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Chapter 11

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The next morning, I woke up early.
Ryan was still sleeping, and I turned over to face him.
He looked so peaceful and serene.
I gently shook him, "Ry?" I asked.
He slowly opened his eyes and smiled, "Hey." He said groggily.
"Hey. I'm sorry, but I have to go." I told him quietly.
He nodded and kissed my cheek, before I got out of the bunk and slipped my shoes on.
I grabbed my phone, and headed back to TAI's bus.
It was around 7am, so I opened the door quietly, in case the guys were still asleep.
'Who knows?! Maybe they're not even here.' I thought as I walked into the bus.
As I thought, the guys weren't even back yet.
I walked over to my bag, and got changed into a turquoise summer dress, and black cardigan.
I pulled my hair into a ponytail, washed my face, and brushed my teeth.
After that, I walked around the bus doing last minute packing.
Once I was done, I set my bag beside the couch.
Now, I was bored.
I glanced over at the clock, 8:30am.
'Where the hell are they?!' I thought worriedly.
I began to tidy up the bus, nothing big, just doing the dishes, making the beds.
You know, just a general clean up.
I glanced at the clock again, 10:30am.
Ok, now I was worried, so I called Jack.
It rang 3 times before he answered.
"Hello?" he asked groggily.
"Jack! Where are you?" I asked worriedly.
"At a hotel. Why?" he asked.
"Because my plane leaves at 1pm, and you guys aren't here, and I was worried." I replied.
"What's the time?" he asked, slightly more alert.
"10:30am." I replied.
"Shit. I'll get the rest of the guys, we should be back within the hour." Jack told me.
"Ok, love you. Bye." I said before hanging up.
I sighed, and decided to put a movie on.
After searching for a good 10 minutes, I came across Pirates of the Caribbean and put the DVD in the player.
About a half hour into the movie, my phone began to ring.
"Savvy." I said into the receiver.
"Watching Pirates of the Caribbean are we?" Ryan asked with a laugh.
"Why yes, yes I am." I replied happily.
"You wouldn't happen to know where the guys are would you?" he asked me.
"Yeah, they'll be back soon." I told him.
"Oh good. I was worried." He said.
"Me too." I replied.
We stayed silent for a minute, "So, mind if I come over?" he asked.
"Not at all." I replied.
"Well then, can you open the door?" he asked.
I laughed as I got up from the couch to open the door, there was the very gorgeous, Ryan Ross.
I hung up my phone, "Hey." I smiled.
"Hey." He replied, walking onto the bus.
We both sat down on the couch and continued to watch POTC.
"I love this movie." Ryan stated.
"Me too. I just love Johnny Depp, he's such a good actor." I told him.
He nodded his head in agreement.
I laid my head on his shoulder, and bolted upright when the door swung open.
TAI and Jack all walked in, looking tired, and hung over.
"Hey guys." I said to them, pausing the movie.
"Hey." They all replied.
"Well, I'm gonna head back to my bus, maybe the guys are back. I'll see you soon." Ryan kissed my cheek and walked out.
"How are you all feeling?" I asked them.
"Hung over." And, "Shit." Were the responses I heard.
"I'll make you guys my hangover cure." I said.
They all smiled weakly, and sat down in various places.
10 minutes later, they were all drinking the concoction, and I had made extra for Cobra, Panic, and Fall out Boy.
After making the deliveries, I went back to TAI's bus, and sat beside William on the couch.
"How you feeling?" I asked him.
"Better thanks." He smiled.
I smiled, "Stevie, have you packed everything?" Jack asked, appearing from the bunk area.
"Yeah, I'm all packed." I replied sadly.
"Ok, well it’s around 12, so you might wanna say goodbye to everyone before you leave." Jack told me.
"Oh, ok." I said, before getting up.
"Be back here by 12:30pm, at the latest thanks Stevie." Jack said.
I nodded in understanding, and walked off to Cobra's bus.
I dragged my feet towards their bus, sadness had started to wash over me, and I didn't want to go.
I knocked on the door 4 times, Nate answered.
"Hey Stevie!" he said happily.
"Hey, can I come in?" I asked.
"Sure." He said, opening the door wider for me to get in.
Gabe, Ryland, Alex and Vicky were all sitting down on the couch.
"Hey guys." I said to them.
"Hey, thanks for the hangover stuff, it works wonders!" Ryland exclaimed.
"Yeah, no problem." I said.
"You alright Princess?" Gabe asked worriedly.
"Umm, yeah. I'm just not good with goodbyes." I replied.
"You're leaving today?!" he asked.
I nodded my head, "Yeah." I replied sadly.
I was rushed into a group hug, tears stung the corners of my eyes but I willed them to not fall.
"I'm gonna Miss you guys." I said with a slight laugh.
"We'll Miss you too!" they replied.
I hugged them each separately before pulling away.
"Bye Vicky." I said giving her a big hug.
"Bye Stevie, love you." She told me.
"Love you too. Keep them fella's in line." I told her.
"Oh I will. I've got my pimp hand ready." She joked.
I smiled, and turned to Gabe, he looked really upset.
He pulled me into a tight hug, "Call me if you need me. I'll be there." He said into my ear.
"I will. Thanks Gabe, for everything." I told him.
"No problem Princess. I love you, text me when you get there." He said kissing me forehead.
"I will, love you too." I said, before giving him one last hug and walking off of the bus.
I dragged my feet to Panic's bus, and knocked on the door.
Jon answered it, "Hey!" he said happily.
Damn he is perky.
"Hey, can I come in?" I asked for the second time today.
"Sure." He replied simply, holding the door open further.
I walked inside, and just like on the Cobra bus, everybody was sitting on the couch.
"Hey guys." I said.
They all smiled, "Hey."
"So, I'm actually leaving today, so I thought I'd come and say goodbye to these groovy guys who took me in." I told them.
They all looked kinda sad, "You're leaving already?" Spencer whined.
I nodded my head sadly, "Uhh yeah." I replied, picking at my hands.
"We're gonna miss you." Jon said, wrapping me in a hug.
"I'm gonna miss you guys too." I said as Spencer hugged me.
Brendon came up and hugged me, "The offer still stands if you need it." He said, quietly so only I could hear it.
"Thanks Bren." I whispered back.
He pulled away, and smiled weakly.
Ryan hadn't come over to me yet, 'did I do something wrong?' I thought.
"Ryan, can I talk to you alone?" I asked.
He looked at me blankly and nodded, before following me outside of the bus.
"Did I do something wrong?" I asked him while looking at my shoes.
"No, I-I just wish you didn't have to go." He admitted.
My head shot up and I looked at him, "Really?"
He chuckled, "Really really." He replied.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, and hugged him tightly.
"I'm gonna miss you so much Ry." I said, as my tears started to fall.
He held me tightly, "I'm gonna miss you too."
After the embrace, Ryan let go and I looked into his eyes, they sparkled with happiness, and sadness.
I noticed how close our faces were, I could feel his breath on my lips.
A second later, Ryan closed the space in between us, pressing his lips against mine.
It took me a second to register, before we broke apart.
"Ry..." I breathed in.
He looked upset, I smiled and kissed him again.
He smiled into the kiss, it was long, and innocent.
We parted once again, "Stevie, I really like you." Ryan admitted.
"I really like you too." I replied as my cheeks turned red.
"I wish you didn't have to go." He said sadly.
"Me either, but maybe I'll come and visit." I told him, trying to life the mood.
He nodded, "Promise me you'll call if anything happens." He told me.
"I promise Ry." I replied.
He smiled, and hugged me again.
"Stevie! Come on, we have to go!" Jack called out.
Tears started to well up in my eyes again, and a few fell.
Ryan wiped them away with his thumbs, "Don't cry." He pleaded.
I smiled weakly at him.
He smiled back, and kissed me once again.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his around my waist.
A few seconds later we parted, "I'll see you soon." Ryan told me.
I nodded, "Bye Ryan." I said before wrapping him in another hug.
"Stevie!" Jack called again.
Ryan kissed my head, "You better go." He said.
I nodded, smiled weakly, and walked over to Jack.
We (being TAI, Jack and me) piled into the car, and started to drive towards the airport.
I looked back, and saw Ryan waving at me, I waved back, hoping that I would see his beautiful face soon.
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