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Chapter 20

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Ryan wasn't kidding when he said once we're in the air the fun really begins.
Once we were safely in the air, he plugged my iPod into some speakers and we sung along to any song that came on.
Because it was my iPod, I basically knew every song by heart, but with some of them, the guys stared at me blankly.
I laughed, and continued singing.
When Down and Out by TAI came on, I became a bit quieter and looked out of the window.
This song always had such meaning to me.
We were nearly in Vegas now, I could see we were getting closer to the ground.
"Hey, you alright?" Ryan asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine. We're nearly there right?" I asked looking at him.
"Yeah, about another half hour and we'll be there." He answered.
"Ok, cool." I replied.
"Wanna drink Stevie?" Brendon asked as he walked towards the fridge.
"Yeah actually. Thanks Bren!" I replied.
I heard him rummage around before he threw me a small bottle of tropical juice.
"Thanks." I smiled, and opened it quickly before drinking it.
"You're adorable." Ryan told me.
"Is that a good thing?" I asked.
He smiled and kissed me tenderly on the lips, "Yes, it’s a very good thing." He smiled.
He kissed me again, except this time, he kissed me deeply.
His tongue entered my mouth slightly, before he pulled away and smiled.
"You taste yummy." He smiled.
I giggled, "Well, I did just drink some juice." I replied.
"Indeed you did." He said.
"Guys! Stop flirting!" Brendon complained.
I blushed, and shrunk into my seat, feeling my face grow hot.
Ryan laughed, "Shut up man! You're just jealous that I have an amazing girlfriend." He said to him.
I smiled, I was an amazing girlfriend?
I grabbed Ryan's head, pulled him closer to me and kissed him tenderly on the lips.
When I pulled away, I snuggled closer into him.
He wrapped his arms around me, and kissed the top of my head.
I couldn't believe how safe I felt in his arms.

"Hey!" Jon and Spencer cried out to us inside the airport.
"Hey!" Brendon and Ryan replied.
"Hey guys." I smiled.
"Here, let me take your bag." Spencer said.
"No its-" but Spencer already took my bag from my hands, and began walking away.
We all followed, and he led us outside to a car.
It was a nice, black Audi with leather interior.
Very swish.
"Nice car." I complimented.
"Thanks. It’s my baby." Spencer smiled and 'hugged' the car.
"Seriously, he hardly ever lets anyone else in it, let alone drive it!" Brendon said.
I laughed, and we all got in the car.
Jon and Spencer were in the front, and me, Brendon and Ryan were in the back, with me in the middle.
It was around 11pm by the time we got to... Wherever we pulled up.
"Umm, where are we? If you don't mind me asking." I said as we walked up to the house.
It was a 2 story house, with a nice garden out the front and looked fairly big.
Spencer unlocked the door and paused before opening, "Welcome to chateau de Panic!" he smiled, before opening the door.
"Ooh, fancy Spence. I wouldn't have minded if you said, 'house of Panic.'" I smiled.
Spencer shrugged, "It sounded cooler." He smiled.
"True!" Brendon and Jon agreed.
Ryan laughed, and grabbed my hand before we all walked inside.
"So, do you all live here?" I asked.
"Yeah, we're one big happy family!" Spencer said happily.
"He's joking, we don't live here, but we crash here occasionally. I live in Chicago." Jon told me.
"Oh, so who lives here? This place is... Ginormous!" I exclaimed.
Ryan chuckled, "Me and Bren live here. And now, you!" he smiled.
"I'll put your bag in your room." Spencer said, walking away with my bag.
He came back 2 seconds later, and joined everyone else in the living area.
I yawned and put my hand in front of my mouth.
"Tired babe?" Ryan asked.
"Yeah, I think I'll hit they hay. G'night guys." I said, and walked towards the room Spencer had just come out of.
I opened the door, and walked inside.
It was twice the size of my old room, it had a double bed beside the window in the far right corner, and had a desk next to the door.
It also had an adjoining bathroom.
My bag was on my bed, so I closed my door, and walked over to it.
I opened it up, and quickly pulled on my tartan shorts, and oversized black T-shirt.
I pulled my bag off of the bed, and placed it on the floor at the end of it.
I placed my glasses on the window sill, and I pulled back the covers of my bed, and was about to get in when there was a timid knock at the door.
I opened it, and revealed Ryan standing there.
"Hey." I smiled.
"Hey. I've come here to tuck to you in." He said proudly.
"Oh really?" I asked, rasing an eyebrow.
"Yeah, really." He replied, before picking me up swiftly, carrying me over to the bed, and laying me down.
I laughed, before yawning.
Ryan pulled the doona over me, and kissed my lips gently.
"Night babe." He said to me.
"Night hun." I replied sleepily.
He walked towards the door, but turned around.
"If you need me, my rooms right next door." He told me.
"Ok, you can battle my nightmares away." I smiled.
"I'll be your night in shining armour. Night babe."
"Night!" I replied, before rolling over and letting sleep come to me.

[Ryan's POV]
"I'll be your night in shining armour. Night babe." I said.
"Night!" she replied, before rolling over and facing the window.
I smiled, and quietly closed the door before heading back out to the guys.
I sat next to Brendon, while they were talking.
Once I had sat down however, they stopped talking and looked at me.
"Uhh, hi?" I said.
Confused as to why they were looking at me.
"So, what’s the deal with you two?" Jon asked curiously.
"Umm, we're together... Although, I never officially asked her." I said, realising I hadn't.
"I thought you had! I mean, on the plane you referred to her as an 'amazing girlfriend.'" Brendon stated.
"Yeah, well... I dunno! I mean, I've already started calling her my girlfriend, do you think I should still ask her? Just to be on the safe side?" I asked.
"What do you have to lose?" Spencer shrugged.
"True." I agreed.
We stayed up a while longer, before I decided to go to bed.
Before I did though, I checked on Stevie, who was sleeping like an angel.
I smiled, shut the door, and walked into my room.
I stripped down to my boxers, and climbed into bed.
'I'll ask Stevie to officially be my girlfriend tomorrow.' I thought before closing my eyes, and falling asleep.
[End of Ryan's POV]
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