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Chapter 17

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The music and heat hit us as we walked into the club.
Ryan held my hand, and we all walked to the back of the club to a booth.
Sisky, the Butcher, and Mike were all there.
I was kinda hoping to see Jack, but knew I was kidding myself.
"Hey guys!" Sisky yelled over the music.
He came over, and hugged me.
"Awwe I missed you to Sisky!" I chuckled.
"What about us?" Mike and the Butcher pouted.
"Of course! I missed you all." I smiled, and we all slid into the booth.
"So, what's happened with you? Haven't heard from you guys in a few days." Mike said as he sipped his beer.
"Not much really, just hanging out." Gabe replied.
'I'll thank him later.' I mentally noted.
"Do you guys want a drink?" Sisky asked everyone.
Everybody told him what they wanted, and he walked over to the bar, the Butcher and William not that far behind him.
It was hard to hear anyone over the music that I swear had just gotten 10 times louder!
“Stevie! Dance with me!” Tash exclaimed, grabbing my hand and leading me to the dance floor.
I looked back at Ryan and smiled, he smiled back, and turned away to talk to Gabe.
Me and Tash were jumping up and down, dancing, laughing and having a good time.
“Why doesn’t Michael come over and dance?” Tash asked.
I shrugged, “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him?” I asked.
Even though it was kinda dark, you could tell she was blushing.
“I can’t.” she said.
We continued to dance, and Brendon joined us not long after.
“Hey Bren!” me and Tash shouted at the same time.
We looked at each other and started laughing.
All 3 of us started jumping up and down, and dancing.
I looked over to Ryan, but saw Michael staring at the three of us, a look of jealousy apparent on his face.
“I’ll be right back guys.” I smiled to Brendon and Tash, and made my way over to Michael.
“Hey.” I said into his ear.
“Hey.” He replied sadly.
“Go dance with her!” I told him.
“I can’t.” he said.
“Go! She wants to dance with you!” I told him.
His face lit up a bit, “Really?” he asked.
“Yes! Now go!” I said, pushing him in Tash’s direction.
He said something to Brendon, who then walked away, and began to dance with Tash.
Michael leant down, and kissed her gently.
I smiled, and Brendon came up to me.
“Finally! We’ve been waiting for him to make a move on her forever!” he exclaimed dramatically.
I laughed, and a pair of arms encircled my waist.
“Wanna dance?” Ryan asked into my ear.
I nodded and we stepped over to the dance floor.
Once we got there, Ryan placed his hands on my hips, and we danced together.
The heat pulsed through the air, and an hour later, we were both feeling it.
We walked back to the booth, but before we did, I bought myself bottled water.
I greedily drank it as we sat down in the booth.
"Can I have some?" Ryan asked.
"Sure." I replied, handing him the half empty drink bottle which he gulped down in less than 10 seconds.
Tash and Michael walked over, holding hands and sat down.
Everybody cheered.
Michael started to drink some beer, and Tash was drinking a Raspberry Cruiser.
"Steeevie!" the Butcher and Sisky slurred.
"Uh, hey guys." I smiled nervously.
"Wanna dr-drink?" Sisky asked, holding out a glass full of blue liquid.
"No thanks, I'm ok." I told him.
He shrugged, and skulled it down.
They both laughed drunkenly, and walked back to the dance floor.
"You ok?" Ryan asked into my ear.
I nodded, "I think I'm gonna go and get some air." I told him.
"Want me to come?" he asked.
I shook my head, "It's cool. I'll come back in later." I told him.
He smiled, and kissed my lips gently.
I smiled into the kiss before getting up and walking away, taking my phone with me.
After making my way through the crowd, I got outside, letting the cool air hit me.
I walked over to a bench, sat down, and held my phone.
Thoughts of Jack raced through my head, Where was he?
After staring at my phone for a while, somebody came and sat next to me.
I looked over, and saw Gabe smile at me.
"Hey." He said to me.
"Hey." I said quietly.
He sighed, "Why don't you call him?" he asked.
I shrugged, "He doesn't care anyways." I replied.
"Stevie, I'm sure he does... But something must have happened and he got caught up. He's probably busy." Gabe told me.
That's when I felt angry, "Busy? Too busy to come and see his sister after our father beat the crap outta me?! Does he not love me? Did I do something wrong? Tell me Gabe, am I that much of a fuck-up?" I broke down and began to sob.
He quickly took me into his arms, "Sweetheart, you're not a fuck-up. I don't know where Jack is but maybe we should talk to Will, he might know what's going on." He said, trying to calm me down.
Wait a minute, that's not Gabe's voice!
And Gabe's arms aren't that skinny!
I looked up and saw Ryan smiling at me.
‘Gabe must’ve of told him.’ I thought.
He wiped my tears away with the pads of his thumbs.
I tried to smile, but I only hiccoughed.
He chuckled, I blushed.
"Come on, let’s go back to Will's." Ryan said.
"I-I've ruined your night!" I said sadly.
"Oh no hun, you didn't. To be quite honest, I was getting bored." He assured me.
"Promise?" I asked suspiciously.
"Promise. Now let’s go, I've got your purse." He said, and handed me my purse.
"Thanks Ry." I said.
We walked towards his car and got in, "Wait! What about the others?" I asked.
"They'll squeeze into the other car. Don't worry." Ryan comforted me.
I smiled, clicked my seatbelt in, and grabbed his hand.
He squeezed my hand, and started the ignition.
10 minutes later, we arrived back at William's house.
We walked up to the front door, and Ryan unlocked it using the spare key under the mat.
He opened the door, and we walked in quietly.
I headed straight for the room we were sharing, grabbed my PJ’s and got changed in the bathroom.
I pulled on the track pants and tank top before washing my face and brushing my teeth.
After that, I opened the bathroom door, and lied on the bed, next to Ryan.
I placed my head on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around me.
"I'm sorry Ry." I said quietly.
He looked down at me confused, "What for?"
"For you having to deal with me right now." I answered honestly.
"Sweetie, you don't have to be sorry for anything! It’s not your fault. And besides, I'm not 'dealing' with you, I care about you." He said.
I could hear the smile in his voice.
"Thanks Ry." I smiled.
"No worried hun, get some sleep." He said to me.
We both pulled the blankets over ourselves, and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.
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