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Chapter 9

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-Skip forward a few hours after actual concert-
“You guys were great!” I told everybody.
“Thanks princess, and don’t think we didn’t all see you singing along.” Gabe said with a smirk.
I poked my tongue out at him.
“Gosh, you’re mature!” Gabe teased.
“Shut up.” I laughed.
“Well, second last night of tour. Tomorrow night we’re partying!” Sisky shouted.
Everybody agreed.
I yawned, “I’m gonna go back to the bus guys.” I said, before walking off to TAI’s bus.
“Stevie?” somebody called.
I turned around and saw Brendon and Ryan.
“Oh, hey guys. What’s up?” I asked.
“Nothing much. How’d you like the show?” Brendon replied smiling.
“It was awesome, but you don’t need me to tell you that. There was like a million girls screaming your names!” I chuckled.
“Yeah. But your opinion is important to us!” Ryan told me.
I smiled, “Ok then.”
There was an awkward silence.
“I wanna tattoo!” I said randomly.
“That was random.” Ryan laughed.
"Well, I've always wanted one. I just thought I'd say it." I shrugged.
"I want one too!" Brendon agreed, "Lets go get inked!" he cried.
"Seriously?" I asked surprised.
"Yeah! Come on lets go!" Brendon said again, grabbing me by the hand and racing towards the rental car.

20 minutes later, we were inside a tattoo parlour, and I was rethinking my idea.
"Ready?" Brendon asked excitedly.
"You don't have to do it if you don't want to." Ryan said.
"No, I-I want to! I'm just... scared." I admitted.
"Come on! I'll get mine done at the same time as you." Brendon said.
"Okay. Yeah, let’s do it." I said confidently.
We walked up to the counter, and a good looking guy stood there.
"Uhh, we want a tattoo." Brendon said uneasily.
"Sure. You and the other dude?" he asked unenthusiastically pointing towards Ryan.
"No, me and my friend here." Brendon said, bringing me forwards.
The guy’s eyes widened upon seeing me.
"Alright, what'd you have in mind?" the guy asked.
"I want piano keys on my arm." Brendon said.
"And I want a heart attached to a heart beat on the inside of my wrist." I said.
The guy nodded, "I'll get Bernie to help you out," he pointed to Brendon, "and I'll do you." He smiled at me.
This guy creeped me out.
I looked at Ryan, and I saw he was looking at the guy weirdly.
I shrugged it off, and followed the guy over to a chair.
"So, did you want me to numb the area?" the guy asked.
"Yes!" I said quickly.
He chuckled, "Never been inked before?" he asked.
I shook my head no.
"Don't worry. Shouldn't take more than an hour or so." He said as he rubbed a cream onto my wrist.
"What's that?" I asked.
"It'll numb it so you won't feel the pain as much." He explained.
"Oh, ok." I replied, and looked around the room.

An hour and a half passed, and he finished doing my tattoo.
"Don't get it wet for a couple of days, and apply some moisturiser to it everyday. It stops it crusting." He told me as he put a bandage around my wrist.
I nodded, and walked back to the front where Ryan was sitting playing around on his sidekick.
Brendon came out seconds after me.
"All done?" I asked him.
He nodded and smiled.
A few minutes passed, and we paid for our tattoos.
When we left, the guy patted my butt.
I turned around, and was about to punch him, when Brendon and Ryan beat me to it.
They each had a punch, and we walked away quickly, getting into the car, and speeding back towards the venue.
The guy creeped me out, I couldn't get his eyes out of my head.
"Douche bag." I mumbled.
"What was that?" Brendon asked.
"What? Oh, nothing, but thanks for sticking up for me." I told them.
"My pleasure." Brendon said.
"Our pleasure." Ryan corrected.
I smiled.
A few minutes later, we reached the venue, and I got out of the car.
"Night guys. Have a good sleep." I said, before walking onto TAI's bus.
"Stevie! Where'd you run off to?" Sisky asked.
"No where really. I'm gonna hit the hay guys, G’night." I said, walking over to my bunk, grabbing my PJ’s and changing quickly.
After changing, I slipped into my bunk, and listened to the sounds around me.
My phone started to vibrate.
-1 new message-
‘My arm hurts like mad! How’s your wrist? –Bren.’
I chuckled, ‘Wrist is good, still slightly numb. I need to talk to you. –Stevie’
Seconds later, my phone began to ring.
“You have reached loser face.” I answered.
“Wow, every time someone calls you, you have to be original don’t you?” Brendon asked chuckling.
“Yeah, well that’s just me.” I told him.
“True. So, anyways, what’s up?” he asked.
I breathed in, “Who was that girl the other night?” I asked him quietly.
“Oh, umm… I think you should talk to Ry about it.” He said sadly.
“Oh, ok.” I sighed.
“You really like him don’t you?” He asked me.
“Yes. I really, really do.” I replied.
“Ok then. Well, I’m gonna go to bed now Steeves. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said.
“Ok Bren. Have a nice sleep hun.” I said to him.
“Thanks babe, you too.” He said, and we hung up.
I clutched my phone in my hand, and thought about talking to Ryan.
Should I?
What do I say?
What do I ask?
Why am I so goddamn confused?!
I inwardly groaned.
'Tomorrow, I'll talk to him tomorrow.' I decided before falling asleep.
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