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Chapter 18

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I woke up around 6am, and it was still dark outside.
Ryan was still sleeping, so I carefully got out of bed, pulled on my hoodie, grabbed my phone and quietly walked out of the room.
I slowly crept down the hallway, careful not to wake anyone, pulled on my purple kicks that were next to the door (don't ask me why, I think Brendon took them.) And walked to the park across the road.
I sat on one of the swings, and slowly swung back and forth.
I could hear birds chirping, and cars going past while I sat there.
After sitting there for god knows how long, the sun had risen, giving my surrounding a 'new' look.
My phone went off, and I looked at it.
-1 new message-
'Where are you? X.' it was from Ryan.
I smiled, 'at park x' I replied.
I waited a few minutes but didn't get a reply, so I put my phone back in my pocket, and began to swing again.
Eventually, I got higher and higher, getting closer to the sky and feeling like nothing could get me.
The wind blew through my hair, making it feel as though I was flying.
I started to sing 'Kiss Me' by SixPence none the richer.
The song was so relaxing and beautiful.
Seconds later, I saw a blur beside me, getting higher and higher.
I slowed down a bit, stopped singing and looked to my right and saw Brendon on the swing with Ryan pushing him.
I slowed down even more, until I came to a complete stop.
"Um... Hi?" I said.
"Hello." Brendon replied before launching off of the swing and landing on his feet.
"Skillz!" he exclaimed holding his arms in the air.
I chuckled, "You're a dork Bren." I smiled, beginning to swing a bit more.
"Well, so are you!" he huffed, crossing his arms.
"True. So, why are you guys out here?" I asked looking up at the sky as I swung higher.
"We wondered why you were out here, and we were bored." Brendon shrugged.
"Alrighty then." I replied.
"And we need to get you ready." Ryan smiled.
"Ready? Ready for what?" I asked confusedly.
"We're leaving tonight." Brendon told me.
"Oh. Alright. I've got my suitcase packed basically. I couldn't fit some clothes from home--" I started to feel sad, I no longer had a home, "b-but I've got enough." I finished.
"Ok, well we're all having a movie day today, well as soon as everyone wakes up," Brendon told me, "so wanna come choose the movies?" he smiled.
I smiled back, "Ok, let’s go." I said, getting up from the swing.
Ryan held his hand out for me, which I took, and we started walking back to William's.
"I feel so left out right now." Brendon whined.
I laughed, and held out my free hand for him which he took happily.
"Better?" I asked with a laugh.
"Much," he looked over at Ryan, "she loves me more." He stuck his tongue out at him.
"Nuh uh!" Ryan retorted.
"Ya huh!" Brendon shouted back.
"Nuh uh!"
"Ya huh!"
This kept going till we reached William's house.
"Ok, guys! Stop! I love you both," Brendon smiled, "But I like Ryan a bit more." I added.
Brendon gasped dramatically, "That cut me deep Stevie." He told me.
"Sorry." I shrugged, before making my way inside.
William and Gabe were sitting on the couch talking, so I walked over and sat in between them.
"Good morning." They both said to me.
"Morning guys. Do I need to make my hangover cure this morning?" I asked.
"I'd say yes. Sisky, Mike, and the Butcher crashed here 'cause they were too drunk to get home. And I don't know about Michael, Tash or Vicky." William said.
I nodded.
Brendon and Ryan were sitting on the couch to the left of us.
"So, are you guys up for a movie day?" Brendon asked.
"Sure! But there's no junk food here." Gabe said sadly.
"I'll make the hangover cure then I'll go down to the shops, and you guys can choose the movies. Mkay?" I asked.
Everybody nodded.
I quickly got up, raced into the kitchen, and got to work on the concoction.
I feel like a witch!
Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!
Okay, witchy-time over.
I finished 5 minutes later, poured it into 6 glasses, and popped them in the fridge.
I quickly ran into the spare room, throwing on a purple tartan skirt, black shirt, knee high white socks and my purple kicks.
I then walked into the living area to see Vicky had joined them.
"Morning gorgeous." She smiled.
"Morning. So, what does everybody want?" I asked.
"We wrote a list." Gabe said proudly, before handing me a list with 20 different things on it.
"Ok, you guys eat a lot!" I laughed.
"Yeah, but that's for," William counted with his fingers, "9, 10, 11 people!" he said.
"Alright fine." I huffed.
Gabe put his hand into his pocked and fished out his wallet and handed me his card, "You know the pin Princess." He smiled.
"That I do," I replied, putting the card into my purse, "well, I'm off." I said turning towards the door.
"I'll go with you!" Ryan called after me, and jogged over.
"Alright, be back soon guys." I said.
"Don't get too pre-occupied!" William yelled as we were about to shut the door.
"Ok, where to?" Ryan asked.
"Umm, this way." I pointed down the street.
We started walking the way I'd said, and Ryan grabbed my hand and laced his fingers with mine.
I laid my head on his shoulder as we walked towards the deli that was now in view.
A minute later, we walked into the deli and I grabbed a basket and pulled the list out of my purse.
"Ok..." I muttered looking at the list.
'Capri sun, red bull, coke.'
"Capri sun? Ry, what's Capri Sun?" I asked him.
He laughed, "I dunno, it’s a drink. Bren drinks it all the time." He smiled.
I nodded, and went to the drinks section.
After I got those, I looked at the list again.
In big letter is said, 'CHOCOLATE!'
I chuckled, "Ry? Can you help me choose some chocolate?" I asked.
"Sure." He smiled, and we walked into the candy aisle.
We loaded the basket with different types of chocolate and I looked at my list again, 'popcorn.'
I grabbed the popcorn and looked at the list again, 'Condoms!'
"What the fuck?" I said confusedly.
"What?" Ryan asked curiously.
"Uhh, nothing." I replied, scrunching up the paper.
"You sure?" he asked.
I sighed embarrassedly, un-scrunched the paper, and handed it to Ryan.
He laughed and looked at me.
"I'm not getting them." I put my hands up defensively.
He laughed again, and kissed my forehead, "I'll get them then." He said to me, and walked away.
I felt embarrassed, 'Ooh Gabe is going to die!' I thought, mentally plotting his doom.
I grabbed the last few things on the list, candy, ice cream and whipped cream, and waited for Ryan to come back.
He came over to me, and we put all the things onto the counter.
"All set?" I asked.
"Yep... You're so cute when you're embarrassed." He smiled.
"I was not embarrassed!" I said, feeling my face grow hotter by the second.
"Sure, that's why you're blushing." He said mockingly.
"That'll be $82.60 ma'am." The lady behind the counter said.
I pulled out Gabe's card from my purse, swiped it, put the pin in, and blah, blah, blah.
Once it was all approved, me and Ryan grabbed the bags, and began to walk back to William's house.
"Don't deny it Stevie, you were embarrassed!" Ryan teased.
My face grew redder as we continued walking.
"See!" he laughed.
"Shut up Ry." I mumbled.
"Awwe, I'm only joking sweetie. But it was adorable." He chuckled.
"Yeah, yeah," I muttered and we approached William's door, "Do you think you could do me a favour and take these for me?" I asked, gesturing to my bags.
"Sure." He replied, taking them from my hands.
"Thanks." I replied, figuring out my plan before I opened the door.
"What are you planning?" Ryan asked with a raised eyebrow.
I smirked, "You'll see." I replied, and opened the door quietly.
Gabe was walking out of the kitchen, and hadn’t seen me yet, so I took a running start and jumped on him, making us both fall to the ground.
"You. Bastard. Embarrassed. The. Hell. Outta. Me!" I exclaimed, holding him down.
"Ahh, Getoffme!" he squirmed.
Everyone was laughing, even me and Gabe.
Another second or so later, I got up and walked over to the couches, sat on the floor, and pretended nothing happened.
"What the fuck Stevie?!" Gabe asked innocently.
"You know perfectly well 'what' Gabriel." I replied seriously.
"Have fun did we?" Gabe smirked.
"Douche." I mumbled.
"Heard that!" Gabe grinned.
"Good." I stuck my tongue out at him.
"What's going on Stevie?" Vicky asked.
"Gabriel here thought it'd be funny to embarrass me." I told her.
"How?" she asked.
"Arrgh! Let’s just say he's an absolute douche." I smiled.
"Ok." She replied, not knowing what was going on.
Ryan had placed all the candy, drinks, and food on the coffee table.
"Hey Gabe, got what you wanted. Extra small right?" he asked, throwing the condoms at him.
Gabe's face fell.
"Ooh burn!" Sisky shouted high fiving the Butcher.
"Very funny Ross." Gabe replied coolly, throwing the boxes into a corner of the room.
"Well, let’s get this movie day started!" Brendon yelled and jumped up from the couch to put a DVD in.
Ryan came and sat next to me on the floor.
"Hey." He said quietly.
"Hey." I replied just as quiet.
The opening credits to 'Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure' came on.
I inwardly squealed.
Ryan saw my face light up, "You like this movie?" he asked.
"Nope. I love this movie. Watch out, I'll probably be quoting it word for word." I told him seriously.
He chuckled, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, I moved closer into him and we began to watch the movie.
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