimed, breaking away from them.
"You guys hug really tight." I said with my back stinging.
"Sorry, we forgot." Ryan said.
"No worries just go have a shower guys." I said.
They nodded in agreement, and walked into their shower room.
There was a knock at the door when the guys left, I walked over and answered it.
"Yes?" I asked, but a tall, blonde woman walked through the door and sat on the couch.
She was wearing a short black skirt, tight red halter top, and huge black heels.
Not exactly concert wear.
"Can I help you?" I asked confusedly.
She ignored me, and pulled out her nail file.
'What the fuck?!' I thought.
I didn't know what to do, so I sat on the other side of the room and waited for the guys to come back.
Finally, after staring at whom I'd like to call miss 'Plastic Fantastic,' the door swung open and Brendon walked over to me.
"Don't stink now." He said with a smile.
Jon and Spencer walked in a second or so after Brendon.
"Hey Bren, this chick just made herself right at home. What do I do? She just ignores me!" I quietly told him, and pointed to the couch.
They all turned their heads, and I noticed their faces slightly drop.
"What's wrong guys?" I asked curiously.
"Umm..." Brendon started, but trailed off.
A few seconds later, the door opened again, and Ryan stepped inside looking absolutely gorgeous.
"Hey guys, what's wrong?" he asked upon seeing the guy’s faces.
"Ryan!" Miss 'plastic fantastic' screamed throwing herself onto Ryan.
She pressed her lips hungrily against his, and wrapped on leg around his.
My throat tightened, 'He has a girlfriend?! Of course he does! Why was I so stupid?!' I thought.
Brendon turned and faced me, sympathy apparent in his eyes.
I decided I wasn't going to cry, I put on my best smile, "You know what? I just remembered I have to meet someone." I told them, before basically bolting out of the room.
I walked out of the venue, and over to Cobra's bus, I knocked 3 times, and a slightly drunk Ryland answered.
"Stevie! Long time no seeee." He said happily.
I chuckled, "Hey, can I come in?" I asked.
"Surre! Anything for Gabe's Princess." He said, opening the door wider for me to get in.
Gabe, Nate, and Alex were all kinda drunk and playing twister.
Vicky was laughing at them all.
"Vicky!" I said happily, jumping into her lap.
"Hey gorgeous! What's happening?" she asked.
"Not much. Why are the guys all kinda drunk whereas you're... Not?" I asked.
"I didn't feel like drinking tonight. But its fun just watching them make fools of themselves." She replied.
"Ok." I said.
Ryland got back into the game, and they all fell on top of each other.
Me and Vicky couldn't stop laughing.
"You want something to drink?" Vicky asked, as she got up and walked towards the fridge.
"Any juice? I think I'm addicted." I laughed.
"Sure. Orange ok?" she asked.
I nodded, and she chucked me a small bottle of OJ.
"Thanks." I said as I opened it, and had a sip.
The guys had started to play twister again.
"They're still going for it!" I exclaimed and laughed.
Vicky sat beside me, beer in hand.
"I think I'll leave you guys alone now Vicky." I said, and we kissed each others cheeks.
I walked over to Gabe, "Nighty night Gabanti." I said to him.
"Bye Princess!" he replied with a drunken smile.
I smiled back, and walked off of the bus and began to walk around aimlessly.
"Stevie?" somebody called out.
They walked closer.
"Oh, hey William." I said, and continued walking.
He walked with me, "Are you ok?" he asked.
"I'm fine." I lied.
"Where you heading?" he asked.
"Uhh, dunno. Just walking right now." I said, and yawned.
"Tired?" he asked.
"Yeah actually." I replied.
"I'll walk you back to Panic's bus." William suggested.
"No! I was wondering if I could maybe sleep on your bus tonight." I said.
"Uhh, ok. Let’s go then." William said, and we walked towards TAI's bus.
I stepped on the bus and saw all of the guys playing video games.
"Hey guys." I said.
They all turned around, "Long time no see!" Butcher exclaimed.
"Yeah.” I laughed.
"Do you guys' mind if I stay over tonight?" I asked.
"Nah, we have that spare bunk anyways." Mike said.
"Alright then guys, g'night." I said, and walked off to the bunks.
I slipped my shoes off, and climbed into the bunk, pulling the curtain shut.
Silent tears began to roll down my face.
I cried myself to sleep.

I awoke to somebody gently rocking me.
"Stevie?" they asked.
I mumbled for them to go away, but I don't think they understood me because they shook me again.
"Steeevie! Wake up!" they complained.
I rolled over and faced them.
I opened one eye slightly and could only make their outline, "Whaaat?" I asked sleepily.
"Get up!" they said.
I groaned, chucked the covers off of me, and climbed out of the bunk, steadying myself as I did so.
"Whoa. Where are my glasses?" I asked before realizing they were on Panic's bus.
"Dammit." I mumbled.
"Stevie, you with me?"
I looked at the person again, realizing it was the freakishly tall Mr. William Beckett.
"I wasn't but now I am. Shoot." I told him.
"Phone call." He smiled, and handed me his cell.
I groaned, "Yellow?" I asked.
"Stevie, its Brendon." Brendon stated.
"Oh hey Bren, what's up?" I asked.
"Can we meet up?" he asked me.
"Sure, but I think the bus is moving." I said looking out the window and seeing something blurred pass by.
"I know, when we reach the next venue I meant." He said.
"Sure Bren. I'll see you then." I replied.
"Ok, see ya soon Stevie." He said, and hung up the phone.
I hung up, gave the phone back to William, and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.
"Everything alright?" William asked from his bunk.
"Yeah, all good." I lied.
"Ok." He said, and walked out into the backroom.
I grabbed my denim short shorts and black top (tied with a lackey band at the side) and walked into the bathroom to have a shower.
I turned the water on, took off my existing clothes, and stepped into the shower.
I had my back to the water, and put my head under the stream.
After grabbing the shampoo and washing my hair, I thought about all that had happened in under a week.
So many good things, yet there were bad.
After washing my hair, I kind of broke down.
I sat on the floor of the shower, careful of my back, and clutched my knees to my chest.
After a minute, I regained my composure, got up, and turned the shower off.
I got out, dried myself, and slipped into my clothes.
I dried my hair, it curled at the ends so I left it out.
I straightened my fringe, and walked out of the bathroom and into the bunk area.
I placed my old clothes on my bunk, grabbed my phone, and walked into the living area.
All of the other guys were awake.
My head was throbbing, a mixture of crying, and lack of glasses.
I could only make out blurs sitting on the couches, I groaned.
"Stevie, you alright?" Jack asked.
"Panadol?" I asked back.
He walked off and returned with a glass of water and 2 capsules.
He placed them in my hand, I downed the capsules with the water.
"Where are your glasses?" he asked me.
"Panic's bus." I replied, clutching my head as I sat on a chair.
"You alright? Want me to call them?" William asked.
"Yeah, can you ask Brendon to bring me my glasses when we meet up?" I asked him.
He nodded, whipped out his phone and walked away.
I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, hoping the throbbing would subside.
"What colour are they?" William yelled.
"Purple!" I replied, keeping my eyes shut.
William hung up his phone, and came over to me, "He said he'll give 'em to you when he sees you." He told me.
"Alright." I said, still not opening my eyes.
A half an hour later, the bus stopped and pulled into the venue.
I opened my eyes, grabbed my phone, got up and made my way to the door.
My phone rang.
"Hulloooo?" I asked.
"I'm outside the door, and I have your specs." Brendon said.
"Thanks." I said, hanging up before opening the door.
Brendon handed me my glasses, and I put them on straight away.
"Much better!" I said happily, now being able to see and all.
Brendon chuckled, "Come on. Let’s go." He said, linking my arm with his.
We walked over to a grassed area and sat down.
"So... What's up?" I asked him, knowing full well what he was going to talk to me about.
"Are you ok?" He asked simply.
"Just peachy." I replied, holding one leg to my chest.
"Stevie..." Brendon started.
“What? It’s ok Bren. It just makes it all easier anyways.” I said to him sadly.
He cocked his head to the side, “Makes what easier?” he asked me.
“I have to go back the day after tomorrow.” I told him.
He looked alarmed, “What?! You’re going back home after what they did to you?!” he asked angrily.
“I don’t have a choice Brendon. Besides, I have nowhere else to go.” I explained.
“Stay with me!” Brendon suggested.
“I can’t. You live in Vegas, and I live in Chicago.” I replied.
"So? The further away the better!" he exclaimed.
"I can't just leave them!" I retorted.
"Why?" he asked calmer.
"I-I just can't!" I sighed, getting up and walking off.
"Stevie!" he called after me.
I ignored him, and wiped the tears away with my hands.
I walked back onto TAI's bus, and straight back to my bunk.
"Stevie? Are you ok?" William asked, leaning down and peering into my bunk.
"Yeah. I'll be fine." I said, my eyes glistening with tears.
"You don't look fine. What's wrong?" he kindly asked.
"I'm just gonna miss everyone is all." I replied.
He nodded, "Do you wanna hang out? I was thinking of going for a drive." He suggested.
"Yeah, that'd be nice." I replied.

20 minutes later, me and William were driving around.
"Where are we exactly?" I asked looking at the scenery passing us by.
"I think we're in Vegas." William replied.
"Really? Cool." I said, and continued looking out of the window.
"Ooh! Let’s go here!" William said excitedly and pulling into a shopping centre.
He killed the engine, ran around to my side, opened my door, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out.
He locked the doors, and we ran inside of the shopping centre.

An hour later, we were walking back to the car, with about 50 shopping bags.
None of which were mine.
"You sure can shop a lot Will." I said with a smile as we shoved all of our shopping in the car boot.
"Hey! They were on sale! Besides I needed more clothes anyways, I keep growing!" he replied with a smile.
"Oh shut up! Giant." I mumbled and climbed into my side of the car.
William closed the boot, and climbed in.
"Let's put a CD on!" I said happily, putting a random CD in the player.
'Everything we had' by TAI came on.
I temporarily forgot who I was in the car with and sang along.
I stopped singing when I realised William had joined in.
I blushed, and looked down at my feet.
"You're a good singer." He complimented.
"Uhh, thanks. Sorry, I had a mental blank and didn't realise the lyrical genius behind the song was sitting next to me." I smiled at him.
He laughed, "Lyrical genius? I like it!" he laughed again.
A few minutes later, we arrived back at the busses.
I helped William with his bags, and we walked onto the bus.
"Last day of tour tomorrow! I'm so excited to be going home!" he said happily as he started putting all his clothes away.
"Yeah." I mumbled, not looking forward to going home at all.
Luckily, William didn't notice this, so I pulled out my old sketchpad, and my pencil case.
I sat down on the couch, pulled my knees to my chest, rested my sketchpad against them and started to draw.
"Whatcha drawing? William asked in a sing song voice.
"Clothes." I replied, not looking up from my drawings.
"Can I see?" he asked.
"Once I'm done with this one then yes." I replied.
10 minutes later, I had finished, so I handed William my sketchpad.
He flicked through all of the pages, examining every one.
"These are really good." He said.
"Thanks." I replied, taking my sketchpad back and putting it away.
"Arrgh! Now I'm bored!" I complained, crossing my arms and sitting on the couch.
"Want something to drink?" William asked, walking towards the fridge.
"Any juice boxes?" I asked excitedly.
"No sorry." He replied.
"Oh, no thanks then. I'm good." I replied.
"Alright." William said, grabbing himself a beer.
"I-I'm gonna go." I said getting up.
"What? Why?" he asked before realising I was staring at the beer in his hand, "Oh! I'm sorry, look, I'll put it back." He said, putting the beer back into the fridge.
"Sorry." I told him.
"No need to feel sorry." He replied, grabbing himself a bottle of water.
"So, how's your back?" he asked.
"I think the cut has healed, and the bruise has died down." I replied.
"Good." William said.
There was an awkward silence, but it was interrupted when Sisky, Mike, Butcher, Michael and Jack got onto the bus.
"Hey!" they all said happily.
"Hey." Me and William replied.
"Whoa, why are there plastic bags all over the place?" Michael asked pointing to the bags everywhere.
"William took you shopping didn't he?" Sisky asked.
"Yes, I've never seen a man shop that much! Wait... I take that back. Brendon can shop a lot too." I laughed.
"That's true! Maybe William and Brendon should have a shop-off!" Butcher said seriously.
"Shop-off? That sounds like fun!" I said with a smile.
They all nodded.
"Well, it’s around," Sisky looked at his watch, "Lunch time. Wanna grab some food?" he asked.
"Sure." I agreed, and got up.
William got up too, and we all walked off of the bus, and walked into the venue.
When we walked in I saw Gabe, Ryland, Nate and Alex nursing their heads.
"Gabanti!" I yelled, making them all cringe.
"Ahh!" Gabe screamed, covering his ears with his hands.
"Hey Princess, I'm glad to see you and all, but could you keep it down?" he asked politely.
"Sorry Gabe." I whispered.
He smiled, and I kissed his cheek.
"If you want, I've got something that can help your hang over." I said.
He smiled weakly.
I ran off and made the hangover cure concoction.
I came back 10 minutes later, handing each of the guys a glass.
"It’s gonna taste awful, so skull it really quickly." I said, stepping back in case they spat it out.
They nodded, and all skulled the concoction.
"Give it a while, hopefully you'll feel better." I said with a smile.
"Thanks Princess." Gabe said to me.
"No problem. Come see me if you feel better." I said to all of them, giving them each a hug, and catching up with TAI.
I saw the guys and Jack hovering over a table, inhaling the food.
"Whoa! Calm down vacuums! Some other guys might want to eat too!" somebody said with a laugh.
I turned around and saw Ryan, Brendon, Jon and Spencer.
Seeing Ryan made my heart flutter yet feel broken at the same time, "Hi guys." I said with a fake smile.
"Hey." They all replied.
There was an awkward silence, so I went back over to Gabe.
"Feeling better?" I asked quietly.
"Yeah! Thanks, that stuff really works! Where'd you learn how to make it?" he asked with a smile.
"I have to make it for Mum and Dad." I replied, looking down at my feet.
"Oh, right." Gabe answered.
"Hey guys!" Vicky said happily.
"Hey Vicky. How are you babe?" I asked, giving her a side hug.
"Good hun, you?" she asked back.
"Yeah, alright." I lied.
"I can sense you need girl talk. I'll catch ya later." Gabe said, kissing my forehead and walking away.
"So, what's really up?" Vicky asked.
"Let’s go somewhere private." I replied.
She nodded, and led me to an empty room in the venue.
She turned on the lights, and locked the door.
"Better?" she asked.
I nodded, and we both sat on the couch.
"So, tell me what's up." She told me.
"I kinda have a thing for Ryan. I like him... A lot!" I confessed.
She gasped and smiled, "You'd make such a cute couple!" she smiled.
My face dropped, "The other night, I was waiting for the guys when this blonde walked in. I tried to ask her who she wanted but she ignored me. So anyways, when Ryan came back she jumped on him and started kissing him." I said sadly.
Vicky wasn't smiling anymore, "Oh hun... I'm sorry." She said, and pulled me into a hug.
"You know how hard it is for me to make friends, but with Ryan, we just clicked!" I told her, a few tears falling down my cheeks.
"I know hun." She said, rubbing my back comfortingly.
I pulled away from the hug, "But I guess it was just meant to go down this way." I said, trying to assure myself.
Vicky nodded and smiled at me, "Let's go on the roof and sing our lungs out!" she suggested excitedly.
I couldn't help but laugh, "Great idea! I even have my iPod in my pocket." I smiled.
We ran towards the door, unlocked it, threw it open and ran up the stairs to the roof.
We closed the door behind us, and sat in the middle of the roof.
I pulled out my iPod, "So m'dear, what song shall we sing to?" I asked.
"Hmm... Gimme!" she said, swiping my iPod from my hands.
I chuckled as she searched for a song.
"Got one!" she cried happily, giving me a headphone.
The speakers blared out the familiar tune of 'Bruised' by Jack's Mannequin.
We sung along loudly, we both harmonized rather well.
After singing about 6 more songs, we stopped.
"Arrgh! I'm hungry!" I whined.
"Me too." Vic agreed.
We got up, and walked back into the venue.
There was NO food left!
"Where'd all the food go?" Vicky asked.
"The vacuums." I replied.
"Those SOB's!" she laughed.
"Let's go buy some food!" I said.
"True. Let's roll." She said, and we both ran to the rental car.

"You got any money?" I asked her as we approached Burger King.
She shook her head.
"Luckily I do." I laughed.
"I thought we were gonna have to drive all the way back!" she said seriously.
"Awwe, sorry." I pouted as we entered the drive thru.
"Welcome to Burger King, May I Please take your order?" the speaker box asked.
"Can I please have 2 large Whopper meals? One with lemonade, one with a coke?" Vicky asked.
"Certainly. Please drive thru when you're ready." The speaker box said.
"Thanks!" we both yelled, and drove forward.
I handed Vicky a $50, and she paid.
We got our food, and drove back to the venue.
Vicky showed her pass to the security guard who let us back in.
I grabbed our food, and we walked onto Cobra's bus.
Nobody else was there, so we ate our food in peace.
We joked, and laughed, God I am going to Miss this woman!
"I'm gonna Miss you Vicky." I told her.
"Awwe, I'll Miss you too! But don't worry, me & Gabe will come and visit you." She assured me.
"Thanks." I replied, eating the last of my burger.
"Let's go and check in on the guys." Vicky said.
I nodded, and grabbed my chips, eating them as we walked.
When we got inside the venue, Gabe popped up and stole a couple of my chips.
"You bastard!" I yelled dramatically.
"Yum!" he replied, stuffing the chips in his mouth and walking off.
"Hey!" I called after him, handing my chips to Vicky, running up to Gabe, and jumping on his back.
"Oomph!" he said, as we landed on the ground.
"Haha." I said smiling.
That was until Gabe rolled me over and straddled me.
"Ahh! Getoffme!" I said quickly trying to push him off of me.
"Nuh uh Princess." Gabe said evilly.
"What are you- Ahh?" I was being tickled by Gabe.
"Stop! Ahh, Vicky! Help me!" I screamed/ laughed.
Vicky didn't help me, she only laughed.
After another minute of torture, Gabe got off of me and helped me up.
"Ta." I said as he pulled me up.
Vicky walked towards me and handed me my chips.
"No thanks. Give 'em to Gabe." I said.
She shrugged and gave the chips to Gabe.
"Yay!" he squealed and ate the chips happily.
"You're such a dork!" I teased.
"But I'm your dork." He replied.
"Yes you are Gabanti. I love you." I smiled and hugged him.
"Awwe, I love you too Princess." He replied, hugging me back.
"What about me?!" Vicky pouted.
"Awwe," I rushed out of Gabe's hug and practically tackled her, "I love you too!" I laughed.
"Yay!" Vicky said happily.
"Guys? Sorry to break up the 'love fest' but its time for sound check." Ryland told them.
"Awwe." It was my turn to pout.
"Sorry babe. We'll catch up soon m'kay?" Gabe kissed my forehead.
"Yeah, what Gabe said." Vicky smiled.
"Ok, see you later then guys." I smiled.
They both waved and proceeded towards the stage.
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