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Chapter 10

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The next morning, I woke up around 9am.
Not too early and not too late.
I put my glasses on, and hopped out of my bunk.
After landing on my feet, I grabbed black skinny jeans, white top, blue vest and purple kicks.
I walked into the bathroom, had a shower, washed my hair and dried myself off.
After drying my hair, and slipping my clothes on, I applied some eyeliner and took my wrist bandage off.
I put some cream on it, and wrapped it up in a new bandage, and walked out of the bathroom.
I chucked my PJ's into my bag, grabbed my phone and walked into the lounge area.
Nobody else was up, and we were probably a few hours away from the last venue.
I grabbed my sketchpad once again, and began to draw.
A few hours passed, and nobody was up yet.
'Must be getting enough rest so they can party all night.' I thought.
At around 11:30am, we pulled up to the venue.
Still, nobody was awake, so I grabbed my iPod, shoved my phone in my pocket, grabbed my fedora hat and walked off of the bus.
This venue was HUGE so I decided to go for a walk.
I put my headphones in, and 'Slow Down' by TAI came on.
I smiled, and sung along quietly to the words.
After the 10th song played, I decided to go back to the bus and check in on everyone.
When I walked onto the bus, I walked over to the bunks and noticed everybody was still dead to the world.
I walked back off of the bus, and turned mu iPod on once again.
'Camisado' by Panic came on, and I smiled.
As I walked, I felt like I was being watched, so I turned around quickly and saw Ryan.
I paused my iPod quickly, and looked at him, "Uhh, hi?"
"Hi." He replied.
Cue awkward silence.
"Umm, ok," I mumbled, "I'm gonna go now." I said before turning mu iPod back on and walking away.
'Weird.' I thought while I walked.
A few minutes later, my phone started to go off.
-1 new message-
'Where are you?! -Jack.'
'I'm on my way. -Stevie.' I replied, before heading back to TAI's bus.
As I opened the door, I was immediately engulfed in a hug.
"Getoffme!" I slurred.
They released their grip, and looked at me.
"Where were you?" Jack asked.
"While you guys were sleeping, I went for a walk." I answered.
"Oh ok. Well Gabe came by before looking for you. He's in his bus." Jack told me.
"Ok big brother, I'm off to wreak havoc with Gabanti then." I smiled, and ran over to Cobras bus.
I knocked on the door twice, and was greeted by a happy looking rock star.
"Gabanti!" I cried happily, wrapping my arms around him and hugging him.
"Princess! I was thinking that you, me and Vicky could hang out today. What do you think?" he asked.
"I'd love to!" I said happily.
Gabe turned his head and shouted, "Vicky T! Let's go!"
I heard footsteps running towards us, and saw Vicky next to Gabe.
"Hey babe lets go shopping!" she said happily.
I laughed, and we all linked arms and walked over to the rental car.

"Omigod! This is so hot!" Gabe said in his best 'gay' voice.
Me and Vicky laughed, "You’re so cute Gabanti." I told him.
He smiled, and continued looking through the clothing rack.
A half hour passed, and we were all still empty handed.
"Stevie why is there a bandage on your wrist?" Vicky asked and pointed to it.
Gabe looked horrified, "You wouldn't?!" he said.
I knew what he meant, but I'm not like that, "No, I didn't. I'd never harm myself Gabe, you should know that." I told him.
He looked relieved, "Then, what is it?" he asked me.
"I uhh... Got a tattoo." I said quietly.
"What?!" they both shouted at the same time.
I covered their mouths with my hands, "Shh! We don't wanna get kicked out! Jeez." I said, retracting my hands.
"Sorry, you've just never striked me as a person who would go out and get inked." Gabe said.
"It’s not big. Look I'll show you." I said, taking my bandage off and showing them my wrist.
"Wow, I like it!" Vicky said.
"Thanks." I replied.
"I've got an idea! Let’s go to the movies, and stuff our faces with popcorn and chocolate." Gabe suggested.
"Sounds like a plane." I replied.
We all smiled, linked arms once again and headed for the cinema.
The cinema was having a special screening of Edward Scissor hands.
"Gabe! Vicky! Edward Scissor hands! Come on!" I pouted.
"Johnny Depp is gorgeous!" Vicky said.
"I know! Come on Gabanti!" I pleaded.
"Fine. But you're paying for the popcorn." He told me.
I nodded, and ran over to the candy counter to buy the popcorn and some chocolates.
Gabe and Vicky came up to me once they had bought the tickets, and we walked into the cinema.
"I love this movie!" I squealed excitedly.
"We know." Gabe and Vicky said in unison.

A few hours later, we got back to the venue just in time for Gabe and Vicky to go off and do their sound check.
"Bye guys!" I waved as I got onto TAI's bus.
"Stevie! Have fun?" Jack asked.
"Yeah, but I feel sick now." I laughed.
"Why?" Jack asked.
"Popcorn and chocolate," I answered simply, "I'm gonna go lie down." I told him as I took off my shoes and slipped into my bunk.
My stomach felt rather I'll, so I decided to take a nap to try and make myself feel better.
Within 20 minutes, I had fallen asleep.

I was awoken to somebody gently rocking me.
"Stevie. Time to wake up hun." They said softly.
I rolled over and opened my eyes slowly.
"Hey Will." I said tiredly.
"You sure can sleep." He smiled.
"What do you mean?" I asked confusedly.
"You slept through the entire concert!" he laughed.
"I missed it?! Awwe!" I groaned.
He chuckled, "We're going out to celebrate, you coming?" he asked.
I knew there'd be alcohol there, and people were gonna get drunk, so I shook my head, "No thanks Will, I'm not a 'partying' kind of person." I explained.
"Ok then, you can stay with Ryan. He's not a 'party type' either." William told me.
"Uhh, ok." I said half-heartedly.
William smiled, and moved away from my bunk.
I grabbed my glasses, slid them on, and walked out to the other guys who were about to go.
"Come on Stevie! Come with us!" The Butcher said.
"Yeah! It’s your last night! Live a little." Sisky added.
I smiled, these guys were so nice, I'm gonna Miss them.
"No thanks guys, I'm ok." I assured them.
"Are you sure you don't wanna come?" Jack asked.
"I'm sure Jack. Go have fun." I told them.
They all smiled and hugged me.
"Call if you need us." William told me.
"I will, go have fun!" I said once again, and off they went.
I sat down on the couch, contemplating to go to Panic's bus.
After a minute or so, I changed into my PJ's (sailor moon track pants anyone? Plus black shirt!) Slipped on some shoes, grabbed my phone and made my way over to their bus.
I knocked on the door a few times, and was answered by a Mr Walker.
"Hey." He said with a smile.
"Hey. You guys going out to party?" I asked, walking onto the bus.
"Yep. Except Ryan. He's staying here." Jon told me.
I nodded.
"Stevie!" Brendon said happily, pulling me into a hug.
"Hey Bren." I replied.
"You gonna stay here with Ry tonight?" he asked.
"I dunno. I might." I replied.
He nodded and smiled, "We have to get going, have a good night. Call if you need us." He said.
'Wow, these people must actually care about me!' I thought.
"I will, have fun guys." I said as they walked off of the bus.
I walked into the bunk area, and saw Ryan writing in his notebook.
His brow was furrowed, and a look of pure concentration was set upon his face.
I felt an urge to go right up to him and kiss him, but I knew he had a girlfriend.
I decided to make my presence known, so I slightly coughed.
Ryan's head perked up immediately, and looked at me.
"Hey." I said quietly.
"Uhh, hi. What are you doing here?" he asked.
"I'm not a 'party type.'" I replied.
Ryan smiled.
"Do you mind if I stay with you?" I asked.
"Not at all. Wanna watch a movie?" Ryan asked.
I smiled at him, "I'd like that." I told him.
He smiled, got out of his bunk and we walked out into the living area.
"What do you want to watch?" Ryan asked.
"I don't mind." I replied, sitting on the couch.
Ryan put in a movie, and sat beside me.
About a half an hour into the movie, I was practically in Ryan's lap.
You see, he chose a horror, and I'm not good with those sorts of movies.
I hid my face in Ryan's shoulder, and waited for it all to be over.
Ryan had his arms around me, rubbing my back to try and calm me down.
"Tell me when it’s over." I pleaded.
"Ok." Ryan simply said, and rubbed my back some more.
I held onto Ryan tightly for the rest of the movie, when it was over, I carefully got off of him, and sat back on the couch.
"Sorry Stevie, didn't realise you weren't into horrors." He said as he scratched the back of his head.
"It’s ok. I told you I didn't mind what you put on." I replied, trying to push the images of dismembered bodies out of my head.
I shivered, Ryan saw this, and put his arms around me once again.
"How do you make me feel so safe?" I asked him.
"Why do you fit perfectly in my arms?" he asked back.
I smiled, I'm really gonna miss him.
Then I remembered he had a girlfriend, and I pulled away.
"What's wrong?" Ryan asked with a confused look on his face.
"You have a girlfriend." I said sadly.
"What? No I don't." He said.
"But, who was that girl the other night? She practically jumped you!" I said.
"She's a whore is what she is." He said angrily.
"What?" this time I was confused.
"She's my ex-girlfriend. She cheated on me." He said sadly.
My heart was breaking for him, "Awwe Ry," I said before engulfing him in a huge hug, "I'm sorry hun." I said to him.
Ryan wrapped his arms around me, "It's alright. I should have known, the guys always warned me, but I didn't want to believe them." He told me.
I kissed his cheek, "We need sugar." I said with a smile, I needed to make him feel better.
Maybe it'll help me in the process.
Ryan smiled his beautiful smile at me, I hopped off of the couch and looked through the fridge.
I grabbed out some ice cream, chocolate and juice boxes.
Ryan chuckled when he saw the juice boxes, "I think you're addicted Stevie." He teased.
"Proud of it babe, now lets get sugar high!" I said happily.
I grabbed 2 spoons, and handed over the ice cream to Ryan.
He smiled, and we both dug in.
"Eew! It’s got nuts in it!" I whined, handing the ice cream to Ryan.
He laughed, and continued to eat it.
I grabbed myself a juice box, and drank it.
"So, why did she kiss you?" I asked out of the blue.
"I-I don't know. I broke up with her a month ago." He explained.
"Oh." Was all I could say.
After a few seconds silence I decided to speak, "You know what? We've got a fair amount of sugar in our bodies, let’s sneak into the venue, and blast some music, and dance, dance!" I suggested with a smile.
Ryan laughed, grabbed Brendon's laptop and we ran to the venue.
We stealthily got inside, got onto the stage, and plugged the laptop into the speakers.
‘Dance Hall Drug’ by Boys like Girls came on, and we danced around the stage like madmen!

“Grown up
she just turned 16
Stuck in the moment
dead at the scene
and it's on tonight
this is the life that you wanted, right?
So turn off all the lights
Dressed up just like a movie star
At all the parties they'll know who you are
Wouldn't it be great, to be fashionably late?
So why don't you wait, till you're sedated…”

"I love this song!" I said happily, dancing along the stage.
Ryan laughed, grabbed my hand, and danced with me.
We laughed, and danced around the stage together.
"This is so much fun!" Ryan said to me happily.
"I agree." I replied, smiling at him.
We danced along to some more BLG, when 'It's all about you' came on by McFly.
I love this song!
"May I have this dance?" Ryan asked, and bowed.
"You may." I curtsied.
He pulled me close to him, and placed his hands on my waist.
I put my hands on his shoulders, and smiled at him.
This felt so right.
I leant my head against his chest, "Comfy?" Ryan asked.
I giggled, "Very." I replied.
Once the song had finished, we packed up the laptop, and headed back.
We walked back to the bus hand in hand, it was an electric feeling.
Once we were on the bus, we laid down on the couch.
I yawned.
"Tired?" Ryan asked with a grin.
I nodded, and rested my head on his shoulder.
"Come on. We'll sleep in my bunk." He said.
I nodded sleepily, and followed him to his bunk.
I got in first, and scooted towards the wall, while Ryan got in, pulled the blanket over us, and wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me close to him.
I smiled before closing my eyes.
"Night Ry." I said sleepily.
"G'night Stevie." He replied, before beginning to hum me to sleep.
Its official, I’ve fallen for Ryan Ross
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