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Chapter 15

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The next morning, I woke up facing Ryan.
He looked so cute asleep.
I kissed him gently on the lips, and was surprised when he started to kiss back.
His lips curled into a smile, I could feel it.
“Morning.” I said as we parted.
He smiled, “What a nice thing to wake up to.”
I giggled, “I didn’t think you were awake.” I told him.
“I’ve been awake for a while. Just resting.” He replied.
“Oh. Makes sense.” I smiled.
He leaned in and kissed me again on the lips, gently.
“Come on, let’s get some breakfast.” Ryan said, pulling me out of bed and into the kitchen.
We got into the kitchen, and nobody else was in there.
In fact, nobody else was awake.
“What should we make for brekkie?” I asked Ryan.
“Umm, I don’t know.” He said, scratching his head.
“I’ll make French toast then. Bren will eat that right?” I asked.
“Yeah, I think he will.” Ryan replied, as he sat on a kitchen stool.
I got out the makings, and began to cook.
Ryan put his hands on my hips, and lowered his mouth next to my ear, “You’re cute when you cook.” He whispered.
I chuckled, and continued to cook.
A minute or so later, doors were opening and closing and people were making their way into the kitchen.
“Jeez, you cook dinner and breakfast?! I’m staying at this hotel more often!” Tash joked, as she sat down on a stool.
I served up the toast onto plates, and everybody said their ‘thankyous’ and took a plate each.
We all walked into the lounge room, and sat down on the couches.
“So, what's happening today?” I asked everyone.
“We have to go into the Fuelled by Ramen office today.” William replied.
“All of you?” I asked sadly.
They nodded, “Umm, that’s cool. Maybe I can just hang out with Tash.” I said.
“Sure, no problem.” She smiled.
I nodded, and sat back into the couch next to Ryan.
“Why aren’t you eating?” he asked me quietly.
I looked down at my toast and shrugged, “Not really hungry.” I replied.
“You ok?” he asked worriedly.
“I’m fine Ry.” I assured him, and leant my head on his shoulder.
A few minutes passed, and everybody was having a conversation.
“Hey Ry? I’m just gonna have a shower.” I told him.
“Ok.” He replied, kissing my forehead before I walked away.
I walked into the guest room, grabbed some clothes, and walked into the adjoining bathroom.
After turning the shower on, and adjusting it to become the perfect temperature, I took off my PJ’s, and stepped under the water.
Being careful of my head, I cleaned up, and stepped out of the shower.
I slipped on my 3/4 length black shorts, and white top with red suspenders.
I carefully ran my fingers through my hair, put some lip gloss on and put my glasses on.
After walking out of the bathroom, I noticed Ryan sitting on the bed, playing with his phone.
"Hi." I said to him.
"Hey." He replied.
I sat next to him, "Whatcha doing?" I asked in a sing song voice.
He chuckled, "Texting Spence." He replied.
"Can you tell him I say hi?" I asked and smiled.
"Sure." He replied, quickly typing something, then shoving his phone back into his pocket.
I smiled and leaned into kiss him.
Our lips connected, and we kissed gently.
Ryan's lips parted from mine, and he kissed the side of my jaw, making me shiver.
He smiled, and kissed my lips again before we parted.
I smiled, and we left the room and walked back into the lounge room.
Everybody else was in there, changed and ready for the upcoming day.
"Ready to go Ry?" Brendon asked.
"Already?" Brendon nodded, "Yeah, I'm ready," he turned to me and kissed me softly, "I'll see you soon babe." He said to me.
"Bye hun." I replied, and he walked off with everyone.
Tash was sitting on the couch watching Sailor Moon.
I practically jumped onto the couch beside her, "Ahh! I love this show!" I smiled.
"Yeah! It’s fucking awesome!" she laughed.
We were interrupted from Sailor Moon, by Tash's phone ringing.
She answered it quickly, "Hello? Now? Alright, I'll be there soon, bye!" she hung up and groaned.
"I just got called into work, you mind hanging out there today?" she asked.
"Where do you work?" I asked back.
"Hot Topic." She replied.
"Sure, sounds fun." I said.
"Cool, just let me go get ready." Tash said to me, and walked to her room.
5 minutes later, she emerged wearing black skinnies, black short sleeved blouse with red suspenders, and red converses.
"You look swish." I complimented.
She laughed a bit, "Thanks. Come on, let’s get going." She smiled.
I grabbed my phone and wallet, and headed outside to her car.
Tash locked up the house, and then we got in the car, and drove towards the mall.

2 hours later, the store is empty, and we're mucking around just like old friends.
Tash has gone around, handing me random clothes to try on.
We were standing behind the desk, mucking around on the computer when I saw my Mum walk in.
"Oh shit!" I said, ducking down behind the counter, hoping she wouldn't see me.
"What's wrong?" Tash mouthed to me.
"My Mum!" I said nervously, "Don't let her know I'm here!" I begged.
She nodded, and looked up.
"Hi, how can I help you?" she asked in a 'fake-nice' voice.
"I thought I saw my daughter in here. She ran away when there are chores to do! Can you believe that?!" my Mum shouted.
"Sorry Ma'am." Tash replied coolly.
"Her names Stevie, and if you see that little bitch, tell her to get her fucking ass home!"
"Ok." Tash replied.
My mum huffed, "Thanks for nothing!" she said and walked out of the shop.
Tears were rolling down my cheeks, 'Why should I care that they don't give a damn about me?!' I thought angrily.
Tash knelt down beside me, "What a bitch!" she exclaimed.
I laughed slightly and she helped me up, "Thanks." I smiled and wiped some of my tears away.
"No problem." She replied.
I went kinda quiet after that, walking around the shop, looking over my shoulder just in case my Mum came back.
"Calm down Stevie, I'm sure she's long gone!" Tash said to me, trying to calm me down.
"Sorry, I just get really paranoid sometimes." I told her.
"It’s cool." She smiled, and walked off to serve a customer.
I flipped through some of the clothes on the rack.
When I grew bored, I walked back over to Tash, who had a sheet of white canvas material.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"I was thinking of making a sign, 'cause I got these paint markers but I don't know what to say." She told me.
She started to laugh, "Wait, I’ve got an idea." she cried, and began to paint.
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