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Chapter 13

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I woke up not knowing whose room I was in.
All I remembered was running into the park, and then... nothing.
'Shit!' I thought, throwing the covers off of me.
Then it came back to me, Will!
I'm at his house, I vaguely remember talking to him last night.
As I walked to the door, I caught my reflection in a mirror.
I gasped.
My face was bruised, my lip was cut, my eye was slightly swollen and there were finger mark bruises on my arms.
I lifted up my dress to see my stomach, it was bruised red, and purple.
I let my dress back down, and began to cry.
The door opened, and somebody pulled me into a hug.
“Shh, it’s ok Stevie.” William said soothingly.
After a minute or so, I calmed down.
“Thanks Will.” I sniffed, and wiped my eyes with the back of my hand.
“No problem, come on, Michael and Tash want to see if you’re ok.” He said, taking my hand and leading me into the lounge room.
Michael and Tash were sitting on the couch, mugs of coffee in hand and talking.
They heard us and turned around, “How’re you feeling?” Michael asked.
“Umm, sore.” I replied honestly.
“What happened?” Tash asked.
“I think I’m gonna go.” I said, avoiding the question and approaching the door.
William grabbed my arm, and I whimpered because it was already bruised.
“Shit, sorry Stevie. But I promised Gabe I’d look after you.” He told me.
“You don’t have to look after me William, I appreciate it and everything but-”
“I promised.” He told me.
I sighed, “Ok. But I need to get my stuff.” I told him.
“You look about the same size as Tash, why don’t you just borrow her clothes?” William suggested.
“Because I don’t want to depend on anybody.” I told him.
"Ok, fine. But me and Michael are going with you." He told me sternly.
I nodded.
"What time are they not home?" he asked me.
I looked at the clock on the wall, 8:15am.
"Now." I answered.
He grabbed his keys, and we all hopped into his car.
As I put my seatbelt on, I whimpered in pain.
"What's wrong?" William asked concernedly.
"Nothing, it just... hurts." I told him.
"What hurts?" Michael asked.
"My stomach." I replied.
"Show me." William said.
I pulled up my dress, and exposed my stomach in its bruised glory.
There was a sharp intake of breath, "Let's go, the quicker we leave, the quicker we can come back." William said, and they sped off towards my place.
A few minutes later, we arrived and there were no cars out the front.
I gulped, knowing they could just be toying with my mind.
"G-guys, do you think you could come in with me?" I asked nervously.
"There's not way in hell we'd let you go in alone." William said.
I smiled weakly, and we got out of the car.
Tash stayed behind, just in case we needed to make a speedy getaway.
William grabbed my hand and we walked up to the front door.
I turned the knob, and it was unlocked.
I looked at William who smiled and squeezed my hand tighter.
We all walked into the house, and up to my room.
William went in first and checked if anyone else was in there, the coast was clear so we all went in.
Underneath my bed, I pulled out a suitcase and chucked every item of clothing in, my shoes, underwear, iPod, laptop and a few other things.
I zipped up the suitcase, and looked around my room once more.
After spotting my journals, I undid my suitcase, chucked them in, and we walked out of my room.
As we were walking down the stairs, I felt that something was off.
And I was right.
Before we had reached the door, my dad walked in with a look of fury upon his face.
My eyes widened in fear.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" he slurred and staggered towards me.
"I-I'm leaving." I said, trying to sound confident.
"Leaving? After we clothed you, fed you and kept a roof over your head?! I don't fucking think so!" he said angrily, and got closer to us.
Michael and William stepped in front of me to protect me.
My dad threw a punch at William, and it was on!
Michael and William were throwing punches, and my dad was fighting back just as hard.
Michael got hit to the ground, and William rushed over to him, helping him back up.
I was still where I was before, frozen in fear.
Before I knew it, my dad was in front of me and punching me in the stomach once again.
I leaned over clutching my stomach, and he forcefully threw me against the wall.
I hit my head hard, and everything went black.

[William's POV]
He threw Stevie against the wall hard, and I heard a sickening crack.
I immediately rushed over to him, and socked him one in the face.
He was knocked out cold.
Michael picked up Stevie's suitcase, and I picked her up and we rushed to the car.
Michael jumped into the front, and I laid Stevie down on my lap in the back.
"Hospital!" I said urgently to Tash, and we sped off.
Minutes later we arrived at the hospital, and we ran Stevie into the ER.
"Please help us. She got thrown against the wall, and the back of her head is bleeding." I told the nurse behind the desk.
She hurriedly got up, and another man came over with a gurney.
They laid Stevie down, and raced down the hall.
Michael, Tash and I, all sat down in the uncomfortable plastic chairs in the waiting room hoping that Stevie would be alright.
I had broken my promise to Gabe, some friend I am.
A few minutes passed, and my phone went off, it was Gabe.
"Hello?" I asked.
"What the hell man? I asked you to look after her and she's in fucking hospital! What the fuck happened?!" he asked angrily.
After explaining everything, he had told me he was on his way with Vicky, Ryan and Brendon, and they'd be here in a few hours.
Not long after that, the nurse came out and explained to me Stevie had been in here a fair few times and told them to always call Gabe for he was her emergency contact.
"Is she alright?" Michael asked from beside me.
"She's fine. We had to clean up the back of her head, and she's got some nasty bruises. But other than that, she's fine." The nurse told us.
"Can we see her?" I asked.
She nodded, and led us to Stevie's room.
[End of William's POV]
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