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Chapter 19

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5 hours later, all the drinks and junk food were gone, yet the guys still complained about being hungry.
"Ok then, if you guys are all so hungry, why not get off your 'barely there' arses, hop in the car, and get some lunch?" I asked the room.
"Are you saying that we do not have voluptuous derrieres?" Brendon asked shocked.
"Not you Bren, I know you have an 'apple bottom,'" I smirked, "but the rest of you are like twigs, so yes. They don't have 'voluptuous derrieres' like Bren here." I finished.
Brendon smiled widely.
"Ok, now that Stevie's painfully established that we have no junk in the trunk, let’s go get some lunch!" Gabe cheered.
Everybody agreed, and rushed outside to the cars.
"Where are we going?" Vicky asked Gabe.
He shrugged, "The closest drive thru we can find." He answered.
She nodded, and they all got into the cars.
Ryan looked back at me, as I stayed in the house.
"Aren't you coming?" he asked.
"Nah, I need to get my suitcase all packed." I told him.
"I'll stay with you then." He said, stepping forwards.
"You don't have to." I told him.
He shrugged, and turned to Gabe, "Gabe, get us 2 burger meals! One with a juice box!" he shouted.
I smiled.
"Sure thing man!" Gabe shouted back and got into the car.
The 2 cars left the driveway, and drove away leaving us alone.
I closed the door, and walked into the guest room with Ryan not that far behind me.
I walked over to my suitcase, and neatened everything up, I folded my clothes, made sure my laptop was protected and stuff like that.
I took all of my journals out of my suitcase so I could fold the clothes that were underneath them.
I had about 9 journals that had been filled nearly everyday since Jack left.
5 years of uncensored thoughts, feelings, and accounts of what had happened.
Nobody, except me, had ever seen them let alone read them, and that's how it’s going to stay.
Nobody can know what is in those journals.
"What are they?" Ryan asked, bending down to grab one of my journals.
"Nothing!" I hurriedly said, and threw them all in my suitcase.
I quickly zipped my bag shut, and locked it with a small padlock.
I could feel my heart beating against my chest.
"You alright?" he asked worriedly.
"I'm fine. I-I think I'm gonna have a shower." I said, and raced into the adjoining bathroom.
I quickly locked the door, and turned the shower on.
I kicked off my shoes, and took off my clothes before stepping under the water.
I kept thinking about my journals, and prayed to God that Ryan, of all people, didn’t see them.
I was snapped out of my thoughts by a loud knock at the door.
I turned the water off quickly, wrapped myself in a towel, and opened the door slightly.
It was Ryan, "What's wrong?" I asked.
"Are you ok?" he asked me.
"I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" I asked back.
"You've been in there for over half an hour. I thought you slipped or something." He told me.
"Oh, sorry, didn't realise it was that long." I said to him.
He nodded, "Look, I'm gonna get changed and I'll be right out." I said, closing the door and hurriedly getting changed into my clothes from earlier.
Once I was changed, I exited the bathroom.
Ryan was standing there waiting.
"Hey." I smiled.
"Hey." He replied.
I heard the front door open, "Honey I'm home!" Brendon yelled.
I walked out of my room and towards the others.
"This isn't you home! Its mine! All mine!" William laughed.
"Hey! It’s ours!" Tash corrected.
"Yeah, yeah." William retorted.
"Got your food Stevie! Oh, and Ryan." Gabe said, handing us a bag with our food inside.
"Thanks Gabanti." I smiled, walking over to the couch with Ryan.
Everybody joined us in the living room and we ate, laughed, and joked around.
Before we knew it, it was 5:30pm.
We had to leave here in an hour.
I got up to get a drink from the kitchen and William followed.
He opened the fridge and grabbed himself a coke, and handed me a bottled water.
"Ta. Hey Will? Have you heard from Jack?" I asked as I unscrewed the lid of my water.
"Umm, yeah I have actually." He said uncomfortably.
"Is he alright?" I asked worriedly.
"He's fine. He's uhh, he's staying with your parents." He mumbled, and scratched the back of his head.
"You're kidding." I said disbelief in my tone.
He shook his head no.
"Alright. That's cool." I lied, and walked back into the living room and sat next to Ryan.
He kissed the top of my head, and snaked his arm around my waist.
"Awwe. You two are adorable." Vicky smiled.
I blushed, "Thanks." I mumbled.
“We have to leave soon.” Ryan said into my ear.
I nodded.
“Alright, well how long does it take to go up woop woop?” I asked.
“AHHH!” Michael said joyously wrapping his arms around me in a hug.
“What the hell?” Brendon said confusedly.
“Ok wait that could have been a fluke. Let me test you,” Michael said before clearing his throat, “Do you reckon I should go down to old mate Rogers and get a chip off the ol’ front, back and sides?” he asked.
“Nah, your hairs cool. I like it.” I smiled.
“You can understand that?!” William asked shocked.
“Yeah.” I replied.
“What did he say?” Ryan asked me.
“He asked if he should go to the barbers and get his hair cut.” I replied with a smiled.
Everybody looked at me blankly, “I lived in Australia when I was younger, and it kinda just stuck.” I shrugged.
“Have you got everything packed princess?” Gabe asked.
“Yeah.” I replied, nodding my head.
"Alright, well when you kids are ready to leave, me & Vicky will drive you to the airport." Gabe said.
"We're not kids! Well, I am kinda, but Ryan's 21 and Brendon's 20!" I replied.
"Well, fine. Ryan's not a kid, but Brendon acts like one!" Gabe retorted.
"Do not!" Brendon shouted.
"Do too!" Gabe replied with the same tone.
"Do not!"
"Do too!"
"Do not!"
"Do too-"
"Stop! You're both acting like children!" I scolded.
"Sorry." They both replied before becoming quiet.
Once it was 6:15pm, I grabbed my suitcase and started to take it out to the car, except Ryan took it from me, and put it in the car himself.
"Thanks Ry." I said when he came back.
"Your welcome." He smiled, before giving me a light kiss on the lips.
I giggled.
"Alright lovebirds, all ready?" Brendon asked.
"Yessir!" I saluted seriously.
"Onwards!" he pointed his finger towards the car, and began marching towards it.
I laughed.
Everyone from The Academy Is... Came outside and so did Tash.
I hugged Sisky, Mike, the Butcher, Michael and Tash.
And when I came to William, I hugged him and kissed his cheek.
"Thanks for everything Will." I said into his ear.
"No problem sweetie. Give me your number, you're not getting away that easily." He smiled.
He handed me his phone, and I put my number into it before handing it back.
"Thanks again Will." I smiled.
"Anytime. Have fun." He replied.
I smiled again, waved to everyone and got into the car.
Ryan, Brendon and me sat in the back, with Gabe driving and Vicky riding shotgun.
Gabe turned on the radio, and sung along to some random old song.
"Gabe, can you pretty please put some good music on." I emphasised the good part.
"What do you suggest, oh wise one?" he asked sarcastically.
"Hmm," I rummaged through my handbag that I brought with me, "This." I said and handed him a CD.
"What is it?" Vicky asked.
"Compilation mix." I replied.
Vicky took it out of the case, and slid it into the player.
3 seconds later, Jacks Mannequin's 'We were made for each other/ you can breathe' came pumping through the speakers.
"Well I swim across the ocean, its my matress in the basement. I'm sweatin' out excuses that would make your stomach turn..." I sung along to all the words.
So did everyone else!
Once we had gotten to the 6th song, (Saying Sorry by the Hawthorne Heights) we had arrived at the airport.
We parked the car not that far from the entrance, and we all got out.
I walked around to the back of the car, opened the boot, and got my bag out.
After I had gotten it out, Ryan swiftly took it from my hands and began walking towards the airport.
"Hey! No fair!" I yelled, and jogged up to him.
"Ryan, you shouldn't carry my bag." I told him.
He shrugged, "I'm gonna carry it anyways." He replied.
Brendon, Gabe, and Vicky had caught up by now, and we made our way into the airport.
"Where do we get our tickets from?" I asked Ryan.
"We don't need tickets. Pete orginised to have the private plane for us." He smiled.
"Seriously?!" I asked shockedly.
"Yeah! Its gonna be soo much fun!" Brendon exclaimed excitedly.
"Groovy." I smiled.
Ryan's phone began to ring, "Excuse me." He said, before walking away and answering it.
"Are you excited princess?" Gabe asked.
"Umm... I dunno. I've got a few emotions pulsing through right now." I nervously chuckled.
"Yeah, well you are moving, so that's natural." Vicky said kindly.
"Yeah." I replied.
Gabe put his arm around me, and kissed the top of my head, "You'll be fine." He assured me and sqeezed me tighter.
"Thanks Gabe." I smiled.
I saw Ryan walk back to us with a smile, "Hey. The planes ready, so we can go now." He told us.
"Oh, ok then." I said.
"You ready?" he asked.
"Yeah." I answered.
"Its gonna be soo much fun Stevie!" Brendon said excitedly.
"Ok Bren, I believe you." I smiled.
I turned to Gabe and Vicky, and hugged them each tightly.
"I love you." I said to each of them.
"We love you too. Be safe!" Gabe said to me.
"I will." I smiled.
"Ry and Brendon, take care of her!" Vicky told them.
"Or I'll kick your asses." Gabe threatened.
"Oh I feel the love!" Brendon exclaimed.
"We will Gabe. You have nothing to worry about." Ryan assured him.
"Alright. Safe trip guys." He smiled.
"Bye!" I waved and we started walking away.
Gabe and Vicky both shouted 'Bye' back, before walking back to the car.
Ryan wheeled my bag behind him, and held my hand whilst we walked outside to a nice looking plane.
"Yay!" Brendon cheered, running onto the plane.
I chuckled.
Ryan handed my suitcase to a man, who put it into the cargo type area of the plane, and we walked in.
"Wow." I said as I looked around.
It was nice, there were recliner looking chairs, and there was a microwave, fridge, all the kinds of things you'd find in a hotel room... Less the beds.
Brendon was already sprawled out on one of the chairs looking quite content with life.
I laughed at him, for once he looked peaceful.
"Sit with meee!" Brendon whined, opening his eyes after I laughed.
"No! She's my girlfriend!" Ryan put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him.
"But, but-" Brendon pouted.
"No!" Ryan said again.
"Fine." Brendon huffed.
I couldn't help but laugh slightly.
"You guys should sit down and put your seatbelts on. We're about to take off." A big, burly man said.
"Thanks man." Brendon said, putting on his seatbelt.
Ryan and I walked over to some seats beside the window, sat dow and clicked our belts in.
"How long will it take to get to Vegas?" I asked.
"About 3 and a half hours." He replied.
"Alrighty then." I replied quietly.
"You don't like planes do you?" he said/ asked.
"No, really?" I replied, heavy with sarcasam.
He chuckled, and grabbed my hand, "You'll be fine." He told me.
"I know, I just get paranoid." I shrugged.
"Yeah... But once we're in the air, you'll be fine. That's when the fun really begins." He smiled.
Oh boy.
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