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Do You Admire The View?

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The stupid fate of Theodore Nott, Goddesses by the bedside, Seamus' dream and the Them. There's explicit language in this chapter, but no actual smut.

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I, the author of this little piece, am not responsible for the numbering of the chapters. I'm not. I've mailed Ficwad about it numerous times, but nothing has happened so far. The odd sequencing of the chapters is NOT MY FAULT! Oh, and Potterverse ain't mine.

"Do you admire the view?

He could remember them all. Every decision, every consideration, every snap judgement was coming back to haunt him these days. He just couldn't remember why he had thought them intelligent at the time. He could remember his decision to place Harry with the Dursley family. He couldn't remember why it had been a good idea to never check up on his progress with them. He could remember everything but the very thing he was trying to understand. He couldn't remember why.

Things were happening around him at an outrageous pace, and he had a very hard time coming to terms with it. Somehow, Harry had become a real power in the Wizarding world, and power also emanated from him. The Longbottom boy had truly blossomed, in the way he loved to see his students blossom, but the Headmaster was honest enough with himself to understand that he hadn't had anything to do with the boy's growth. Harry had. Apparently, there had been a serious bullying situation in Ravenclaw, something young Miss Lovegood had rectified. Had he given her the confidence? Harry had. The whole house of Slytherin was in awe of Harry, several of the girls had given themselves in servitude to him, and he had apparently accepted. Slytherin might still be cause for continuing concerns, but the Dark shadow had been lifted. He hadn't made that happen. Harry had.

He looked out over the newly erected military encampment outside the castle gates and chuckled to himself. It must have been a sight. The Supreme Mugwump coming out to greet the new arrivals. The new arrivals simply divided their ranks and walked right past him on either side. He had never felt so insignificant in his entire adult life as he did when the beautiful ladies with their escort marched past him, heading straight for the hospital wing. One of the men in black had stopped briefly.

“I apologise, Headmaster, but time is of the essence,” he had said with a heavy German accent.

“I do understand. You are welcome here,” he had answered. What else could he say?

The real marker of his failures had come later, however. As he returned to his office, he had met Mr Longbottom and Miss Bones, escorting a distraught Miss Brown toward the dungeons. At his question, Neville had said, “She needs peace and a sense of security, so we're taking her somewhere else for a while.”

“Hogwarts is the safest place....” He didn't get any further, before they had pushed past him.

“Why don't you go back to your office and have a lemon drop?” Mr Longbottom's voice had been friendly and slightly condescending.

A kind offer of a peaceful time, from a young politician to an old has-been who didn't matter any more. A kindness that hurt worse than any curse.

When he had tried to locate them half an hour later, they had been nowhere to be found, but they hadn't passed through the wards. Perhaps he could show them that he wasn't completely gone yet if he could figure out how they did it. Maybe he could even regain some trust if he showed himself worthy of it by allowing them this secret passageway, whatever it was. The castle was full of them, after all. Yes, that was it. It was a challenge he would truly enjoy.

One thing he didn't enjoy was the prospect of dealing with Mr Nott. He didn't have much of a chance of survival, considering the army camped outside, but the Headmaster saw it as his duty to improve on those odds. He had been able to get the full circumstances from the boy's mind, and they were troublesome. The weapon had been hidden in a school bed for three years! The automatic Muggle weapon, loaded with silver bullets, had been smuggled inside the castle by Draco Malfoy and had been hidden under his bed, attached to the underside with Muggle duct tape, until Mr Nott, in a fit of desperation, brought it out and made his poorly thought out pre-emptive strike.


Lavender found herself sitting in a high-backed chair in front of a fire, with a large whisky inside of her and a tankard of something sweet in her hand. Right next to her was a beautiful woman, not entirely young, with long, golden hair, and in a chair like hers, a few feet away, sat a tiny little girl who appeared to be younger than Lavender herself. The girl had long, silvery hair, looked perfect, and was apparently pregnant. Suddenly, she realised that this must be the wife of the man who's cock she had sucked the night before, in what some might consider a gentle kind of rape. She was terrified, and it must have shown, as the woman at her side spoke up.

“Yes, Miss Brown. Gabrielle is Harry's wife, and we all know that you sucked him last night. Gabrielle, what do you have to say about that?”

Instead of answering directly, the little girl stood and walked over to Lavender's chair, bent down and kissed her on the mouth. It was a soft kiss, far from sisterly but not the slightest bit demanding. It was a kiss that held great affection, care and a healthy dollop of desire, but it didn't ask anything of her, not even participation. Gabrielle moved back, and looked her straight in the eye.

“Thank you. It's good to know that there's someone who cares for his needs, for him, when I'm not around nor are any of my sisters. Perhaps my husband will ask you to join us, and I will not object.”

Lavender was reeling in her chair. Of all possible reactions, that was the most unexpected. The woman chuckled at what must be a very amusing gob-smacked look.

“You see, Miss Brown, this isn't a very typical family. I'm Sigyn, by the way. Harry had a vacancy in the Mother position, and I'm on trial, I guess. Gabi here is Harry's only wife, but my adopted daughter, my sort-of adopted daughter, and a close friend of ours are waiting in the wings. There's a lot of Harry, and more than enough to go around. All the four girls have a Magical Bond with him, and my daughters are with him right now, and they have the best healers in the world with them. He'll be fine --- in time, anyway.”

“Why am I here?” she asked with an embarrassing wobble in her voice.

Gabrielle answered, “Because Harry cares for you. Because of your quick actions that prevented a good shot. Because you need to relax a bit, and school isn't the right place for that at the moment. We're securing the place right now, and the troops are spreading through the school. I guess it's a bit tense there at the moment. Because I could use a haircut. Take your pick.”

“You don't. Need a haircut, I mean. Your hair is perfect, and I'm masterful at spotting split ends.”

“True. Harry has a thing for long hair, and as a Veela, I will always be perfect for him. Come on, let's find you a room and we can share our awe for the most amazing member of the known world.”

“You do look a bit awe-struck. When are you due?”

“No idea. With a mix of species like this, there's no telling how long it's supposed to be. Next month, next year, there's no way to tell, really.”

“There have been Veela-Human mixes before, right? What's so special about this one?”

“Harry isn't fully human, and as we don't know exactly what he is, it all becomes unpredictable.”

“I could tell he tasted differently. Sweeter, sort of.”

“I wouldn't know. He's my first, and most likely last. I'll have to ask the Huldr girls about that. They'd know.”

Sigyn smiled as the girls left together. Lavender had made a good impression on her, and Gabrielle could use a few orgasms right about now. They'd be fine, and she had been reassured that so would Harry.


Harry himself would have disagreed with that. As the bullets hit his back, he was pushed off his feet and sent tumbling down the stairs. Between his natural, morphing resistance and the stout vest he was wearing, most of the impact spread across his skin, and the bullets hadn't done too much damage. They still burned, though. He should have been able to just morph the injuries away, but morphing required some hard concentration, and the pain from all his broken bones was just too distracting. Hermione must have hit him with the petrifying hex before he had even stopped moving, and that had probably saved him some pain.

He was aware of everything as they levitated him to the Hospital wing, and to Harry, that was not a good thing. Being petrified meant that he couldn't even pass out, so when he finally was placed in one of those hated hospital beds and the hex was lifted, he was so exhausted from the pain that he promptly lost conciousness.

Parvati and Hermione were working as quickly as they could. Madam Pomfrey was nowhere to be seen, but the girls knew the basics. They had gotten his clothes off with a switching spell so that they weren't destroyed, and had started to clean up the three bullet holes in his muscular back so that they could see what they were doing. A house elf alerted them that Madam Pomfrey was running back from the greenhouse and would arrive in five minutes. The girls didn't say a word as they cleaned the wounds and continued inspecting him so that they could give a full report to the nurse when she got there. They didn't even turn around when the motionless body of Theodore Nott was dragged in, blood seeping out of his skin in thousands of places, and thick cakes of paint covering his eyes. That was when Hermione noticed that she was soaking through her knickers. A look at Parvati confirmed that she was feeling it too, and Hermione had barely begun formulating an initial theory as to the cause when the door swung open. Hermione's knees buckled, and if Parvati hadn't been leaning on the bed, she would have fallen as the Huldr entered, accompanied by a massive flood of Allure. Two of them wore gowns and golden girdles, and they grabbed Hermione and Parvati, pulling them aside as the other Huldr, dressed in the kind of Nurses outfit that can only be found in stores with age-limits, surrounded the young man on the bed. Their skirts were so short that they barely lifted to make room for the foxtails that could be seen under most of them. They swiftly pulled the bullets out with their extended, sharp claws, and their faintly glowing hands closed the wounds in minutes. The resident Healer came in, but she didn't say anything, just observed the Huldr Healing power at work as the beautiful girls began working on the broken bones, starting with getting the ribs back in order.

“Hi. I'm Disa, this is Jorunn, and you are Hermione and Parvati. Thanks for what you've done for him, but we'll take over now. Kilchurn owes you both. What happened?”

Parvati looked at Hermione, who started.

“As we left class, a student opened fire with some kind of automatic weapon. Harry was thrown down a flight of stairs. We petrified him and brought him here. I think the student who caused it is in a bed further down.”

Hermione paled as the pretty blonde's eyes started glowing pink, and her nose shrank to a dark button. The dark haired one put her hand on the blonde's arm.

“What would Harry say if you killed the brat before he had a chance to judge?”

The button-nose grew to a more conventional button-nose as the girl straightened up.

“Nothing nice. Wait. Did you feel that?”

“He's not in pain anymore. Good. He might be able to take it when he's unconscious, but it was beginning to bother me.”

Hermione couldn't take it any more. She was working very hard to keep away from her inquisitive outbursts, but sometimes it was just too hard.

“So, you are the two Huldr he bonded with, I take it? What's happening, how did you get here so quickly, how did you know, and where are the two other girls?”

The Huldr looked at each other and laughed. Jorunn answered with her soft lilting voice.

“We are, we're protecting our Master , through magic, twice, and at home. We didn't know what to expect here, only that Harry had been attacked. We roused a rescue operation, established a beachhead by the lake, and we're not leaving until the place has been pacified. Gabrielle is still at home. We knew that it wasn't deadly if we got here quickly enough, and ... Elaine handles the transport. If she guides us, we can walk down into one lake and up in another. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a loved one to care for and worry about. You both have rooms at Kilchurn. Come and visit us sometime. Our man really liked doing you both, and maybe we could gang up on him.”

With that, the two non-human girls turned around and walked over to the throng of Huldr around the bed, leaving the two humans with flaming faces, sneaking glimpses of each other. The Allure in the room had subsided somewhat, as the Huldr were diverting all their power into healing. Their hands roamed all over him, glowing softly as they caressed the bruises away and mended the bones, but from their looks at each other, and the few words Hermione knew of the Norse language, Harry was in fairly bad shape. Nothing fatal, but he would be tied to bed for quite some time, and unable to perform with any girl for weeks. Suddenly the doors to the infirmary crashed open, and a wild-eyed Luna appeared. Her chest, primarily her football sized breasts, were glowing with an eerie blue light.

“Like hell you will, Harry James Potter! You're not allowed to die without fucking me at least twice!” The small girl with the enhanced boobs threw herself on the bed, and the room was bathed in electric blue light. Wide beams of light travelled from the two on the bed, grounding itself in the Huldr, who fell with ecstatic grins on their faces, except Disa and Jorunn, who managed to push the two humans out of the way, before getting hit by the arclights and when they fell, they did so howling in pleasure. The humming from the bolts, the panting and screaming of the Huldr, and the strange grinding and popping sounds that emanated from the bed were deafening, the blue light blinding, until everything stopped.

Hermione took her hands from her eyes, and for a second, she thought that she saw a woman stand by the bed. Tall, blonde, and very naked except for a girdle and a necklace in gold. As she blinked, the woman was gone, and Hermione, Anglican-raised and atheist almost by profession, tried very hard to make herself believe that she had imagined it. She didn't do very well, though. Her attempt was ruined when Luna sat up and smiled at Harry, who sat up too, and smiled back.

“I never had a brother before. Is that what you are?”

“Not really,” Harry answered. “We're just unique together. She'll visit you again, I guess. If you're like me, you need training. It's weird. You'll like it.”

“Good. She was pretty, and if you were my brother, it would be somewhat wrong for me to want your penis so much. You will shag me silly sometime, won't you?”

“I would love to shag you silly, but I believe I'll be too busy to give you my full attention right now. We need to talk about how this is possible sometime, but I need some clothes, as do you. Your Passionfire has ruined your blouse. You need to be careful with that. It's addictive.”

“I know. My pets, Chew and Marionetta do anything I say for the privilege of eating me out. I spark when I come, apparently.”

“Good for you. You know, Cho's awfully pretty so long as she shuts up and smiles. Can I borrow her some time?”

“Of course, but not until you've shagged me, and only if you promise to take her anally. She may be pretty, but I don't really like her.”

He laughed and kissed the Goddess on her forehead. Somehow, he understood exactly what she meant, and now he understood why he had almost connected to her during the bike run.

He swung his legs down from the bed, and spent a minute caressing the Huldr with softly glowing hands until he was satisfied that they'd be fine. Then he kissed his Consorts deeply, and placed gentle kisses on the lips of the human girls as well. As he was stark naked and, thanks to the Allure still flooding the room, at full mast, he almost drove Hermione out of her mind, but before she could have her wicked way with him in front of all the people present, he turned to the door and held out his hands. There was a flash, and he was dressed again, this time in his battle robes, his hammer hung by his side.

“I'm too short for this shit. I think it's time to leave this place. Who shot me?”

Hermione swallowed. Power was rolling off of him, the Allure was still noticeable, and she still felt the heat where his cock had been pressed against her. One thing that she knew, though. If Harry left school, the chances of him fucking her regularly would plummet, and that just mustn't happen. She would ... She would have to follow him, and drop out of school too. If she stayed in school, she would get ace grades, but still have problems getting a job because of her parentage. If she went with Harry, she would learn things that no-one had known before her, she would be in the centre of things, able to give advice and she would certainly be set for life. The thought of daily access to all that masculine meat had nothing to do with it, whatever her soaked quim tried to say. Still, learning in school was important. That had always been a constant in her life, and her libido wasn't quite strong enough to overrule it.

“Please stay, Harry. Nott will get what he deserves. Lavender hit him pretty hard, and I have a feeling that your Slytherin servant wants a piece of him first. You're the Lord. You have people for this kind of thing.”

He turned and smiled at her, making her pulse race even further.

“You're probably right. Well, thanks to the Goddess Luna here, I'm all right again, and very interested in vengeance, but I guess Tracey and Daphne deserve a shot. Where's Lavender?”

Before she had a chance to answer, his eyes grew distant and his knees buckled a bit. Jorunn and Disa moved quickly to support him, even though they could barely stand themselves.

“Well, now I know where Lav is and that I shouldn't link to my wife when she orgasms. A day during which you learn something isn't a complete waste. So, where's Nott?”


Ted Nott woke up in pain. Well, more of a dull ache, but Purebloods weren't supposed to experience any kind of discomfort. He was in the Hospital wing, that he knew, and he recognised the curtains around his bed. It was sort of dark in there, but there seemed to be holes in the curtain at the foot of the bed. He quickly realised that he was wrong, as the four dots of light moved a little in pairs. They were eyes. Shining predatorial eyes. He was about to die. Worse, he was about to be eaten alive. He was trying to get his voice to work when someone right by his side whispered to him.

“No, little boy. Not today. You will live, until I find it funny to kill you. You touched my girls, and I will give you hell for that. I need to make an example of you. An example that will make people know in their bones that no-one touches the Ladies of Kilchurn. This means that Tracey and Daphne have free reign over you. They are not to kill you, but as long as they might find you useful, you might not be killed just for my amusement. I trust you to understand that if you do anything to them that they object to, I will kill you slowly over several weeks. Now, get better. My ladies needs someone to clean their undies.”

He left, and the beings with the glowing eyes left with him, and behind them, somehow, his life left as well. Ted Nott understood that he was beyond defeated. He couldn't even run any more, because at this time, Potter was probably the only one in the castle who didn't want to kill him immediately. Potter wasn't quite that nice. On the other hand, Potter wasn't the only power around. The Headmaster could reign him in. He had before, and the Headmaster always believed in sob stories. That was it. He would become the Headmaster's next redemption project. Satisfied with his plan, Nott settled into the pillows again. He might as well rest while he had the chance.


The room was dark, and the people around the table couldn't see each other's faces. The air was heavy with the wizarding world's favourite tobacco, Lakatia, with it's unfortunate scent of wet, well-worn wool socks. It was considered classy. Each of the people around the table had their own glass in front of them, and drank only what they had brought themselves. The whole setup positively screamed 'conspiracy', but the wizards and witches present didn't know that. They were executing their sacred duty.

“Every day, he brings in more of these beasts.”

“I know. Doesn't he know that they are legally slaves, at best?”

“It doesn't matter whether he knows it or not. He just ignores the law. People like him always do.”

“You may be right. He's building a city for these sub-humans somewhere, when the Duke's Charter clearly states that there is only to be one completely magical town in the kingdom.”

“Is he really the heir of Merlin?”

“Dunno, don't care. He's powerful, no doubt, but he was seriously injured yesterday. The beasts marched to the school and healed him. Some say there was a goddess involved, but school rumours can invent the strangest things. The point is, he's not invulnerable. Neither are his pets.”

“Are we ready for such a step? I agree that he's gone too far, but wouldn't we go even further if we actually make an attack?”

“Cowards. He's making a mockery of us. We are the British Empire. I can tell what they're thinking you know, the foreigners. Now, as a renegade little teenager is mocking our laws, our traditions and our history, people from the lesser counties have the gall to congratulate me on my countries 'progress'. It's just unbearable!”

“Easy there, brother. At this time, it's a case of 'might makes right'. He's stronger than us, and he's got the biggest standing army in the lands. Wait a second. He's got the biggest standing magical army in the country. Is that legal?”

“Who cares? He's the one with the army, the hordes of soul-sucking fiends, and public opinion. That's a hard combination to beat.”

“He's got our wives and mothers, too. That's scarier.”

“What about the Dark Lord, then? Aren't they supposed to have a little get-together at some point?”

“How do you mean? Would You-Know-Who be a greater threat or a possible ally?”

The silence was deafening.

“I'm not sure. The Death Eaters have taken a pounding lately. He's formidable in himself, of course, and we can muster some able-bodied men to do the skirmishing. The idea of an alliance is certainly possible.”

Silence fell again.

“How many people did he have? Does anyone know?”

One of the figures leaned forward, and spoke with a calm, cultured, and sibilant voice.

“I never had more than forty-two I could count on, and some riff-raff for skirmishing, but I ruled this country with them. Perhaps I got a little set in my ways as I grew older, and I didn't adapt to the brat's strategy in time. I have less than a dozen now. Let me put a suggestion on the table, just for the discussion. We join forces to defeat the brat at Kilchurn, and when we reform the Wizengamot, I get a third of the votes myself. I also want dominion over Hogwarts. You gentlemen split the remaining votes, and we'll have our beloved country back on it's feet in no time at all.”

No movement was seen in the room for more than a hundred heartbeats. Then, the nodding began.


The days after the shooting had been strange. The army had come, prepared for a war that never happened. Ted Nott had been charged with attempted murder, but he had made some kind of confession to the Headmaster. The headmaster had not believed him, but had stepped up for his protection anyway. As a sign of respect from the government, the Kilchurn forces had been deputized to bring the boy in to the ministry. As four Huldr carried the squirming boy out of the great hall, he had called to the Headmaster for protection. The Headmaster had drawn his wand.

“Accio Theodore!”

The summoning charm is a powerful one, and, cast by a powerful wizard, it's a lot stronger than any human hands. However, Huldr hands are quite strong, and as they are capable of actually ripping someone in two, Nott's body gave way before the beautiful tailed girls even noticed the abrupt pull.

Rita Skeeter had been there, of course, and the following day's front page showed the picture of the four girls standing shocked with only severed limbs in their hands as the mutilated torso of Theodore Nott flew towards the Headmaster. The accompanying article, “The Strong Arm Of The Law”, focused entirely on the headmaster's attempt at subverting the legal system through magical power alone and defended the deputized Huldr as temporary agents of the Law, carrying out their duty and making sure that they didn't drop him. The debate during the following days in the Letters section supported the Huldr in this instance, but a number of letters reminded people that the Huldr were loyal to Kilchurn, and that Kilchurn hadn't stated loyalty to anyone. The consensus became slightly wary of these beautiful, but highly dangerous entities that probably could kill someone just by not watching where they went. The overwhelming positivity was gone, even if this tragedy could be placed solely at the feet of the headmaster.

Dumbledore had retired to his office, and hadn't been seen since.

After less than a day, the forces of Kilchurn marched back into the mist over the lake and were gone, leaving only a feeling of security and, in Seamus' and some other boy's cases, sore groins. Seamus had made one of his normal, unthinking lewd comments in the presence of an English-speaking Huldr, and had found himself backed up against the wall, with three hot babes in nurse's outfits gliding purposely towards him with swaying hips and fiery eyes. He had stumbled into the Gryffindor common room hours later, mumbling to himself.

“Harry ... hundreds ... over and over and over ... he's a GOD! I must have ... over and over ... hundreds of them, it's unbelievable.”

He overdid it slightly, but the fact remained that he didn't make a single lewd comment for three whole days, and when he looked down the girl's dresses, it was clear that he was on autopilot, and that his heart wasn't in it.

From that point on, Seamus bowed to Harry whenever they met. Once Harry heard the story, he nodded graciously, even royally, at the little Irish boy who had had his dreams fulfilled.


Sigyn was very busy these days. How had the simple teaching mission evolved into this? Now, she was overseeing the construction of Otherton, trying to make the needs of the various races come together while avoiding conflicts. The Goblin part of town, Overground, was almost complete, as the Goblins were quite accomplished builders. The Huldr area looked like a beautiful glade, with tree houses and dug-outs for the various sub-species, and the Veela built their temple-like structures nearby. The centre of the town had its remaining buildings repaired, and shops and other businesses were ready to move in to. The slightly oversized pub was already open, and the Tall Tail Inn was doing well. Both the pub and the inn were staffed by Huldr, and Sigyn had a growing suspicion that “coffee, tea or me?” might actually be on the menu, but chose to ignore it. An old block of flats had been converted to a hospital, and about twenty Huldr were very busy studying medicine as a complement to their healing power and natural knowledge in herbology. They had great memories, the Huldr. They were not so good at improvising from what they had learned, though. They had already had some questions about setting up an Auror station, and as the word spread, more and more species made some kind of contact, wanting in on this development of a magical community rather than a wizarding one. The biggest surprise had been the Acromantulas. Ribbon, the emissary of Aragog, had a body the size of a pony, not counting the legs, but she also had a mild and sweet demeanour, and a surprising sense of humour. When she had approached the 'city council' --- the original Seidheim group plus Neville, Susan and their pet --- the sun had been setting, and she had just appeared ten meters away. After an eight-legged curtsie, she had asked about Harry.

“Father wishes to know. Did he slay the Enemy to take its place? Does he remember that we too speak and think? Will we be forced to remain monsters or will we be cousins among cousins here?”

Sigyn had yet to thaw her blood, but Neville jumped straight in.

“Daughter of the great Aragog, I have heard him speak of your people. There has been fear, of course, but mostly respect, and reverence for the great Aragog. Any sentient species who agrees to the cardinal rule is welcome here if they so desire. The rule is simple. Harm no one and respect your neighbours. As long as you pose no threat to the citizens, you are welcome here.”

That had been the beginning of a very interesting friendship. As no human could pronounce her name, she had translated it to Flat Rope, as her web came out like a tape instead of the normal round ropes, but they had renamed her Ribbon. She had been instrumental in bringing about the treatises with the Centaurs and the Forest elves. She had also taken it upon herself to deal with all the more or less frivolous complaints that were delivered daily. The concept of explaining why the colour of whatever should be whatever for whatever reason, to a spider the size of a horse limited the queue to less than a tenth. People with valid claims stayed, of course, but the time-wasters didn't come anymore. As Ribbon herself put it, she had a natural advantage when it came to putting her foot down. Just to make a point, she had started to wear a pink bow on her head, which gave the reflection of her eight eyes a pinkish cast that was both disturbing, in a cute way, and disturbingly cute. She had taken up human speech patterns very quickly, and it was clear that Acromantula intelligence had been highly underestimated. One day, Sigyn had caught Neville sitting with his ComC books, laughing about the descriptions in them. The books were so incredibly inaccurate that there was nothing left to rewrite, really. They would have to bring that Hermione girl in on this. The boys were convinced that she would do a great job, and Minnie had admitted that this girl just might be the smartest person in school, teachers included. Well, 'twere best done quickly.


“Hi Harry, Ginny, Hermione.”

“Hi Neville. How are things?”

“Just great, Harry, just great. Who would have thought that it would feel normal having Pansy scrub my back in the shower?”

“You're asking the wrong guy, Nev. I'm the one with the shagging schedule. What's happening at Otherton?”

“Funny you should ask. Ladies, do you have any firm plans for the upcoming weekend?”

Hermione and Ginny looked at each other.

“Nothing we can't change. Why?”

“There's a book that needs writing. The Guide To The Sentients, by H. Granger. Did you know that if you yank a centaur filly's tail straight down, she becomes infertile for two hours? Did you know that Acromantula bristles are self cleaning? And that Selkies can sing in harmony with themselves?”

Neville smiled as the clever girl reached for parchment and a quill without even thinking about it, and took notes across her Aritmancy homework without even noticing. He continued with a slightly sardonic smile.

“Given the Lord's,” he nodded at Harry, “permission, I would like to invite the two of you to Kilchurn Castle. Hermione, I would like you to meet some of the representatives of some other species personally first, before exposing you to their cultures.”

“So Hermione has a job, but what about me?” Ginny asked with a mock pout.

“Oh, I thought you would like to get together with two Huldr, a Veela, a Lake Warden, a metamorphmagus and possibly a human and shag Harry's brains out. I wouldn't do my duty if I didn't consider my Lord's well-being, would I? It's been a week since you were shot, Harry. How many times have you had sex since then?”

“Eh, three times, I guess. No, five. The Patils, Disa, Tracey and Daphne. Just quickies, really.”

Harry didn't really see what it was that brought the others into gales of laughter.

“Harry, for you, Mister seven times a day, that's practically celibacy. Lavender wants to tag along, and I really think you should get her a necklace too. She's considering dropping out of school to open a business at Otherton. Have you met Ribbon? Or Lilac, the Centaur? They're awfully tight these days, and I think they're about to go into business together. I guess I should warn you, though. Lilac wants a piece of you as well”

“A centaur? I know I'm a bit on the largish side, but there's no way I could satisfy her.”

The silence dropped like a stone. A large, quiet stone. After the appropriate time, Neville broke the silence.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Please note that the only thing he thought of was how to please her. The differences between the species was just an obstacle. There were no moral issues, no other concerns but the personal performance. Harry, she has the bottom of a horse. Doesn't that bother you?”

“Erm, why? Her name is Lilac. She's sentient. If she can choose to want a piece of me, why shouldn't I be able to choose to give it to her? She will be warm and soft, she will feel pleasure, and so will I. She has a human torso. We can kiss, even if I have to take a stroll to get busy again. Besides, we're talking about the technical side. I may not like her. She may not like me. That's more important than the immediate body shape.”

Hermione agreed. “Sex is largely mental, as long as the bits fit, and usually more so when they don't. Sentience. That's the moral deciding factor, right?”

“I guess. Well, there has to be something there that clicks, too. I can't imagine having sex with a giant spider no matter how clever they are. Hell, I don't even know if they do have sex, but from what I've heard, things usually end badly for the males. I sometimes lose my head when I'm with a girl, but I'd like for that to stay allegorical, thank you very much.”

“Very funny, Mister, and yes, Neville. I'd love a chance to see if I can make him beg for mercy, and I'd need help for that.”

Harry grinned at her.

“No, you wouldn't. You've always been able to keep going, but I run away. Great idea, Nev. I want to see my wife, and check if Jorunn is pregnant yet.”

“Harry, that's one of the things you're welcome to keep track of yourself.

“I am, thank you. Your fiancés fantastic shagging schedule has done wonders for my social life, and even gives me time to be gone for hours, if I choose to.”

“That's good. You need to relax more, and your hotter activity, temperature-wise, does that for you. Speaking of gone though, have you heard anything about Fudge? He went missing as soon as the vote went through, and he didn't even take his embezzling with him.”

“Not a peep. He didn't have any shortage of enemies, I guess?”

“Most of the higher levels of European society, as a matter of fact.”

“I feel no need to waste resources on a blob-hunt. He's disarmed, harmless. Anything on the Death Eaters?”

“Not a peep, as you said. Well, I'd better go find Susan before she gets bored and starts a family with Pansy. See you later.”


In her diary, Hermione had once called herself a semi-professional Harry-watcher. Over the years, she had gotten to know him more than intimately. He had pushed her away sometimes, but she had always been close by, and she had watched him. Today, she saw him like for the first time, as they stepped out of the arch into the massively fortified room in the massively fortified castle. This Harry showed no trace of his poor upbringing; there was no uncertainty about him as he confidently squared those gorgeous shoulders and stepped into the role of Lord Harald. As he led them up the stairs, Huldr curtsied deeply and giants and warriors bowed or saluted. The oddest moment had been when they had entered what he called the Grand Hall, where he had gone straight for one of the high-backed chairs and flopped down with every sign of contentment. Apparently without thinking, Ginny had joined him, kneeling on the rug next to him, and as an elf fetched him a tankard of something or other, he had absently started to stroke her head, and Ginny had almost purred. No-one seemed to find this even the slightest bit odd, which was very odd indeed. After lounging for a little while, watching people of many different species come and talk to him in many different languages that he seemed to be fluent in, they had gone up another flight of stairs, and Harry had entertained them with some trivia on Wizarding Heraldry, finally asking Hermione to try and read a crest, hanging on one of the doors. It was divided diagonally by a stylized ermine, and the fields showed a lit candle and a book. She saw it immediately. It was hers. She had a crest and a room at Kilchurn Castle. The buck-toothed bookworm had a room, and a crest at the most revered castle in Magical Britain. The implications, political, personal, all of them started to chase each other in her mind, until she actually fainted. It was a proper fainting, too. She couldn't move, but was still vaguely aware of her surroundings, especially as Harry caught her in his arms, and carried her into the room, putting her down on a soft and very big bed. She heard Ginny ask him.

“Why did you put that crest there? She doesn't have one, does she?”

“She does now. Dobby had it registered. She's the first of a line that will be a very important one, and the Granger crest is inherited on the Distaff side as well. The Weasley family had its crest removed for five generations once, but that was seven generations ago, and I never could figure out why. I had it re-instated. That's it over there.”

They left the room, her room. She swam back to full consciousness and looked around. There were a couple of big wardrobes along one wall, and book shelves with large glass doors along the other. A desk with several book supports stood by the large window, overlooking the moor outside. She valiantly fought the attraction of the bookshelves and looked in the wardrobes. They were fully stocked, of course. On a hook on the door were a simple white gown, and next to it were a silver girdle adorned with the Potter and Granger crests. She had a crest! Libri quod dolosus, that would be the motto. She returned her attention to the gown. It was charmed in some way, and she had felt the charm before. She looked at the inside of the dress, and understood that Harry James Potter was a very naughty boy who knew her too well. It was one-way transparent. When she wore it, she would be displaying herself to the world. It just wouldn't see her. It was brilliant. She was just about to change when there was a soft knock on the door. At her response, it opened and the First Lady of Kilchurn stepped in.

“Hello, I'm Gabrielle. I don't think we've formally met. Welcome to Kilchurn Castle, Lady Granger.”

“Thank you, but Hermione will do. I'm not a Lady. This is a beautiful place.”

“Yes, it is. My husband performed a ceremony to bind the castle to him as soon as we got here. We didn't know it at the time, though. It just felt right. Now, it remodels itself pretty much at his will. Oh, and you are a Lady of Kilchurn. It's not a Royal ordnance, but Sorcerers have the right to elevate women into Ladies, and I understand you have already filled the requisitions.”

Hermione had no problem deciphering that and blushed profusely. She had fucked another woman's husband. There were words for women like her.

“Oh, don't look like that. I want to screw his brains out every minute of every day so I can't blame you, and you are so delicious that I can't blame him either. There's enough of him to go around, and I've never felt neglected. I'm not human, Hermione. Human morals are not for me, and I will practically order my husband to make another woman pregnant tonight.”

“Jorunn? He mentioned that she could be expecting already.”

“He caught her at a slightly bad day. She ovulated two days later, and there are limits to even his fertility. He'll just have to shag her again, and with a bit of luck, he'll do us both as well. You know, he has never been shagged to the ground? We've always been forced to give up, but this time he might just reach his limits. Do you want to join? I've been dying to taste you for quite some time.”

With that, the petite Veela transformed to Guinevere and back.

“You know, when you girls played, and I was separated from my husband, it was very hard not to transform and join in on the fun.”

“I can't believe I'm saying this, but that sounds like more fun than studying. I can read once I'm sore, and I don't intend to get sore for a long while. Just let me see where I put the truck stop potion and we can go find your husband.”

“Truck stop?”

“Have you seen the size of your husband's penis?”

To the chiming laughter of the gorgeous little girl, they set out to find them a nice truck.


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