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Chapter 16

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An hour later, the sign was finished.
It read, ‘William your hips don’t lie.’
"Haha, this is awesome!" Tash laughed as we looked at the finished product.
She folded it up once it dried, and we decided to try on some more clothes.
After another hour of mucking around, we grew bored, and decided to just hang out behind the counter.
A few minutes passed, and I thought I saw my Mum so I ducked down quickly.
Tash looked at me and said, "Its ok, that wasn't her."
I nodded, and was about to get up when I heard the door open again.
My paranoia got the best of me again, and I stayed where I was and started to shake a bit.
"Stevie?" somebody aside from Tash asked.
I looked up and saw Ryan's head poking over the counter.
I gave him a weak smile, before Tash helped me up.
"H-hi." I said to him.
"Are you ok?" he asked worriedly.
"Yeah, I'm ok now." I tell him.
"Umm, ok. Missed you." He said, kissing my cheek.
I giggle, and cuddle him.
"Hey, where's Will?" Tash asked.
"He should be here in," Ryan looked at his watch, "3, 2, 1!"
Just as he said 1, William, Gabe, Vicky, Michael and Brendon burst through the door.
"Spooky timing." I muttered.
Ryan laughed, and pulled me closer to him.
"Come on guys! We're hungry, and taking you out for lunch!" Brendon exclaimed happily.
"Uhh, you guys have perfect timing because my shift just ended." Tash said happily.
Just then, a man walked in and Tash hugged him quickly.
"All yours Ben. See you later!" she said, grabbing Michael's hand and basically bolting out of the shop.
We all followed after them, me holding Ryan's hand.
Every few steps, I'd look over my shoulder, hoping nobody would notice.
Unfortunately, Ryan did and looked at me strangely, "Babe, are you alright?" he asked worriedly.
"I'm just feeling a bit paranoid." I answered.
"Why?" he asked.
By now we had stopped, but Tash had come over to us.
"Her Mum came into the store looking for her.” she told Ryan.
"Do you wanna go back to Will's house?" he asked me.
"No, I'm just gonna keep my eyes open for her." I told him.
He nodded in agreement and we caught up to the guys who were walking into a Pizza Parlour.
"Stevie! I ordered you plain ham & cheese." Gabe smiled.
"Awwe thanks Gabanti!" I smiled.
We all sat down in a booth close to the door, but secluded enough so people weren't ambushing them.
The pizzas were served, and I nibbled a piece of mine, keeping a lookout for my Mum.
Ryan grabbed my hand under the table, and squeezed it lightly.
I looked over, and smiled at him.
"So, when are you guys heading back to the land of sins?" Gabe asked Ryan and Brendon.
"Umm, Ry?" Brendon asked.
"A few days. I don't know really." Ryan answered.
The rest of lunch was full of conversation, and laughter.
"Hey Stevie? Can I talk to you for a sec?" Michael asked.
"Sure." I replied, and we walked away from the others.
"What's up?" I asked.
"How do you ask a girl out? I mean, I know, it’s just that I need some help." He explained.
"Umm, I don't know. Am I assuming you want to ask Tash out?" I asked.
He nodded.
"Ok, just ask her to go to dinner and see where it goes from there I guess." I told him.
"Thanks." He smiled.
I nodded, and we walked back over to the group.
"Everything alright?" Ryan asked.
"Yeah, everything’s fine." I told him and sat back down.
"Stevie, you wanna go out for a while? Just us?" he asked.
"On a date?" I asked back.
He smiled, "Yeah." He replied.
"I'd love to." I smiled brightly.
We said our goodbyes to everyone, before heading off on our own.
We held hands, and walked down the street together.
We had been walking for 10 minutes in comfortable silence when I saw a park.
"Race ya!" I called, and sprinted towards it.
I heard Ryan chuckle, and his footsteps coming up behind me.
"You’re such a little kid!" he yelled, just like when we played Chasy the other week.
"You love it!" I responded laughing.
He grabbed me around my waist, and this time, we both fell down onto the grass.
"Ouch!" I said when my stomach hit the ground.
"Are you ok?" Ryan asked.
"Yeah, just landed on my bruise." I replied.
"You sure you're ok?" he asked.
"I'm fine." I assured him.
Ryan was lying beside me, and we were watching the clouds.
"Stevie, you're still gonna come back to Vegas right?" Ryan asked hopefully.
"As long as you still want me too." I replied, turning my head slightly towards Ryan.
He turned and faced me, "Of course I still want you to!" he said sincerely.
"Ok then." I smiled, and looked back up at the sky.
Ryan grabbed my hand, and laced his fingers with mine.
I felt a blush rising in my cheeks, and I smiled.
"Do you wanna go and do anything?" Ryan asked.
"As long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter." I said, and looked over at him.
I chuckled at my cliché-ness.
He smiled, "I like it when you laugh Stevie." He told me, inching closer to me.
"Well, I like you." I replied, turning a shade of crimson.
"Good, because I like you too." He said, moving even closer to me, and placing a soft, sweet kiss on my lips.
The kiss became more intense, and Ryan was on top of me.
I found myself smiling into the kiss, I could feel Ryan smiling too.
After hearing an older woman yell at us, we got up, and walked away.
My cheeks were burning from embarrassment.
We laced our fingers together, and started to walk back to William's house.
"Heya kids! What's cracking?" Gabe asked as we walked through the door.
"Umm, not much?" I asked more than said.
"Good, we're going out to a club tonight!" he said happily.
"Uhh, ok. What time?" Ryan asked.
"I dunno, later I guess." Gabe shrugged, and walked away.
"Come on." Ryan said, and we walked to the guest room.
When we walked past William's room, something caught my eye and I burst out laughing.
Hanging on his door was the sign that me & Tash had made today.
"What's so-" Ryan raised an eyebrow, "What is that?" he chuckled.
"Tash got bored today, so we made this." I told him, and we continued towards the guest room.
Once we got into the guestroom and closed the door, Ryan's lips were on mine.
I smiled into the kiss, after a few more moments, we parted.
"Wow." I smiled, and looked into his eyes.
He smiled back, and pushed some of my hair behind my ear, "You wanna go to the club tonight?" he asked.
"Yeah, it sounds like fun." I replied, and we lied down on the bed.
Ryan twirled my hair around in his fingers.
We stayed like this for a good half hour, just enjoying each others company, when there was a knock at the door.
I got up, and opened it.
"Hey." Brendon said.
"Hey, what's up?" I asked.
"Is Ryan here?" he asked.
"Yeah, he's gagged and bound on the bed." I said seriously.
I opened the door further, and Ryan started laughing at the shocked look on Brendon's face.
"Whoa, I believed you! Nice acting skills." Brendon complimented.
"Ta love." I replied, sitting back on my bed.
Brendon followed, "So are you guys coming tonight?" he asked.
"Yeah, where are we going?" Ryan asked.
"No idea," Brendon said honestly, "Gabe doesn't exactly plan all these things perfectly." He smiled.
"True." I replied.
"Haha, I forgot you've known him for a fair while. How did you meet anyways?" Brendon asked.
"They were doing a photo shoot and I was there as an intern kinda thing. Just learning a bit more, you know? Anyways, the photographer called in sick, and said I would have to do the shoot for him. So, yeah." I replied.
"So, you're like a pro photographer?" Ryan asked.
"No, I just enjoy it." I shrugged.
"That's cool. So, what's the time?" Ryan asked Brendon.
"It is currently... 7pm, slightly overcast, with many stars." Brendon answered, looking at us seriously before chuckling a bit.
"7pm already? Whoa." I mumbled.
Gabe waltzed into the room, "Gentlemen, and Princess, we shall be leaving here in an hour for dinner, then proceeding to a club. So get ready!" he told us, before skipping out of the room.
"Umm, Alrighty then." I stated.
"Well, I'm gonna go and get dolled up." Brendon said, leaving the room, and closing the door behind him.
"I don't know what to wear," I told Ryan, "I don't normally go out anywhere."
"Why don't you ask Tash? I'm sure she'll lend you something." Ryan suggested.
"Ok, I'll be back." I told him, before pecking him in the lips and making my way to Tash's room.
I knocked on the door 3 times, a few seconds later Tash answered it whilst brushing her hair.
“Hey, what’s up?” she asked.
“I was kinda wondering if I could borrow something to wear tonight.” I asked shyly.
“Sure! No problem, come in.” she said, closing the door behind me and walking into her wardrobe.
A few minutes later, she emerged with a short, halter black dress with a purple tinge effect.
“Wow! Are you sure you’re ok with me wearing this?” I asked.
“Absolutely! And here, take these.” She said, handing me a pair of black heels.
“Thanks! Can I get changed in here?” I asked.
“Sure! If you want, I’ll do your make up too.” She smiled.
“Thank you so much.” I smiled back, and walked into her bathroom to get ready.
I came out a few minutes later in the dress, and Tash curled my hair slightly, and applied some make up on me.
Not too much, just some lip gloss, eyeliner, eye shadow and shimmer on my shoulder, chest and cheeks.
“You look hot.” Tash smiled.
“Thanks… is it too much though?” I asked.
“No, it’s perfect. Ryan will love it.” She smiled.
I blushed, “Umm, thanks. I’ll see you soon.”
She smiled again, and I walked back to the guest room.
Ryan was in there, pulling on a grey blazer over his black shirt, and black skinnies.
I quietly walked behind him, and placed my hands over his eyes.
“Whoa.” He said, I giggled.
“I know that giggle, Stevie!” he said, and turned around.
I smiled at him, “You look handsome.” I told him.
He didn’t reply, he just stared, “That bad huh? I’ll change into something else.” I said, and made my way towards my suitcase.
He grabbed my arm, and twirled me back to him, “You look amazing.” He told me, and kissed me lightly on the lips.
I smiled, "Thanks." I said quietly.
There was a loud knock at the door, and it opened quickly.
"Stevie, can I borrow the Chanel slip dress?" Vicky asked.
"Sure babe." I answered before going over to my suitcase and flinging it at her.
"Thanks!" she said excitedly, before running out of the room.
I chuckled slightly, and Ryan laced his fingers with mine, and we walked into the living room.
When we got out there, Tash's outfit caught my eye.
She was wearing a black low cut V-necked shirt, with a red tartan skirt, knee high white socks, black converses and a skinny white tie.
Michael was standing beside her, wearing a black shirt, skinnies, and a fedora.
Tash picked it off his head, and put it on her own.
He smiled.
Gabe, William, Brendon and Vicky entered a minute later.
"Awwe Vicky! You look gorgeous!" I exclaimed.
"Thanks babe!" she smiled brightly.
"Ok, ok! We all look damn fine! Now let’s get going!" Gabe said happily.
We grabbed all of our things, and made our way to the cars.
I was in the car with Ryan, Brendon and Gabe.
Ryan was driving, Brendon was riding shotgun, and me and Gabe were in the back.
Brendon and Ryan were talking and laughing.
Something was bothering me, so I turned to Gabe.
"Uhh, Gabe?" I asked quietly.
He turned to me, "Yeah Princess?"
"Have you uhh, heard from Jack?" I asked him hopefully.
His face fell, "No hun, I haven't. I called him the other day you were in hospital thought." He told me.
"Oh, ok." I replied, not knowing what to say exactly.
I turned away from Gabe, and stared out of the window.
My brother didn't care about me.
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