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Chapter 14

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I opened my eyes slightly and instantly closed them due to the whiteness of it all.
After opening my eyes for a second time, I realised I was in hospital.
This isn't the first time, but the other times I brought myself here.
'What the hell happened?!' I asked myself.
"Stevie? Are you ok?" somebody asked and came towards me.
It was the nurse who had always tended to me, "Hi Mrs Simmons." I replied.
"It’s terrible to see you again dear," She said with a serious face, "we need to stop seeing each other like this." She smiled.
"I know. Sorry." I said.
"Don't be sorry dear, it’s not your fault. Do you want me to let your friends in?" She asked me.
"Umm, yeah, ok. Thanks Mrs Simmons." I said, and she walked out of the room.
There was a rush of footsteps into the room.
"Stevie, are you ok?!" William and Michael asked.
"Yeah, I'm ok. My head canes like a bitch though." I slightly chuckled.
"Do you want me to ask for some painkillers?" Michael asked.
"No, it'll go away. So, uhh, what happened?" I asked them.
"Your dad kinda threw you against the wall." William said.
"Oh." Was all I said.
"Well, I have to go. I've got work, I hope you feel better Stevie." Tash said.
"I'll drive you, that way we can have the car." Michael said, and they walked out.
William came, and sat next to me.
"Why does he hate me? I've done everything they've ever told me to do! Was I a mistake?" I started to cry.

[William's POV]
She was sobbing uncontrollably.
The nurse from before came in, "Stevie dear, I want you to take this ok?" she asked kindly, handing her a pill and a cup of water.
Stevie sniffed, and did what she was asked.
After taking the pill, she was still crying, just not as much.
A few minutes later, she had fallen asleep, with her tears staining her face.
"Nurse, what did you give her?" I asked, slightly worried.
"Its ok dear, I gave her a mild sedative. I hate it when she gets worked up like that." She said, looking at Stevie with kind eyes.
"How do you know her?" I asked her.
She sighed, "Stevie's been in and out of here since she was 13. And every time she's come in, I've been here. She didn't have anyone else until 2 years ago, when she was 16, she met Gabriel. Such a nice young man." She told me.
I nodded my head, "When will she wake up?" I asked.
"In a few hours. You can stay in here if you'd like to." She smiled, and walked out of the room.
I walked back over to the chair besides Stevie and sat down.
The tears she had been crying stained her face.
I grabbed a tissue, and wiped them off carefully.
Now, its time to play the waiting game.

A few hours later, Gabe, Vicky, Ryan, and Brendon practically ran into the room.
Michael and me were sitting beside Stevie's bed.
"Shh!" I said to them, and pointed to a sleeping Stevie.
They all looked at her, concern and worry etched into their features.
"Is she ok?" Ryan asked worriedly.
I nodded, "She had some stitches, and she's pretty bruised, but other than that, she's ok." I replied.
Ryan walked over to her, and kissed her cheek.
[End of William's POV]

Somebody kissed my cheek, it tingled from their touch.
"She'll be ok Ry. She's strong." I heard, who I think, was Vicky say.
I opened my eyes, and saw what seemed to be weird looking blobs.
After my eyes adjusted, I realised it was (deep breath!) William, Michael, Gabe, Vicky, Brendon and Ryan.
"Hi." I said quietly, and all eyes were on me.
"Stevie! Are you ok?" Gabe and Vicky asked me.
"I'm ok." I lied, what exactly are you supposed to say?
'I got thrown against a wall, I have stitches in the back of my head, I'm bruised head to toe, my father caused it, and my own brother isn't here. I'm just dandy!'
"I was so worried about you Princess." Gabe said concernedly, and gave me a hug carefully.
"Hey! I was worried too!" Vicky said to me.
I smiled, "Thanks for being worried about me. I should be used to this though." I told them.
"Nobody should ever get used to this Stevie. Nobody should even have to go through it!" Brendon told me.
I smiled weakly.
"Stevie, I'm gonna be outside. I'll talk to Mrs Simmons and ask when you can get out ok?" Gabe said and looked at everyone else.
This must be some code, because everybody, except Brendon and Ryan, left.
"What's going on?" I asked confusedly.
"Well, we were wondering if you'd like to come back to Vegas with us." Brendon said.
"But I-"
"Please Stevie, I've never felt so scared from a phone call before." Ryan pleaded.
"Why are you both being so nice to me?" I asked as tear slid down my cheek.
Ryan brushed it away with his thumb, "Because we care about you. Especially me Stevie, I don't want to lose you." Ryan said, with sadness in his eyes.
"Ok." I agreed.
His eyes sparkled, "Really?" he asked happily.
I nodded, and smiled at the both of them.
Just then, I heard a commotion outside, and my dad yell.
I cowered back in my bed, "Ryan." I mumbled.
He heard and quickly kissed my cheek and hugged me, "it's gonna be ok." He told me.
Brendon moved closer to me as well.
"Where's my daughter?!" my dad screamed.
I started to shake, 'Why can't he just leave me alone?!' I thought angrily.
Brendon ran up to the door and locked it, I wanted to thank him but I couldn't speak, I was too scared that he'd hear me.
A few minutes later, there was a timid knock at the door.
Brendon walked over to it, and opened it carefully.
It was Gabe and Mrs Simmons.
"Its ok Stevie, security took him away." Mrs Simmons assured me.
I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding, and breathed in normally.
"Gabe's signed the papers dear, you can go now." Mrs Simmons smiled.
She walked up to me and handed me my clothes, seeing as I was in a set of hospital PJ's.
Everybody left my room so I could change.
Once I was changed, I walked out of the room and Ryan wrapped his arm around my waist.
Mrs Simmons was walking over to me.
Ryan let me go, and I hugged her.
"Thank you, for everything." I whispered in her ear.
"Your welcome dear. Now I don't want to see you in here again." She smiled as we parted.
"Bye Mrs Simmons." I said kindly, and walked back to Ryan.
"Bye dear, stay safe!" she called after me.
Ryan put his arm around my waist once again, and walked me outside.
"Thanks Ry. I'm sorry you have to see me like this." I told him as I looked down at my feet.
He stopped walking, and lifted my head up, "It’s not your fault, and therefore you have nothing to be sorry about." He smiled at me and kissed me softly on the lips.
"Ooh!" somebody said, and we turned around to see everyone, and I mean everyone, smiling at us.
I blushed immensely and Ryan just chuckled.
"Sorry to embarrass the lovebirds, but we're all heading back to Bill's. Coming?" Gabe asked.
Me and Ryan both nodded, before getting into the car with William and Michael.
Gabe, Vicky and Brendon took a cab and followed us there.
About 10 or so minutes later, we arrived at William's place.
We all got out of the car, and I grabbed my suitcase.
"Here, let me take it." Ryan said, taking my suitcase from me.
"Thanks Ry, but you don't have to." I told him.
He smiled at me, and walked up to the house with my suitcase and me following at his side.
He placed my suitcase in the guest room, which I slept in the night before, and we walked back out to everyone else who was in the lounge room.
"So, is everyone hungry?" William asked.
There were "yeah's," and "uh huh's" as answers.
"Where should we eat?" William asked.
Nobody could think of an answer.
"I'll cook." I offered.
Everybody looked at me like I had 3 heads.
"You can cook?" Michael asked.
"Well, I've had to cook every night for my family since I was 13 so, yeah, I can cook." I replied.
"What can you cook?" Brendon asked.
"Anything really... I think, tell me what you want and I'll make it." I said.
"Well, lets all agree on something, that way you don't have to make, like a gazillion things." Vicky said.
I smiled.
"Huddle!" Gabe cried dramatically.
Everyone except me huddled and discussed what they wanted.
While they did that, I looked through William's kitchen checking out where everything was.
"Princess!" Gabe called.
I walked back over to them, and they had decided.
"What'll it be?" I asked.
William and Michael cracked up laughing.
"What the fuck?" I mumbled, as I watched them.
William's laughter died down, "Sorry, you just reminded me of something I had to do for TAI TV." He explained and chuckled slightly.
"Ok, you're weird," Gabe stated, "Anyways! Do you know how to cook Spaghetti Bolognaise?" he asked.
I nodded, it was a basic thing that I'd cook.
Everyone smiled.
"Uhh Stevie? Could you leave some pasta plain? I'm a vegetarian." Brendon told me.
"Sure, if you like garlic and broccoli I can make you this other pasta dish. It’s nice." I told him.
"Ok, thanks." He smiled.
I walked out of the room, and into the kitchen.
After getting out some pots, a strainer, and the makings for all the pasta, I got to work.
Ryan came into the kitchen, and hugged me from behind.
I placed my hands over his, and leant into him.
"Wanna hand?" he whispered in my ear, making my shiver.
"Uhh, yeah. You can cut up the broccoli." I said to him.
He kissed my neck, and let go, making a beeline for the broccoli.
I filled the pots with water, and put them on the stove to boil.
30 minutes later, the pasta and broccoli was cooking and I had gotten the mince and sauce cooked also.
I strained the pasta (plus broccoli) and made up the 2 different types of pasta.
In one of the pots I put some garlic and oil with the broccoli, and the other had the bolognaise sauce with the mince.
Arrgh, I'm confusing when I cook.
After serving the pasta into bowels, I called out to the cavalry, "Dinners ready!" and they all bounded in.
I handed them each a bowel which they graciously accepted, and they all walked into the lounge room to eat.
Not feeling hungry, I walked into the guestroom and lied down, but being careful of my head.
I stared up at the ceiling, thinking about everything.
The beatings, my dad, mum, Jack, Ryan and moving to Vegas.
A few minutes later, the door opened, and the bed shifted under new weight.
I turned around and saw Ryan sitting there.
"Hey." I smiled.
"Hey. You ok?" he asked.
I nodded, "I'm fine, just tired is all." I assured him.
He lied next to me, and pulled me into his arms.
I smiled, "You're amazing." I told him.
"You're beautiful." He replied.
I blushed, and laid my head on his chest.
He kissed the top of my head, "Are you gonna fall asleep?" he asked.
I nodded, knowing sooner or later that I would.
"Why don't you get changed, make yourself more comfortable." He suggested.
I nodded once again, and got up from the bed, and made my way towards my suitcase.
I pulled out a pair of shorts plus a tank top and got changed in the adjoining bathroom.
Once I had put my old clothes back in my suitcase, I got under the covers with Ryan.
"You look cute." He smiled.
"As do you Mr Ross." I replied and rested my head on his chest once again.
"Goodnight Stevie." He said to me, bringing my face closer to his and kissing my lips gently.
I smiled into the kiss, he was such a gentlemen.
We parted and he kissed my forehead before I lie back on his chest, and let his heartbeat take me off to sleep.

[Ryan's POV]
After we parted, I kissed her forehead and she laid her head on my chest again.
A few minutes later, she was asleep.
There was a quiet knock at the door.
"Come in!" I whisper shouted.
The door opened, and in walked Gabe.
"Hey." I said quietly.
"Hey, is she asleep?" he asked.
"Yeah, fell asleep a minute ago." I replied.
He walked over, and looked at her, "Ry, make sure you look after her." He told me.
"I promise I will Gabe. I really care about her." I told him.
He smiled, "She's lucky to have you Ry. We're all about to hit the hay, so, goodnight." He said and walked towards the door.
"Night Gabe, and... Thanks." I smiled.
He returned the smile, and closed the door.
I looked down at Stevie, she looked so peaceful, and the moonlight gave her a beautiful glow.
You couldn't see the bruises, she looked... Flawless.
I kissed her forehead once again, closed my eyes, and let sleep wash over me, holding the one I care about close to me.
[End of Ryan's POV]
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