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Chapter 12

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The ride back to Chicago was nerve wracking.
I sat next to William the entire flight, he could tell I was nervous.
"Can we use our phones?" I asked him.
"Yeah, I think so." He replied.
I whipped out my phone, and texted Ryan.
'Hey Ry, I'm on the plane as we speak. Miss you -Stevie x'
A few seconds later I got a reply.
'I miss you too, how's the plane so far? -Ry x'
I smiled, 'It’s ok. I'm nervous tho -Stevie x'
... New message!
'Awwe hun, I wish I could hug you -Ry x'
'I wish you could too. Hey I have to go, we're landing. I'll text you soon k? -Stevie x'
A few seconds passed, and my phone went off again.
'Ok babe, be safe. -Ry x'
I smiled, and put my phone away.
After the landing, we got our luggage and headed outside.
My Mum and Dad were waiting.
My breath caught in my throat, 'I'm not supposed to feel this scared or nervous around my parents!' I thought.
They saw us, and walked over.
"Jack!" my Mum said happily, wrapping him in a hug.
"Hey mum." Jack replied.
She let go of him, and my Dad shook his hand.
"It’s good to see you son." He said with a smile.
It was like I didn't exist, all 3 of them walked back to their car and drove off.
William saw me standing by myself while he waited for a cab.
"Where are your parents? And Jack?" he asked.
I bitterly laughed, "They ditched me." I replied.
"They just left?! What the fuck?!" he whisper-shouted.
"I'm used to it from them, but Jack didn't even notice!" I said sadly.
“I’m sure my sister will give you a ride.” He smiled.
“Thanks Will, I really appreciate it.” I said sincerely.
He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me back to TAI and another girl.
She was around my height, maybe a bit taller, with straight, black hair, with purple streaks, and was wearing a 'The Used' band tee with black skinnies.
"Stevie, this is Tash." William said, gesturing towards his little sister.
"Hi, it’s nice to meet you." I replied warmly.
"Well, let’s get going." Tash said.
"Hey Tash, do you think we could give Stevie a ride? Her parents kinda... Forgot." He told her.
"Sure." She agreed.
William smiled, and we all piled into her car.
Michael was riding shotgun with Tash and me and William were in the back.
Sisky, the Butcher and Mike all went together in a cab.
"So where do you live?" I asked Michael.
"I'm staying with William until I can find my own place." He answered.
"Cool... So, where do you live?" I asked William.
He chuckled, "Hoffman Estates." He replied simply.
"I think I live near there, but I dunno. Not too good with names and suburbs and crap." I told him.
"Stevie, where do you live?" Tash asked from the front.
"Umm..." After giving her directions, we arrived at my place 20 minutes later.
"Thanks for the ride guys. Will, can I have your number?" I asked.
"Sure. Gimme your phone." He told me, so I chucked it to him, and he programmed his number in.
He then handed it to Michael, who put his in.
"Thanks guys, I'll talk to you soon." I said, giving William a weird side hug, grabbed my bag and stepped out of the car.
I waved as they drove down the street, before walking up to my house.
Notice how I don't say home?
It hasn't been a home since I was 13.
I quietly opened the door, knowing it wouldn't be locked, and walked into my room.
The door closed behind me, 'What the hell?' I thought and turned around.
My Dad was standing there with a weird grin on his face.
"Missed you baby." He slurred, coming towards me.
My heart started to beat faster.
He came up to me, and pinned my arms to my side before kissing me messily.
"Get off!" I said once his lips detached.
"Shut up!" he growled, and kissed me again.
Tears were streaming down my face.
He finally let go, and started to walk out of my room before turning back to me with the same weird grin, "It's good to have you back." He said, and shut the door.
I sat on my bed, and continued to cry.
Nobody knows about this, not even Gabe.
That's how appalled, disgusted, and ashamed I feel.
I walked into my attached bathroom, and cleaned my face.
'So much better.' I thought as the cool water washed over my swollen and slightly puffy eyes.
After I had finished washing my face, there was a knock at the door.
I prayed it wasn't my Dad.
As I opened it, I let out a sigh of relief as I saw Jack.
"Hi." I said quietly.
"Hey, I'm so sorry we left you there. I just kinda… blanked." He explained.
"Whatever, I'm used to it." I told him.
He looked upset, "I really am sorry." He said sincerely.
"Yeah, ok then." I replied.
"I came to tell you that I'm going home." He told me.
I felt a pang of sadness, "Oh, ok then. I'll uhh, see you soon I guess." I said.
He nodded, and pulled me into a hug.
"I'll see you later Steeves. Bye." He kissed me on the cheek and left.
Here I was alone in this house, with no one to help me.
'Please God, look after me." I silently prayed.

At around 5pm, my Mum yelled out to me to make dinner.
I hurried out of my room and made spaghetti bolognaise.
After serving it up, I called out to them telling them that dinner was ready.
They came into the kitchen and began to eat.
I didn't, I just began to clean the kitchen so they wouldn't have that excuse to hit me afterwards.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my Dad give me those weird grins and glances.
All I knew was that they weren't a good thing.
After they had eaten, I cleaned their plates, put everything away and walked back up to my room.
I closed the door behind me, and turned on my laptop.
I opened up 'My Pictures' and looked through all of them.
They were all photos I had taken, and a fair few of them were of Cobra Starship or me, Gabe and Vicky.
I smiled as I looked at them.
Then the pictures of me and Panic came up, Brendon had saved them all to my computer, and I smiled at the one of me and Ryan when I was kissing his cheek with my leg 'popped.'
"So, you're a slut now are you?" somebody asked from behind me.
I jumped up and saw my Dad smirking.
"N-no. I did a modelling job for a friend." I told him.
"Yeah right, and I'm the queen of England. Nobody would want you to model for them! You're an ugly slut!" he shouted and slapped me across my face.
I whimpered, and immediately regretted it when his fist came into contact with my jaw.
I fell to the ground, and curled into a ball.
He kicked my stomach violently, and I wrapped my arms around myself.
"Get up!" he growled angrily.
I carefully got up, and steadied myself, looking my Dad in the eye.
I was forcing myself not to cry because I knew he'd hit me harder.
He forcefully grabbed me, and threw me onto the bed.
Now I was really scared.
He pinned my legs down, and stared at me for a second before kissing me.
I felt like throwing up.
He pulled away and punched my face, I could taste the familiar taste of blood in my mouth.
I coughed, which earned a grin from my Dad.
When he leaned down this time, he took my cardigan off, 'Oh shit!' ran through my mind.
When he tried to take off my dress, I reached out to the nightstand to hit him with, but he grabbed my arm and held it down.
"Stay still whore." He growled, hitting my face again.
More blood came out of my already cut lip.
He laughed and kissed me again.
This time, I managed to reach out to my nightstand and grab a thick book.
It was heavy, but I managed to hit him over the head, causing him to fall off of me and black out.
I knew from experience his black outs sometimes only lasted a minute, so I grabbed my phone and ran out of my room and out the front door.
I ran as far, and as fast as my legs would take me without any shoes and in the dark of night.
Tears were streaming down my face freely, and I could feel my lip swelling and the blood drying.
After what seemed like hours (but was probably 10 minutes) I collapsed by a set of swings in a park.
I began to sob uncontrollably, what I wouldn't give for a hug from Ryan right now.
I heard leaves crunching, and a twig snapping.
Thinking it was my Dad, my paranoia got the best of me, and I fainted.

[3rd person POV]
Michael and Tash were walking through the park to get back home after they had come back from the arcade not far away.
"Tonight was fun Mickey." Tash smiled.
"Yeah, it was." Michael smiled back and held Tash’s hand.
They stepped on a few dead leaves and twigs, hearing them crunch as they did so.
Then they heard a slight 'thump.'
"What was that?" Tash asked.
"I don't know," Michael looked around and saw someone slumped on the floor, "Shit." He mumbled, edging closer to the person.
He grabbed his phone out, and lifted it up to the persons face to get some light on it.
It was Stevie!
He was in a panic, "Tash! It’s Stevie! Help me get her back home." He said urgently while picking her up bridal style.
Tash saw her phone lying next to her, so she grabbed it quickly and they set off home.
When they got to the front door, Tash opened it quickly, and they took Stevie inside.
“Hey guys, how was the- What the hell happened?!” he yelled when he saw Stevie unconscious in Michael’s arms.
“I dunno. We found her in the park.” Tash explained to him.
Michael laid Stevie down on the couch, and grabbed a wet cloth to clean her lip.
“She’s been beaten up really bad.” Michael said to William as he cleaned the dry blood off of her face.
"She shouldn't have to go through this." William muttered as he looked at Stevie lying unconscious on his couch.
Her lip was cut, she had bruises on her jaw, and her eye was slightly swollen.
There were bruises which resembled finger marks on her arms, and her legs were bruised as well.
As he looked at Stevie, her phone started to ring.
It was Gabe.
William answered it, "Hello?" he asked.
"Hey Will, why are you answering Stevie's phone?" he asked with slight confusion.
William didn't know what to say.
"Shit, is she ok? How bad did he hurt her?!" he asked worriedly.
"She's unconscious Gabe, she's been pretty badly beaten." William explained.
"Fuck!" Gabe said frustratedly.
"Michael and Tash found her in the park, she's at my place right now." William told Gabe.
"Don't let her go back there." Gabe pleaded.
"I won't." William assured him.
"Ok, take care of her man. She's a little sister to me." Gabe said to him.
"I will, I'll call you later." William said.
"Thanks man. Bye." Gabe said and hung up.
William hung up and put Stevie's phone beside her again.
Stevie started to stir.
"I think she's waking up." Michael said.
"Ok, why don't you guys go? I'll take care of her." William said.
"You sure?" Tash asked.
"Yeah I'm sure. Go on." William shooed them both away.
Stevie's eyes opened slightly, and widened in fear.
She sat up quickly, but fell back down clutching her stomach and groaned.
"Stevie, its ok. It’s me, William. Are you alright?" he asked concernedly.
She slightly nodded, and tears shined in her eyes.
"Come on, I'll take you to the guest room." William said, and helped her up and grabbed her phone.
He helped her walk to the guest room, and she lied on the bed.
"Thank you Will." She said quietly.
"I didn't do anything. Michael and Tash found you. You can thank them in the morning." William told her.
She nodded, and closed her eyes.
William pulled the covers over her, and kissed her forehead.
"G'night Stevie." He said.
"Night Will." She said quietly, as William left the room and closed the door.
[End of 3rd person POV]
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